NEW Summer Series: Everyday Glow // BeautyandShe



Im so excited to bring you dolls the second installment of my Summer Series!

When it comes to summer beauty, I think of bronzed skin with pops of bright colour!

This post will show you guys my everyday summer look that is so easy and follows on from my previous post!


So take a gander at the products above,

and Lets get started….


As this is continuing from my previous post, you can find my foundation and facial makeup here.

So for my everyday summer eye shadow, I love to add a splash of colour to the outer corner of my eyes.

Its super easy to change up the colours to match your OOTD.


So to kick start this beautiful look, I used this gorgeous shimmery champagne colour all over my lid using a fluffy blending brush.

I adore this colour as it shines in the sunlight beautifully…

..(Twilight moment)


Using the same fluffy brush, I applied a lovely ruby red shade to the outer corner of my eye and the crease.

Make sure that the colour is blended really well..


I’m just addicted to smokey eyes…

I love the combination of the two colours and as you can see, I’ve made sure the colours compliment my OOTD.


So lastly, for a real dash of summer,

I paired the look with this orange/pink lip colour by Maybelline.

It has such smooth application and leaves my lips feeling silky soft.


As I said in my last post, comfort is a massive deal for me!

I don’t think anyone likes to be sweaty and uncomfortable, especially if you’re out shopping!

So my floral off the shoulder top is from Primark (ofcourse), my jeans are from Zara and my brown leather bag is from Crew Clothing.


And that concludes my everyday summer glow look.

Can I just say that I am having so much fun creating these Summer inspired looks for you beauties!

Let me know what you guys think and I would love to know what your fave thing to do on a summer’s day is!

Speak to you all soon,

Love C



Graduation OOTD // Beautyandshe



Well hello there my beauties!

So yesterday was my twin sister’s graduation day! 

She has finally finished University and achieved and amzing 2:1 degree in BA History!

So of course I couldn’t not show you my OOTD and makeup for this amazing event.

Let me show you….


As it is summer, I wanted to go for something that would match this beautiful sunny weather.

My dress is from Primark and was an amazing £5…


I love the watercolour effect on the flowers and love the contrast in colour of the red and blue.

What I absolutely love about this dress is the back. It has an open back with a ladybird style cape effect which makes the dress look so unique.

I decided that because the dress is so vibrant, I wanted to pair it with some classy yet simple shoes and accessories.

My shoes are also from Primark and my matching clutch is actually my mums that she bought in M&S.


As for hair and makeup, again, I kept it simple by simply straightening my hair and stuck to natural and neutral makeup.

I lightly created a smokey eye and matched it with a natural rosy lip.

And as for my sister…


No word can describe how beautiful she looked…

Coral dress, white shoes, natural makeup – stunning.

Are you guys graduating soon? or have a special occasion to go to?

I would love to see!

Leave me a comment below or send me your pictures on twitter!


Speak to you dolls soon,

Love C


Catch up with me // Instagram diary


Good evening dolls!

What a week! 

At last I’m sitting down with a ice cold glass of white wine and writing a blog post for you guys!

It has been such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the sky is such a gorgeous deep blue.

It’s about time I let you beauts know what I have been up to lately and what better way to do that than an Instagram Diary post!

I’m going to jump right in to it guys…


Aaaah my girl.

For those of you who don’t know, this is my beautiful puppy Honey. She’s a 1 year old lurcher/greyhound who loves cuddles, smiling and chasing sticks.

We rescued her when she was three months old after she was thrown out of a moving car and broke her tiny leg in several places. When she was found, she was very thin and frightened and in a lot of pain. Luckily she was taken straight to the dogs home where she had emergency surgery to try and save her leg from amputation. 

Luckily, she made a slow but full recovery and is as gorgeous as ever.

I do like to be beside the seaside.

How stunning is this? It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

Now, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 years and we still love to go on dates! A stroll along the pier with my guy and watching the sunset is the perfect way to end a day.


I live near a farm and I enjoy nothing more that long walks in the woods and fields. So a few days ago I bumped into these guys – Welsh blacks.

 They’re very very curious and love to stare and I love how the sun is streaming through!

I’ve been loving yoga and Pilates lately.

