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well hello


Its May! Its basically, nearly, almost, could be SUMMER!

I don’t know about you guys but I have been loving pinterest lately for fashion trends/ideas for the upcoming warmer months so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite trends for 2019.

Grab a cup of tea or your beverage of choice and take a look at my picks for this Summer.

  1. Blazer and Shorts combo

missguided grey and white checked blazer and shorts

Im getting all sorts of 80’s/90’s vibes with this trend and I love it. A classic blazer with tailored shorts and heel will look perfect day or night plus that blazer will keep you warm on a chilly summer evening – Practical. This one is from Missguided, imagine this with a plain white tee, brown sandals and bag – a perfect summer lunch OOTD.

2. Animal Print

Animal print blouse from Next

I don’t think this trend ever went away. I never usually wear animal print but this year I have purchased a few items that look surprisingly good! I do love a printed blouse and this one from Oasis at Next is gorgeous.

3. Shirt Dresses

Blue Denim shirt dress from prettylittlething

Shirt dresses are my number one smart casual attire. You cant go wrong. Maxi or midi length they all look great and are a cooler option for a hot summers day. This denim style one from Prettylittlething is adorable and would look gorgeous paired with some chunky trainers, oversized sunnies and a messy bun.

4. Neon 

Neon yellow bum bag from topshop

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with the neon trend. I LOVE the bright colours but unfortunately I don’t think they look quite right on me! I have tried with a neon pink jumper – that’s how daring I got. I feel like I could get away with wearing this neon bumbag from Topshop though. I just don’t think I would wear it like that…

5. Chunky Trainers

Matalan chunky white trainers

I never thought I would get in to this one – But I have. Chunky trainers are ridiculously comfortable. Some of them are not the nicest looking but I think I have found a pair that beats all. I picked mine up from Matalan and have not looked back since. – Converted.

Well I hope you have enjoyed a snippet of my summer wardrobe so far, I would love to know what you will be wearing this summer too so let me know in the comments. If you head on over to my Instagram you will find my OOTD over there and everything else im loving.

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LUSH Christmas Event + Christmas HAUL




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Im a true season girl, I love Autumn, I love Winter but of course CHRISTMAS is so magical and I’m already in the festive spirit.

I was invited to the LUSH Christmas Event at my local LUSH store and I jumped at the chance! I have been shopping at LUSH for as long as I can remember and their products are AMAZING! They pride themselves in providing cruelty free products and fight against animal testing which I absolutely LOVE.

If you have never seen or smelt any of the LUSH products then you are seriously missing out. They are constantly coming up with new ideas for products and get better and better each year.

So grab a cup of tea and have a wander with me through LUSH at Christmas – I promise you will be left feeling festive – CLICK HERE.




This year is no exception with their Christmas range, it is stunning. So I was greeted by the team and a refreshing welcome drink to sip as I wandered through the gorgeous scents. I had the chance to be helped by a lovely girl called Eman (Im so sorry if thats misspelled!) who explained every single product that caught my eye.. and there was a lot.


I had so many demonstrations of all the products I wanted to view and got to try a good few! Ten minutes in and I was already feeling pampered.


I was lucky enough to be able to make my own Christmas facial cleanser called Buche De Noel which has ground almonds, cranberries, mandarin and of course BRANDY – You have to have a tipple at Christmas…


It was so lovely being able to make it myself and see EXACTLY what goes in to my skincare products plus it was so much FUN!

I had a full tour of the SPA, yes you heard me right, SPA! It was truly so beautiful. Its themed just like an old farm style kitchen with reclaimed train tracks and a lot of wood panelling. There was candles everywhere and I had a chat about all the spa experiences on offer.

I was able to have a wonderful hand and arm massage by Jordan who explained about all the oils that work wonders for the skin – I could of stayed there all evening, it was so relaxing.

I finished off my evening by sampling some of the makeup which is such high quality and I loved being able to try anything and everything – my hands were very glittery after this. Of course I had to treat myself to a couple of things didn’t I? Maybe more than a couple…So with my bag full of goodies I left feeling truly relaxed and ready for the festive season ahead.


If you guys want see what delights I picked up from LUSH then just click HERE.

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Pretty Summer PRIMARK HAUL

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Hasn’t it been a while….

Hi guys, im finally back with one of my favourite posts – all about Primark!

I have been so busy lately with wedding plans and work I have neglected my poor little blog a wee bit. If you guys don’t follow me on my instagram, that is where you’ll find me most days keeping you guys updated with absolutely EVERYTHING!

With holidays and summer in general coming up, I was in need of some summer clothes to add to my collection! If you guys want to see what I bought and how they look then look no further…



What are your staple pieces for summer 2018? Let me know in the comments!

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Everything 5 Pounds Haul Try on | + SECRET DISCOUNT CODE |Beautyandshe



You know me guys, I LOVE a bargain.

Today I bring to you, the haul of ALL hauls from bargain heaven!

If you haven’t heard of it E5P before then you are seriously missing out! As the name suggests everything and I mean EVERYTHING is five pounds. Im talking about dresses, boots, jeans, heels, jackets, coats…… everything.

