I have been asked so many times to do a review of the PRIMARK FAKE TAN. 

So my gorgeous gals, today is the day.

I have been a fan of Primark tan for such a long time and I wanted to share with you my hints and tips for making it look its best!

Not only is it super cheap, its actually VERY good quality for the price. Not once have I had that horrible streakiness like some fake tans leave and it isnt a completely overwhelming smell.

Its only £3 for a generous size bottle of the mousse and the consistency is really lightweight too – perfect to blend in to the skin flawlessly.

Take a look at my before and after photos.


If you guys have used the same tan as me then let me know what you thought in the comments below!

If you would like to see how to apply this tan and the full effect then just CLICK BELOW!




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April Primark Haul + Try On


PrimarkHaul+TRY ON



I have to say, Primark is looking flawless at the moment.

It is in full Spring mode and there are so any beautiful clothes, it was hard to resist them all!

So today I have done another Primark Haul video as you dolls can truly see how they look. My purchases ranged from playsuits to flipflops to waxing strips so a whole load of interesting finds.

You can find all of my previous Primark hauls HERE.

If you guys would like to see what is now in store then look no further.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to lately and I would love to see what you guys have been loving too, so send me your links!

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HUGE Primark Haul Jauary 2017



Hope you guys are having a lovely evening.


I went shopping today to one of my favourite places on earth –


I went in about 9am and just to let you know guys, that is the best time to shop… It was so quiet, no queues and no fighting over the last pair of shoes in a size 5……

I was so impressed with the amount of gorgeous things this month and just had to do a haul for you guys. Most of the items were actually SALE items, which makes everything better (including my bank account).

All of my purchases you can find in my video below, and I highly recommend you have a little look as I have included a TRY ON of all items!

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March PRIMARK Haul + Kiko Milano



Primark Haul

I went to Primark. Yes I did!

The key is to go early in the morning when its less busy which means more relaxed and quieter shopping time! I also popped in to Kiko Milano, one of my favourite beauty stores, and bagged a few bargains.

Ive filmed a Try On haul and it gives a better insight on to ALL of my lovely purchases so check it out below!


As usual, here are some quick snaps of what I bought. Check out the fairy lights in each of the pictures, they are so pretty! The fairylights are on a dainty copper chain and look gorgeous around my bed…. and they were only £4!



Bikini Top: £4

Bikini Bottoms: £3


3/4 Length Sleeve Shirt:



Statement Jersey Hoody:



White Lace Cut Out Trainers:



Over The Shoulder Bag:



Pom Pom Keychain:


Cotton Pads: £0.50

Hair Brush: £1.50


Kiko Milano Products:

3D Lip plumping gloss

Light reflecting concealer

Lip smoothing cream pencil

Lip pencil

Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Nail Varnish

For more information and swatches for all of these beautiful things, just watch my NEW video HERE!

Check out my Last Primark Haul  Here!

I never get bored of shopping in Primark, they constantly have new products and such great ranges of fashion and homeware.. and the prices are incredible!

Have you guys done a Primark haul lately? What have you bought/been loving?

Let me know in the comments below!




Speak to you guys soon,


Primark & Lush Haul. Feb 16.


Oh guys…

I think I’m addicted to Primark….

Oh well.

So today I went for a bit of retail therapy in Primark and Lush.

I’m really getting in the mood for Spring and wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe and room.

In Cardiff, we have a MASSIVE Primark that is spread over about four or five floors which means there was ALOT of exploring to be done. I think I spent just over an hour admiring the new lines in and cant wait to show you what I bought…

So I have created a Haul video for you guys so I can chat with you and a blog post too..

Let’s get started…


Lavender Bag – £1.00

I could not resist getting this adorable little room accessory. I think its so cute for Spring and brightens the place up. It was actually reduced to clear and there were so many of them – I just had to get one.


Metallic Tattoos – £1.50

Brings back childhood memories.. I love transfer tattoos and thought these would be great for photos and festival season. I particularly like the rose gold ones.. very boho.


Mixed rings – £2.50

I’m a big lover of rings. I wear one everyday. However I have never bought a midi ring as i always thought they would fall off. These however are perfect and will go with absolutely every outfit.


Sunglasses – £2.00

Check out these badboys. They are beautiful. They have a very classic look to them and I love the beige/ nude colour. They are super comfy and will make any outfit look like 1 million dollars.


Sunglasses – £3.00

These are the same style as above but have a blue reflective tint to the lenses. I never usually go for leopard print but I wanted to try something a bit more edgy. They have electric blue sides which add a great pop of colour – Perfect for Spring.


