The perfect red lip


So whats the secret?….

Let me show you…

Begin by using your favourite red lip liner, believe it or not, mine is from Primark!

Line your lips making sure you create a crisp edge. I like to accentuate my upper lip slightly to create a more pointed and femnine look.

As you can see, the look already looks pretty flawless. My top tip is to leave your liner to sit for about 2 minutes before applying your lipstick… Trust me, it makes applying the next step alot easier.

Apply your lipstick/ lacquer over the top, keeping to liner. Im using a matte lip lacquer from MUA.

This lip lacquer is honestly the best thing ever. The colour is super rich and pigmented and does not budge or smudge… And for £3, you cannot go wrong.

And that is it my beauties, easy as that.

What do you guys think of the red lip look?

What are your fave products?

Speak to you dolls soon,

Love C


Christmas nails- Basics


Ok, so for christmas I love to do my nails and make them festive for the season.
I have absolutely been in love with deep reds and maroons to suit the holiday season!

Not only do red tones compliment ALL skin colours, its extremely wearable for almost any occasion. Brighter and cooler reds suit a tanned skin tone whereas darker and richer colours suit a paler complexion.

As my skin tone is quite fair, I chose to use a dark red by ‘George’ for Asda in the shade ‘Plum’.
Now this nail varnish is a gel polish that dries super glossy and pigmented giving perfectly polished fingers in just one coat.
The rich colour gives a classy and elegant look to outfit and is perfect for christmas parties and events.
I have currently been wearing it for five days now without chipping. It is PERFECT….. And it was only £3. A christmas bargain!


Nail varnish – ASDA – £3