I find it so calming and relaxing whilst improving my fitness and posture of course!

So doing the splits works my legs, glutes and core. I’ve been doing Blogilates on YouTube with Cassey Ho, her workouts are fun and definitely satisfying!

Check her out here:

I’ve been practicing my French plaits lately and absolutely love how quick and simple they are.

I’ve done two French plaits here, I don’t know about you guys but this style reminds me of that girl from the film Matilda….. Who gets thrown over the fence by her hair….


Can this picture be anymore perfect?

I went out with my mum and sister for afternoon tea and it was heavenly.

I chose a slice of raspberry and rose cake with raspberry jam and a pot of tea. 

Need I say any more other than..

Well guys, that is my latest! I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t had much time to spend on my blog! 

That’s definitely going to change and I hope to be doing more and more posts soon!

If you want to follow my Instagram:


Here it is!! ^^^

Twitter: @beautyandshe7

So I’ll speak to you lovelies later,

Love C


Make-up through the decades // 1970’s Fever 


Well good evening my gorgeous beauties!

I apologise for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been on a course all week at work… But I am back

So the seventies was full of rock glam, smokey eyes and revolved around the glitter ball!

I have created a look for you guys, that I personally think is so pretty and you can actually wear!

The look is all about dusty pink cheeks alongside pretty pink lips! The eyebrows were well groomed and filled in simply.

Perfect for Spring/Summer.


Did someone say glitter?

I’m not usually one for glittery eyes, especially silver, but this colour by wet’n’wild is just to die for! It’s really creamy and doesn’t leave fairy dust all over your cheeks!

Ive added a matching light pink to the crease of my lids to create a sweet and pretty contrast that matches my cheeks and lips perfectly

Of course the cat eye liner makes an appearance making my lashes look longer and creating definition!


Finish the look with your favourite black mascara to really show off those lashes!

What do you guys think of this seventies sensation?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you dolls enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to carry on with the electrifying eighties!

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Instagram @charlottewoodfield

Speak soon,

Love C



The Beauty Mask – Timeless Truth review


Good morning guys,

Happy Sunday! 

So I was recently sent a gorgeous face mask by The Beauty Mask.

They have such a wide selection of luxury face masks, developed to provide the latest advances in bio-technology for amazing anti-ageing results. 

I was sent one the most popular Fusion Masks

The Fusion Masks are neither cream nor gel, instead these patented masks are fabric and ‘face shaped’ for ease of use. The masks are impregnated with beneficial extracts and then packed in serum

So here is the description from the packaging and website, it tells you all the technical bits and pieces…

The bio cellulose mask is the ultimate in state of the art anti-ageing skincare. Bio Cellulose is a nano scoptic fibre that is highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penertrate through the inner layers of the skin whilst allowing   the skin to breathe. Fitting the skin ‘like a glove’ the occlusion allows even coverage of the serum containing the highly active ingredients. Using Stem Cells extracted from Swiss Apple Uttuiler Spattauber the skin is nourished and stimulated. The apple Stem Cells act in a very similar way also to human skin cells, so, they help repair damaged tissue and help delay and reduce the visable signs of ageing.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin types 


Hydrolyzed elastin, gives skin its flexibility. It has a smaller molecular structure than collagen and is able to penetrate the epidermis, improving suppleness and moisture levels of the skin overall. 

Swiss Apple Stem Cell nourishes and stimulates the skin helping to repair damaged tissue and delay the signs of ageing. 

Marine Collagen is a film former and is an excellent water binding ingredient that holds the skins natural hydration, keeping the skin looking soft and plump. It is particularly gentle so is not irritating in anyway.


So… After opening the mask, I noticed how much serum there was on the product which is great! I just knew how nourishing it was going to be for my skin. As the description said, the mask is in a face shape so it sits perfectly across the skin and doesn’t slide off!


After placing the mask on my face, I instantly felt a sense of coldness which was super refreshing! It smells exactly like apples and I could feel my skin drinking up the goodness!

After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes and having a good read of my book, it was time to remove….


Any excess serum that was left, I massaged into my skin to make sure my skin was fully hydrated.

So this morning when I woke up, my skin felt incredible. I have noticed such a difference in the texture of my skin, it feels a lot softer with no dry patches in sight.

