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Can you believe it’s September already?

I absolutely love Autumn…When the mornings and evenings are dark and you can cuddle up in front of the fire with tea and biscuits.

It is Beautiful.

Today’s post is all about some more beautiful bits and pieces that I was recently sent to review.

I dont know about you guys, but Ive always liked the thought of getting a tattoo, but have never had the courage to go and get one.

Particularly for my work as well, I just don’t think now would be the right time for some real ink.


That doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun once in a while.

So I have been lucky enough to be sent some Watercolour Tattoos by Glim Glam.

Can I just say how unique and beautiful they are.

There are so many to choose from ranging from glitter ones to metallic and to watercolour. And since its festival season here in the UK, and these would be AMAZING for such colourful events.

I was sent the Watercolour “Freespirit” tattoos and I think im in love. They are handpainted little pieces of joy that you can wear and get into that festival fever spirit.

Check out the range HERE.


So Ive chosen a few of my faves and applied them to the areas where maybe just one day I will get a real one (shoulder, wrist, foot) … but for now, these are unbelievably brilliant.


This is the first one I applied and probably my favourite. I am in love with Calligraphy like this, and thought it would look so “Beautiful” when wearing flip-flops or sandals.


P.s who loves my nail polish? I thought it was super summery and bright to match this gorgeous weather were having at the mo.


Im a big lover of Mindfulness, yoga and relaxation so I thought that this “Breathe” quote was extremely suitable. It fits so nicely on my wrist and can be easily covered up when needed to.

Again, I love the font style as though it has quickly been painted with a brush..

11995428_10153999632319179_870787503_n 11998281_10153999632269179_647844447_n


And finally, the showstopper.

How beautiful is this hummingbird. I love how you can see the splashes of colour as though it is just dripping. The detail is incredible.

I honestly didnt know that you could temporary tattoos like this!

They are just perfection.

If you dolls are interested in getting some for yourselves, I highly recommend them to anyone for any age!

I mean, im almost 23 and still find them fun to apply with a flannel!

So I hope you beauties have enjoyed this colourful post, and make sure to keep up with my latest below:


Speak to you soon,