2000+ views and exciting things to come…



Oh my goodness I cannot believe I’ve reached 2000 views!
I love to celebrate the little things but to me this is a big thing!!

Thank you all so much!

Getting the opportunity to talk to so many amazing bloggers everyday is just amazing. If it wasn’t for you beauties out there, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I love nothing more than sitting down with a hot cup of tea and writing posts or editing for you guys! It means the world to me.

Right, I have a lot of exciting new things coming up but I’m not going to say any more than that…. You’ll have to wait-and-see.

Stay tuned and keep you posted for my daily doses of beauty…

Love C

Over 1000 views!

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So I woke up this morning, made myself a lovely cup of tea and sat down to find that I had a notification saying…… that my blog has gotten to over 1000 views!!!

I cannot believe in such a small amount of time my blog has grown to this size. I am so thrilled to have found a place where I can share my passion with you guys, and be on a constant learning experience.

I cannot wait to see how much my blog will grow….. But for now, thank you all for supporting me through this amazing journey.


See you all tomorrow,

Love C

Over 500 views and 140 followers!

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Oh my goodness!

Over 500 views… What an achievement so far!

I am thrilled to have over 500 views on my blog in such a short amount of time! Being able to share my passion with you guys and to watch my blogs grow and grow is just unbelievable!

It’s so exciting to see my followers increase and are so blessed to be able to reach out to new and existing followers!

Thank you all for being so encouraging and supportive on this beauty-ful journey!

Keep posted for my daily doses of beauty!

And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin for on the go….

Love C

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Over 200 views and a pretty makeup storage box.


Hooray!!!! Over 200 views, slow and steady wins the race!

My blog is growing so so fast and I love how it changes daily. But more than that, I love how I get to interact with so many amazing and beauty-ful people!

Just a quick photo of my makeup storage box that I bought from paperchase the other day… I thought it looked so gorgeous with my brushes and it really compliments my bedroom decor!



Who wants to see a bedroom tour? Let me know!
Catch up later,
Love C



Quick post to say thankyou!!! I have reached 100 views on my blog!!
My blog is growing very fast and I love the thought of keeping you all posted with my beauty products, tutorials and hauls!

Let me know if you have any requests for blog posts and I’ll keep you all posted and updated very soon!

Thanks again,

Love C

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