If you guys haven’t seen my previous HAUL VIDEO a few months ago then make sure you check it out HERE!

So when E5P got in touch with me asking if I would like to be sent some products, I jumped at the chance as I know how good their range is.

When I first discovered the website many many months ago, I was a bit sceptical at first as it is very cheap price wise and that does make you question the quality and range.

HOWEVER! I risked it for a biscuit and a few months ago splurged on some summer essentials for my wardrobe. I was so shocked at how good the quality of the materials and products were it was crazy! How can something so cheap be so good – Well it can!

So as I said I was super happy when they got in contact for me to show you guys how GREAT and AFFORDABLE this company is!

I was able to select four gorgeous items of my choice and I thought that since it is now winter I should probably be sensible and get some jumpers or jackets or something that will keep me warm! (Im getting old aren’t I?)

Ready to see my beautiful bargains??



So the first thing that caught my eye were these boots. Now… me and boots are like… Ant and Dec, Cookies and Milk… we just go together. So these faux suede beige ankle boots are most definitely the FAVE item from this haul. The quality as you can see is beautiful. Im a size 5 and they fit perfectly! I think with jeans tucked in and a leather jacket, they will look STUNNING! Well were off to a good start right……



Next up is this super chunky cowl neck jumper. I saw this on the model and just thought how cosy is this?! I love the colours as it will go with everything but the quality of the fabric on this one guys is amazing! It kept me so warm and looks beautiful with a pair of jeans and boots.


Party Party Party! Gold is the colour of the season and when glitter is added… well… Its just even more beautiful! This stunning gold glitter ruffle top is ideal for those christmas/ NYE parties where you want to be a bit more casual but still sparkle and shine. I tried this also tucked in high waisted jeans and it looks gorgeous. I was worried that the material would be too thin and see through but it is fully lined and looks incredible!


The last item I chose, I desperately needed in my wardrobe as I am seriously lacking in jumper dresses.  This high roll neck jumper dress is very thick and super soft. It has a side split for detail so if worn in winter, tights would be a good option. Paired with boots (again) this is a dream and is ideal for casual days out or even evenings too!

Well, what do you think? Pretty darn good right? I highly recommend checking these guys out guys if your looking for last minute gifts or just a little something for yourself too!

PLUS, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I have also got a DISCOUNT CODE for an extra 5% off guys! Every little helps right???



I hope you have enjoyed this post guys, make sure you check out my video of the TRY ON HERE!


Many thanks to E5P for sponsoring this post and I will definitely be doing some more hauls in the near future!

Let me know what your fave item is in the comments! Have you shopped here before? LET ME KNOW!

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Fifty shades of…… lip liner? Primark edition // BeautyandShe



Okay okay… So maybe fifty shades of lip liner was slightly exaggerated.

Good afternoon my beauties!

I don’t know about you but I love a good lip liner.

So I was in the most heavenly place on earth… Primark

And I decided to pick up a couple of their amazing lip liners. I know autumn is on its way so I wanted a few colours that I could match to the upcoming fall season.

If you haven’t seen Primark’s lip liners, you are missing out on a real bargain! I picked up three for £3 (£1 each) – Incredible!

Brownies honour…. They are some of the best lip liners I have ever used. The consistency is super rich and creamy and just glides onto the skin. As for wearing time, I do have to reapply every couple of hours but Hey… 

Im happy with that!

So here are the three shades that I picked up:



 This first shade is a gorgeous neutral colour that is perfect for everyday. It has undertones of brown and pink giving it the lovely autumnal feel.


Im pretty sure I’ve seen Kylie Jenner in a shade just like this. It’s a beautiful deep mauve/ purple that I am completely in love with! 

It’s also really matte so it can easily have some deep maroon gloss over the top for some shimmer and shine.

Is it too soon to start thinking of Winter OOTD’s with this colour?

Im a barbie girl? 

I picked this shade up out of curiosity as I have nothing like this in my collection! It is super bright and pigmented but not too over the top!

Is it okay to say….. I love it!!!

It just adds that pop of colour to a simple outfit which is perfect!


So dolls, which one is your favourite? I can’t choose!

Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I can’t wait for you guys to read my next one….

I may have some exciting news for you..

Keep up to date with my daily doses of beauty on my social media, you can find me at:

Speak soon,


Step into Spring – Pastel eyes


This makeup look will definitely put a spring in your step!

I have been seeing this make-up look a lot lately, and absolutely love this colour combination.


Pastel pinks and pastel blues go so well together, and instantly remind me of spring. I have created a subtle smokey eye using a light pastel pink across the lid that blends into a darker and richer colour.


To create the two tone effect, using a small detail brush, I applied this gorgeous turquoise colour to my bottom lash line. This look does not need a heavy eyeliner as I wanted to keep the look fresh and delicate.


I cannot wait to try this look with the varied colours of spring such as pastel lilac and green.

To me, Spring means fresh flowers, pastel colours and exploring the gorgeous world we live in.