I absolutely love the way my skin has been left feeling and will definitely be trying out the other ranges too!

You can never have too many face masks.

Check out the array of glorious masks here:


Twitter: @TTbeautymask

Hope you beauties enjoy your Sunday!

Speak to you soon,

Love C


Magnitone catch up // Days 4,5 and 6


Well what a beautiful evening!

I’ve just finished work, the sun is shining, a glass of wine in hand… Perfect.

So tomorrow is going to be the day where I show you beauts my before and after pictures of my…

7 day Magnitone Challenge!

I can honestly say, using the Magnitone as part of my daily routine has really encouraged me to keep up with my daily facial cleansing.

Just being able to rely on a single product to do all the hard work for me is ideal. If you guys want a little recap about how the Magnitone works, essentially it’s a device that massages and cleanses the skin using small vibrations.

The product has a built in timer so you know how long to spend on each part of your face – does all the hard work for me in just 1 minute.

So, let me show you Day 4..


Having a look there, you guys can see how shiny and cleansed my skin looks! It has such a nourishing glow and my skin feels so smooth! 

Those teeny weeny pimples are slowly going away, leaving my skin blemish free and silky soft.

 Day 5…

What a difference a day make right? My redness has gone and my pimples have almost vanished! 

I still haven’t had to recharge the battery either! 

Day 6….


I’m so impressed.

I cannot recommend this more highly. For those of you who need to give your skin a deep and nourishing cleanse, it’s great for providing a fast way of feeling and looking your very best!

I can’t believe that after 6 days, my skin has been erased of its blemishes  and impurities and I’ve also noticed a difference in my pore size aswell!

Are you guys interested in getting your own Magnitone?

Check out my previous Magnitone blog post here, for your unique code for 20% off your own!

Ps, I got the blue one!

So have a gander at the array of colours here:

Twitter @magnitone

Instagram @magnitonebeauty


Stay tuned tomorrow for my final update on my Magnitone Challenge!
I’ll also be continuing my makeup through the decades collection..

Catch you dolls tomorrow,

Love C



Makeup through the decades // 1930 – 1940’s


Good afternoon guys!

And what a gorgeous sunny day it has turned out to be right?

So I’m here for you again today with the next edition of Makeup through the decades.

Today I’m all about the 1930’s and 1940’s where glitz and glam is on point.

Think elegance and sophistication…

Welcome to the 1930s..

The 30’s was a time of glamour and all things chic. Take Clara Bow for instance, smooth hair with gentle waves, simple yet striking makeup.

The first  thing I noticed about the style was the eyebrows. They tended to be very thin and curved into a gentle arch. Again, flawless pale skin was a must… After a light foundation, I applied some talcum powder with a puff to really get that porcelain look.


Blush was kept minimal with a slight glow to the cheeks, blended to perfection. Mascara was the highlight, emphasis on the lashes were essential to looking glamorous like top movie stars.

And lastly, that lip colour. – heaven.

I used this super bright red lipstick from Ted Baker, making sure to define my Cupid’s bow.

Cocktails and dinner at 7 anyone?

Bring on the 1940’s

Hooray for the end of the war!

The war didn’t put off women from looking they’re best. If anything, they were even more beautiful to help boost the morale of the soldiers!


Looking a bit more relaxed after the 30’s. The 40’s was full of women getting they’re hands dirty at work whilst still looking phenomenal.


Having a more healthy glow to the skin, again, blush was minimal but the eyebrows were definitely more natural!

The gorgeous red lip was glossy and defined. A neutral eyeshadow was applied and mascara was the big hit.


I am in love with the loose waves for this look. They look effortless and compliment the makeup look perfectly.

Pheww, red lip overload…. (Said no one ever)

I adore these two looks, I wish I could stay like this all the time!

What do you guys think of the 30’s and 40’s? Do you love it as much as I do?

Let me know what you think below!

I can’t wait to move to the 50’s and 60’s soon…

Grease is the word…

Keep up with me at:

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Speak to you dolls later,

Love C



Makeup through the decades // 1910 -1920


Picture this..

Strict up-dos, corsets, tailormade jackets and skirts.

The 1910’s were all about exotic fashion and high class appearances.

