Paris Holiday – Tips and tricks!


I know quite a few of my fellow bloggers visiting Paris so..for anyone visiting Paris soon or in the future, I have decided to write up some handy hints and tips for my fellow travellers. Travelling in a different country can be scary terrifying at times – Especially of you don’t speak the language! From understanding the Metro to Personal safety, I am here to answer any questions and guide you to an amazing Parisian escape!

Lets get started…

#1 First things first is the Metro.

It is essential to travel around Paris on the Metro as it is the fastest way to get to all the attractions and your hotel! The best ticket to buy is the ‘Paris Visite’ ticket, which you can choose for 1, 2 or 3 days travel that allows you to take the metro basically anywhere! It cost me and my boyfriend 18 euros for 2 days, which is a really good price because, trust me…. We used the Metro so many times a day!

#2 Watch out for beggars and scams

It’s pretty much the same where ever you go on holiday but watch out! On the metro, it is common for women to start speaking aloud in French to the whole metro carriage asking for money… this happened a few times to us and they prey on tourists!

At most attractions, some people will come up to you asking if you speak English and shove a clipboard in your hand to sign something. Don’t be fooled and just walk away!

Another trick is for someone to appear as though they have picked something up in front of you and ask if it is yours, in our case it was a ‘gold’ ring. Don’t say yes or anything to them, it is another scam to try and get money out of you!!

Lastly, if someone tries to offer you a rose… don’t take it off them as they want money again!

It can be quite scary sometimes, especially if you don’t speak French, but don’t let it ruin your holiday!

#3 Food, Glorious Food

Who couldn’t enjoy French food? Go to local bakeries for freshly baked baguettes and cakes galore! They also do homemade filled sandwiches if you want to grab a bite for lunch. It is a lot cheaper than eating out at restaurants all the time! We found that most things on menus cost around 14-18 euros…. Even for a Panini sometimes… We saved this type of spending until our evening meal and grabbed a quick bite in a bakery for around 4 euros.

#4 Eiffel Tower

It’s going to happen; everyone goes up the Eiffel Tower and RIGHTLY SO! It is so beautiful and I could not keep my eyes from it! We visited it several times on our trip but unfortunately the summit was closed both times. If you are aged between 18-24 you can get a cheap ticket for 7 euros! If you’re up for some exercise, you can walk up the tower instead of the lift which gives you great views from different heights! But beware; it’s a killer for the legs!

#5 Brush up on some French

Now, I tried to learn some basic French but I am completely hopeless… They do appreciate it if you try rather than just speak English and they may seem a bit rude so make sure to say please, thank you and goodbye! (That’s about all I could do).

#6 Souvenirs

If you prefer to spend a little less, buy your gifts from shops a little further away from the attractions! They are a lot cheaper!

#7 Fashion wise

I took a lot of warm clothes to Paris as it is Winter but I still wanted to look Parisian chic…. This lasted for about a day until comfort got the better of me! Comfortable shoes and a warm coat are essential, as well as a decent bag – I chose a cross body bag, for safety and convenience! I chose simple makeup, but added a red lip for that instant dolled up look!

February Wish-List


Well hello my beauties,

Its good to be home!

There is nothing like collapsing into your own bed after being on holiday is there? HEAVEN.

I got in at midnight last night, took my makeup off and jumped straight into bed… it was absolute bliss. Paris was incredible and I cannot wait to post my ‘Paris holiday tips and tricks‘ later on today, sharing some handy hints and tips about travelling in Paris!

But for now, I wanted to post a February wish list as I have seen so many amazing new fashion and beauty items that I just NEED to tell you about.

I stumbled across this beautiful website called OnlineAvenue which has so many gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories for amazing prices! After browsing the collections for about an hour (I cant stop when I get going), I picked out a few pieces of footwear that I wish to purchase soon that will be great for the spring!

1.  Lacy Flat Slip On Moccasins – £14.99


Oh my goodness. Who doesn’t love a pastel pink? I love Moccasins – They are so comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit. Pair them with some jeans and T-shirt or a simple floral dress and they will look so cute for spring!

2. Kaylin Dolcis Gold Trim Cut Out Ankle Boots – £20.99


I am in heaven. These are my type of boots. I love soft browns for spring and these are so perfect with the added gold detail and the cut out panels. They can be worn super easily in the day with a comfy jumper and jeans or dressed up at night with a skater skirt and pretty top. – MY FAVOURITE.