Let me know what colour combinations you want to try in the comments below!

Love C

Valentines day outfit inspiration + How I will be spending my day!


Drum roll please…

It’s tomorrow! Yay! Valentines Day!

I don’t know about you but I love Valentines Day especially since this year it falls on a Saturday, which means I get to spend the whole day and night with my gorgeous boyfriend, Jamie.

We have been in a relationship for 6 years now, so we like to have relaxing Valentines Days with simple things.

So let me tell you guys what we will be doing for Valentines Day…

Tomorrow we will be:

1. Going shopping to buy Jamie some jeans (how exciting!…not)

2. Grabbing a Starbucks together.

3. Taking my dog for a long walk on the beach.

4. Having a family meal with my mum, dad and sister. We have all made a dinner course each, I picked out dessert, Jamie picked out drinks! So thats 5 courses all together to enjoy!

5. Watching a film in bed with cwtches (A ‘cwtch’ is the welsh word for a cuddle)

We have come to realise that we don’t need to buy expensive gifts to have a good day, we appreciate each others company and enjoy the little things in life.

As we are having a relaxing day, I need a relaxing and comfortable outfit! Here is my inspiration for the big day tomorrow!

665181_main 655360_main 665633_main 668792_main

All from New Look

Top – £18

Cardigan – £35

Jeans – £42

Boots – £38

This style outfit is ideal for a comfy day like I will be having. The boots add a sense of sophistication to the super comfortable outfit, perfect for day and night time dates! I love the oversized cardigan and Love Heart shirt – keeping in theme with the day of love!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what you guys will be doing and what you will wear!

I can’t wait to hear!

So have an amazing day tomorrow, I will speak to you then,

Love C


Colour Bomb! – Bold, bright and beautiful Cheltenham Races dress inspiration!


So i’ve seen a lot about the Cheltenham Races lately and of The Festival…. it is going to be completely colour filled! #colourmemarch

Ive been thinking extremely hard about what I would wear to the races and how I would show off my bright and bold colour style!

As most of you know, the Races are an extreme fashion event where anything goes! I think it is so exciting to get dressed to your very best!

Here is the outfit I have chosen and if you’re going, I hope this inspires you!



AX Paris – Floral printed cut in neck midi dress – £30

I am in love with this AX Paris dress. I chose it due to its contrasting colour combinations and spring time appearance! The white background compliments the bright and bold flowers making them the main focus of this beautiful dress.


249045179 (1)

New Look – Bright floral Monet Clutch – £7.00

This clutch is inspired by Monet’s Paintings and I can see why! It is flawless and so vibrant! It has a long metal chain so it can be worn easily over the shoulder or as a simple and elegant clutch!



ASOS HOPE heeled sandal – £42.00

eek! These shoes are amazing! I love the large floral strap and would look great with brightly painted toenails! The added ankle strap will give support and comfort! I love open toed shoes – they look so elegant and make your legs look longer!



Debenham, Julian Macdonald – Dark pink mesh feather fascinator – £20

It wouldn’t be a day at the races without… THE HAT.

This dark pink fascinator would tie the whole outfit together and add that festival flare to the look! It is a headbend piece so it sits comfortably against the head. I love the feather detail and adds such a lovely touch to the hat!

Here is a bit of info about The races for those who don’t know:

——Whether it is an extra feather in your hat, the highest heels in your cupboard or, for the men, their very best tweed, it really is an occasion to savour.

The Cheltenham Festival is a meeting in the national hunting racing calendar in the UK with race prize money second only to the Grand National. It is an event where many of the best trained horses race to an extent which is relatively rare during the rest of the season.

The festival takes place annually in March at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

Large amounts of money are gambled during Cheltenham Festival week, with hundreds of millions of pounds being bet over the four days. Cheltenham is often noted for its atmosphere, most notably the “Cheltenham roar”, which refers to the enormous amount of noise that the crowd generates as the starter raises the tape for the first race of the festival. ———

If you guys want to look fabulous at the races, then check out the Cheltenham Races colour me march website HERE!

Thanks to etailPR for arranging our attendance at Cheltenham Racecourse!

Let me know what you guys would wear!

Speak to you all soon,

Love C


Inspiration: Parisian Chic

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Good evening honeys!

As you are well aware, I’m going to Paris very soon and I am so excited about being in the city of fashion and romance.

I decided to look for some fashion inspiration and I fell in love with this gorgeous style of hat…


I’ve always admired people who can wear a floppy hat, it’s a great statement piece that makes you look instantly glamorous. And since I am going to Paris, I wanted to look the part!

I came across this gorgeous hat in New Look, I’ve been in search for one for quite a long time and this one was perfect.



It’s super soft and fits like a dream. I love the sandy beige colour as it will go with most outfits and looks, dressed up or down. I love how detailed the bow is giving the hat a chic and elegant look.


I bought this hat for an amazing £14.99. The quality is outstanding and I highly recommend this for this winter/ spring season.

Keep posted for more daily doses of beauty,

See you all tomorrow,

Love C