Fluffy Pillow -£2.00

Again, SALE item. Yay! What a bargain. Its super soft and a great addition to join the others on my bed.


Pink Pillow – £2.00

And again, another SALE item. I’m trying to add more colour to my room so I thought this would be a good start. Hoorary for Sales!


Sleeveless Cardigan – £14.00

So i’ve seen alot of people wearing these and im always a little bit jealous if im honest with you. Today was the day that I bought one! Its super thick and warm, paired with a simple top, jeans and boots, it will look really classic and elegant. I dont think this will EVER go out of fashion.


Snood – £3.00

I love a good snood. This one came in so many different colour but again I went for something that is going to go with everything. Its quite a thin material but there is a lot of it which makes it nice and warm. Plus it can be worn so many different ways.


Daisy T-Shirt – £5.00

Doesn’t this just scream SPRING. The daisy print just attracted me and it is so cute. I love a simple t-shirt so this is going to be great with jeans or shorts (if we ever have warm enough weather). They also had loads of other prints like spots and even one with elephants..


Plain Red T – £2.80

Easy Peasy. Plain and Simple. This colour is a warm red brick and is a simple V neck T shirt. I already have a ton of these so I just wanted to add to my colour collection!


Underwear – £3.00

I dont usually go showing off my underwear across the internet but just look at these. I have NEVER seen underwear so bright in all my life. I just had to get them, they just made me laugh and smile! This is a glorious pack of 3. Im sure it will brighten the start to my day! Haha .



Underwear – £2.50

On the same theme, I may as well show you the rest of my underwear collection… are these pretty pastels. Not much else to say really except I LOVE them!


Intergalactic – £3.95

I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers with this bath bomb. I had a demo in store and it created the most beautiful colours and bubbles. It smells really fresh and I know I will be left feeling super clean and relaxed after this one. I’m sure it will also create great instagram photos!


Ickle Robot – £1.95

I picked this up for my boyfriend for him to use after a hard day of work. It is so cute, I dont really want to submerge him…. The scent is really gentle like lavender and will definitely help relax.


ButterBall – £2.65

This is what I imagine that newborn baby smell to be like. Its so soft and gentle and is just heavenly. Its very powdery so I can tell it is going to make my bath luxurious and creamy.


You’ve been mangoed – £2.00

This looks a lot like an avocado to me but the scent is INCREDIBLE! It is so citrusy and zingy. Its a bath oil so you just run it under water and your bath becomes gorgeous and great for hydrating the skin leaving it smooth and silky.

Thats a lot of purchases.


I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I loved creating it and sharing some of my favourites from February so far.

Have you guys done a HAUL? I would love to see so send me your links in the comments below!

Have you check out my video of this haul? No? Then…


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Speak to you guys soon,


Fifty shades of…… lip liner? Primark edition // BeautyandShe



Okay okay… So maybe fifty shades of lip liner was slightly exaggerated.

Good afternoon my beauties!

I don’t know about you but I love a good lip liner.

So I was in the most heavenly place on earth… Primark

And I decided to pick up a couple of their amazing lip liners. I know autumn is on its way so I wanted a few colours that I could match to the upcoming fall season.

If you haven’t seen Primark’s lip liners, you are missing out on a real bargain! I picked up three for £3 (£1 each) – Incredible!

Brownies honour…. They are some of the best lip liners I have ever used. The consistency is super rich and creamy and just glides onto the skin. As for wearing time, I do have to reapply every couple of hours but Hey… 

Im happy with that!

So here are the three shades that I picked up:



 This first shade is a gorgeous neutral colour that is perfect for everyday. It has undertones of brown and pink giving it the lovely autumnal feel.


Im pretty sure I’ve seen Kylie Jenner in a shade just like this. It’s a beautiful deep mauve/ purple that I am completely in love with! 

It’s also really matte so it can easily have some deep maroon gloss over the top for some shimmer and shine.

Is it too soon to start thinking of Winter OOTD’s with this colour?

Im a barbie girl? 

I picked this shade up out of curiosity as I have nothing like this in my collection! It is super bright and pigmented but not too over the top!

Is it okay to say….. I love it!!!

It just adds that pop of colour to a simple outfit which is perfect!


So dolls, which one is your favourite? I can’t choose!

Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I can’t wait for you guys to read my next one….

I may have some exciting news for you..

Keep up to date with my daily doses of beauty on my social media, you can find me at:

Speak soon,


Primark and Superdrug haul 


Good afternoon my beauties!

I’m not sure about you guys, but it was pay day for me a couple of days ago and you know what that means…..

Retail therapy.

I went shopping this morning with my sister to see what bargains and summery delights we could get.