You’re probably wondering what i’m talking about..

I absolutely love exploring vintage fashion and makeup trends, it is amazing how much styles can change over a small period of time.

I decided to delve a little deeper this time and start a new series of blog posts inspired by previous makeup ideas over the past 100 years.

After doing some research into the many different styles, I wanted to begin with the 1910’s and 1920’s.

The both of these eras were all about femininity and style – My idea of heaven!

Time machine ready, let’s head back 115 years ago..



This look is all about flawless pale and porcelain skin. Having pale skin symbolised wealth and high class whereas women who were tanned were seen as lower class, often found to be working outside for a living.

The simple hairstyle shows elegance and the lightly coloured cheeks look so feminine.


Thicker eyebrows were also desired (not in today’s society thank goodness) and a just bitten dash of red colour was added to the lips.


I used a pale concealer and powder foundation to get the porcelain look and over-filled my brows using my maybelline eyebrow pencil. I applied a grey toned eyeshadow to my lids to add a little definition to the eyes. This look is all about looking naturally beautiful, innocent and elegant.



Who doesn’t love dancing the Charleston?

I adore the 1920’s. The make-up was so sleek and the hair so perfect.

The 1920’s female figure is so iconic today and it has to be one of my favourite decades.


As you can see, I have recreated the iconic look and I am in love with how it turned out. Using my Bourjois healthy mix foundation to created a flawless base, I then proceeded to create a defined contour using my MAC blush in Sunkissed on my cheekbones.


I filled in my brows using my MUA brow gel and applied this gorgeous smokey shade called Blackheart from my Naked 3 palette across my upper lid. Using the same shade, I lined my lower lash line and applied my favourite mascara – Benefit’s They’re Real.


Finally, to finish off this look, I lined my lips with a bright red lip liner and filled them in. Using my Ted Baker lipstick in a slight darker shade, I created some definition at the bottom of my lips creating a two toned look.

Who doesn’t love a red lip!?


For my hair, I pinned the sides and created a ringlet using my fingers. I created a faux bob by tucking my hair underneath itself and again, pinning the rest back. I love how simple the hairstyle is compared with the glamorous makeup

It is an incredible look and I believe anyone could off pull this classic style.

I will be recreating the 1930’s and 1940’s tomorrow, continuing with my

Makeup through the decades series!

So which decade was your favourite? I think I know what mine is!

If you guys would love to see any specific styles, just let me know in the comments!

Find me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my daily doses of beauty

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Catch you later dolls,

Love C


Would you like a Magnitone? // A little gift for my followers + Makeup through the ages…. Coming soon


So it’s 7:40 am and I just couldn’t wait to share this post with you lovelies.

As promised, I want to give you guys your own unique code for 20% off your own Magnitone!

You know how much I am loving mine and I thank you beauties for reading my daily challenge updates! 

So.. Without further a do..

Here is your special code just for you!!’ Yay!! All you have to do is go to the link posted and finally enter your unique code! Easy peasy!

Discount code: CharlotteW20

Unique URL:

I am honestly in awe at how much my skin has changed whilst using the product. If you have dry, combination to oily skin, it’s perfect for creating smooth, polished and a cleansed complexion  – I cannot wait to see the final results! 

So have a gander at the array of colours here:

Twitter @magnitone

Instagram @magnitonebeauty


….. Finally, keeps your eyes peeled for a blog post later – the start of an amazing series…

Makeup through the ages

What decades would you guys love to see?

Catch you later,

Love C


Day 3 // Magnitone Challenge


Good evening my lovelies!

You know what time it is….

It’s Day 3 and what a change!

After using my Magnitone for three days straight, today has been the day where I have noticed the most change to my skin…

As mentioned in the manual, breakouts are common whilst using the cleanser… And today I can certainly understand that!

Have a sneeky peek:


Close up

As you beauts can see, I have a lot more spots than yesterday… Which is good!! It means the Magnitone is deep cleaning my pores and my body is getting rid of those impurities.

What are your fave cleansing products? I would LOVE to know!

Keep posted to see my progress throughout the week!

Make sure you guys check out the Magnitone website here.

Twitter @magnitone


Have a great evening dolls,

Love C


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