Review: Lorèal Miracle Cleansing Oil


I have always been the type of girl who rushes to take my makeup off as soon as I get home from my daily outings, and honestly, I rush taking my makeup off too!

I usually just grab my facial wash and some warm water and start scrubbing as it’s super quick and easy. I have noticed that this way of taking my makeup off has made my skin dry and sensitive from the harsh and abrasive scrub! (Ouch)

I know it’s bad, but honestly, I just want something quick and simple that is not going to leave me looking like a panda!

And at last, I have found a miracle worker.

Lorèals Miracle Cleansing Oil

This is a life saver. My skin has never felt better. And I actually save time!

The product is so silky and smooth and works so well at dissolving makeup – it’s magical.

So here’s a quick step by step:

One pump is enough for me as the product is so smooth, it glides onto the skin beautifully! Make sure to rub the cleansing oil really well into the skin, ( I like to do this for around two minutes).

Work the oil into the eyelids and lash line to dissolve the mascara and don’t forget to bring it right down to the neck! I find a lot of hidden foundation around my jawline and neck area!

When you have finished rubbing the oil into the skin, wash off the product with warm water, massaging the skin as you go. Lastly, I finish off by splashing my face with cold water to close my pores! – skin success!

And that is it! I love this cleansing oil and highly recommend it to you guys who need a quick and healthier way of removing makeup!

What’s your favourite makeup removal product?

Stay tuned for more of my daily doses of beauty!

Night night!

Love C


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