 When we go shopping, we know exactly what we want and where to go… We were finished in about and hour!

If you dolls want to see my purchases then take a peek below…


I usually go crazy in the candle section of Primark but I thought I would try one of the diffusers. The smell of this is incredible – sweet coconut and vanilla. It’s very delicate and refreshing and has a classic and natural appearance.

Price: £3



I’m a big tan person. I feel so much healthier with a bit of colour on my skin (bizarre I know) so I decided to try Primarks own tanning lotion. This one is suited if you would like a light to medium colour… Perfect for me.

 For the price, you can’t really go wrong! 

Price: £2.50


It’s that strange type of year where the weather is getting a bit warmer but there is still that nip in the air. I wanted some tops that would keep me warm and still be light enough to wear without a jacket.  


This gorgeous top is perfect for those days… Its extremely lightweight and includes a chiffon shirt style underlay. I chose a grey colour as it is very neutral and will go with most things.

It includes the zip detail which is super cute. I absolutely love it.

Price: £8


Ahoy there sailor…. Who doesn’t like stripes?  

I don’t know what it is but I am loving chiffon style underlays lately.


And look at the back?!!!!


This top will be perfect for a casual day shopping or can be dressed up for an evening out.

 Pair it with some jeans, heels and a clutch – Heaven.

Price: £10


Cotton cardies….

Possibly the most comfy thing in the world.  


I love throwing on a cardigan in Spring. They are super handy when it’s a bit chilly and go with practically any outfit. I chose a gorgeous white V neck…

Price: £4.90


I’m all about Aztec print for summer. This maxi skirt is stunning made from a super soft and stretchy fabric, it feels like I’m not wearing anything at all……umm….

As you can see, it has a slit up the leg and fits like a dream.

Pair this statement skirt with a plain white Tee for an effortless and super comfy look.

Price: £6


I always end up buying jeans from Primark. The range they have is incredible and they last forever…


These are super skinny with a stretch fit, perfect for the bootay! I prefer wearing a light wash colour and these are ideal. 

Price: £10


I love MUA makeup. 

After buying this lip lacquer for my friend, I was so impressed I had to buy one two….

This gorgeous nude colour will be perfect for everyday wear…

Eeeeek! The perfect red lip colour!

What I love about this product is that it dries matte! 

Price: £3

Ps.. Stay tuned later for my step by step perfect red lip tutorial…


I’ve been a big fan of eyebrow pencils for a long time but wanted to see what the hype of brow mascara so was about… 

I cannot wait to try it and see the results! 

Price: £2

And that my lovelies is it!


Have you dolls been shopping lately? What are your fave fashion items at the moment?

Let me know!

Stay tuned for my Perfect red lip tutorial later…

Speak to you soon,

love C


Primark haul + extra delights.


Good afternoon my lovelies,

As you can probably tell by the title of this post – I went shopping…hooray!

It was my first pay day in my new job last week so what better way to celebrate than by going for a little bit of retail therapy. 

Who’s with me?

I mainly went to Primark (fave shop ever), as I could literally spend hours and hours looking at the gorgeous array of clothes, accessories and homeware without worrying about burning a hole in my purse.

Have a look at my purchases…

As soon as I walked through the doors, this pair of gorgeous ankle boots heels caught my eye. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m all about classic and simple styles and these shoes add that little touch of elegance as well. 

They look perfect with jeans as you can see, and would look amazing dressed up for a night out with the girls... Or that special date.

I cannot wait for summer. This lovely bikini set is gorgeous and hints at a sailor style. I chose Brazilian bikini bottoms as for me, they are so much more comfortable than normal elasticated ones…. And with a bigger bootay like mine, they emphasise your ass-ets girls!

I picked up this fab work out top that is so soft and comfortable. When I work out, I like to feel like I’m being supported well as well as looking great! This top has a gorgeous hot pink trim and cross cross back.

I fell in love with these pyjamas. I’m not sure if it’s because they remind me of my nans apron print or because of their 50’s style. Either way I love them.

Ofcourse I had to pick up some bedding. For £11, this gorgeous ditsy print will look so pretty in my room, ready for spring.

I ran out of my latest foundation so my sister recommended this one by Bourjois to me. I tried a sample on my hand and it left my skin feeling so soft and smelling great. I can’t wait to use this!

I needed a neutral nail polish for work and was thinking about getting an Essie one.. But then I came across Sally Hansens shade Shore Enough. It’s a larger bottle and the brush is fantastic. I highly recommend the brand to everyone!!

What have you guys got from Primark lately? Let me know!

Tweet me your pics dolls. 


Love C