Bedroom tour!


Good evening my lovelies!

I wanted to do a bedroom tour to let you see a little slice of my life!
My bedroom is my sanctuary – where I like to de-stress, relax and unwind.

So let’s take it from the beginning…

Knock knock…


So when you walk into bedroom the first thing you see is my super cosy and comfy bed! As it is winter and very cold at night, I have chosen a soft brown throw at the foot of my bed and crisp white sheets.



I keep all of my makeup, jewellery etc on my chest of drawers so I have easy access to all of my essentials. To store my jewellery, I use a file/paper drawer organiser and it works so so well.
I am in love with candles, so I always keep a candle on my vanity at all times! Handy and interesting tip – use a artists drawing model as a jewellery stand, it’s arms and legs create great holders for necklaces and bracelets.




My ‘chandelier’, as I like to call it, is a main focal point for my bedroom, it looks classy and elegant and I LOVE how it glistens and shines…


My nightstand is where I keep all the things I need to grab during the night. So I am currently reading Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell and I cannot put it down! I love to read before I go to sleep, it helps me relax and clears my mind as I wander through the stories….



I hope you have enjoyed this post and seeing a small slice of my life!

Catch up tomorrow for more daily doses of beauty!

Love C

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Over 200 views and a pretty makeup storage box.


Hooray!!!! Over 200 views, slow and steady wins the race!

My blog is growing so so fast and I love how it changes daily. But more than that, I love how I get to interact with so many amazing and beauty-ful people!

Just a quick photo of my makeup storage box that I bought from paperchase the other day… I thought it looked so gorgeous with my brushes and it really compliments my bedroom decor!



Who wants to see a bedroom tour? Let me know!
Catch up later,
Love C

Versatile Blogger Award


As a newbie blogger in this big wide world, I never expected my blog to get so many followers and so many likes in such a short amount of time!

Beauty is my passion, and to be able to share my passion with the world, is such a privilege.

I would love to thank for my nomination, check out her blog, it is gorgeous.


The rules:

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
5. Link your nominees & let them know of your nomination.

Here are 7 facts about me:

  • I have a non identical twin, her name is Jessica.
  • I have a rescue dog who is a Lurcher and she is called Honey.
  • I love ANY cooking programme!
  • I can juggle without dropping anything!
  • I broke my wrist and my ankle a few years ago.
  • I have a gorgeous boyfriend called Jamie who is also my best friend – We have been together for 6 years.
  • My favourite colour is duck egg blue.

I Nominate:


Love C




Just a quick update…. 50 followers on Beautyandshe!

Thank you all for subscribing to my blog of beauty!
I am absolutely in love with blogging and cannot wait to create even more wonderful blog posts with you guys!

So keep posted for my daily does of beauty…

Love C

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