3. Nicola Two Part Slingback Sandals – £10.49


Im a girl that likes simplicity. I would rather have an understated outfit and natural makeup than to over do things and these sandals are adorable. I love how simple they are but at the same time, very unique. The will look great with a maxi skirt and floral top or rolled up jeans and a baggy T-shirt!

After coming back from Paris (Fashion Mania), I have been craving some new Spring footwear and I just know that these will be ideal!

So go and check them out and find your own Spring must haves! Let me know what you like!

P.s They have a competition on their Facebook Page to win a gorgeous pair of Pastel pink heels! Eeeek!

As promised, I will be including my ‘Paris holiday tips and tricks‘ later on today, as well as my travelling makeup and hair essentials!

Stay posted for later my gorgeous girlies!

Love C


The most gorgeous hotel in Paris



Ok my beauties, I have arrived in Paris!!

So me and my boyfriend had to get up at 4:30am this morning to board the Eurostar to Paris! It was a lovely smooth journey and I slept most of the way!

We we explored the Eiffel tower today and all I can say is….WOW! It is magical!

I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! 

We we are very lucky that our gorgeous hotel is just around the corner from the Eiffel tower, ( you can literally see it from the corner) !! We spent the day wandering about Paris, popping In little cafes and shops as we went and finally checking in to our hotel at 2.

We decided to have a little nap after exploring all morning so we were fresh for the evening to have another explore. Me and Jamie decided to go to a little supermarket to get some drinks and snacks for the evening and coming days, as well as looking for somewhere to eat for dinner!

It’s very cold here in Paris so right now, I am sat infront of an open fire with coffee and biscuits writing this lovely blog post for my lovely followers!



Tomorrow we are going to the Louvre and visiting the Eiffel tower by night! It is going to be so romantic, I cannot wait!

You guys should follow my personal Instagram account for updates on my travels…

My Instagram is : charlottewoodfield

Off to find somewhere near our hotel for an early dinner now.

speak to you soon,

Love C


Red eyes at night- Paris inspired

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Good afternoon gorgeous people!

Ive been feeling very colourful lately, and inspired by the lights of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of the Moulin Rouge and romance.

I created this look using a mix of reds and browns, using a brighter shimmery white in the corner to make my eyes pop!

I finished the look with my favourite black liquid liner and mascara.
Its super easy and quick to create but the key is to blend blend blend!!



6 days and counting guys!!

Love C

Inspiration: Parisian Chic

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Good evening honeys!

As you are well aware, I’m going to Paris very soon and I am so excited about being in the city of fashion and romance.

I decided to look for some fashion inspiration and I fell in love with this gorgeous style of hat…


I’ve always admired people who can wear a floppy hat, it’s a great statement piece that makes you look instantly glamorous. And since I am going to Paris, I wanted to look the part!

I came across this gorgeous hat in New Look, I’ve been in search for one for quite a long time and this one was perfect.



It’s super soft and fits like a dream. I love the sandy beige colour as it will go with most outfits and looks, dressed up or down. I love how detailed the bow is giving the hat a chic and elegant look.


I bought this hat for an amazing £14.99. The quality is outstanding and I highly recommend this for this winter/ spring season.

Keep posted for more daily doses of beauty,

See you all tomorrow,

Love C

Exciting news! In 14 days, I’m going to…..

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Good evening my little lovelies,

As promised, I have some very exciting news to share with you all..

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to PARIS!
I’m so excited to be going this romantic city and so blessed to be going with my amazing boyfriend.

So… I think it’s about time you all met Jamie, my boyfriend and my best friend.


I have been with Jamie for six years and am truly blessed to have this special man in my life. I cannot wait to spend this amazing city break with him in the most romantic place on earth.

We will be staying at the 7Eiffel Hotel, near the Eiffel Tower and other main attractions. We chose this hotel as it is so unique and beautiful – a real luxury for our holiday.

Check it out for yourself, it is stunning:





This holiday is for relaxation and some well deserved quality time with my best friend exploring this wonderful city. We hope to visit all of Paris’ main attractions whilst finding some new ones of our own – memories to treasure forever.


I cannot wait for this amazing experience,

speak to you all tomorrow,

Love C