Does it work? COCO BRIGHT Teeth Whitening by Instant Whites + DEMO


Well hey there!

I know I know, it’s been a bit of time since my last post on here but I PROMISE this is a good one!

I don’t know about you guys but in the summer there is nothing I love more than a good tan and sparkling white teeth to match! I think it looks great for pictures and for my upcoming wedding I definitely wanted to try out some products ready for my big day!


And no I do not look like ross… just yet…..

I was sent a product from the company INSTANT WHITES to try out and test for you guys and share my experiences with you and I have to say I am so impressed….

If you’ve ever seen those Instagram pictures of celebs holding a blue UV light and neon white teeth, yep that is now me with the COCO BRIGHT WHITENING KIT! (I don’t really mean neon, I mean a dazzling bright white smile)

I was initially a bit concerned as I have never used a teeth whitening product that included a UV light or activated gels so I was nervous at the thought but boy was I wrong…

You can check out my video here of my review and demo or just look below for a bit of light reading…….


These products are clinically proven and used and made by dentists and contain NO PEROXIDE at all! Wowzaa!!

The product is super easy and comes with simple instructions, the mouth guard (a bit like a gum shield) is filled with the activated gel and placed in the mouth, the UV light is also placed in front and that’s how it stays for 30 minutes!

After a very slobbery and slimy 29.67839 minutes later you take out the kit and rinse, leaving a minty whiter smile after the first go! I was very surprised at seeing even a slight result after the first use but the most noticeable difference was after the second attempt.

I DO NOT use this product every day as I don’t want to affect my enamel so I use this twice a week at the moment and I have been loving the results!

Take a look at the before and after results from ONE WEEK of use.






I highly recommend if you guys if you guys are looking for an AFFORDABLE teeth whitening product then give this one a go, as you now now it actually works! The only thing I would say is keep a ton of tissues handy as you will dribble quite a lot just like I did…..
Make sure you check these guys out on their socials to check out their latest updates:

Instagram: @instantwhites #instantwhites

Facebook: @instantwhites

Twitter: @instantwhites

Have you guys tried this product or something similar? I would love to know in the comments below, and what do you think of the results?


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MUA Metallic Liquid Lipstick SWATCHES



Ok, so im a little obsessed with liquid lipsticks..

and when I saw METALLIC versions from MUA – I just had to buy them.

I’ve really been loving matte liquid lipsticks lately and how the look and last throughout the day (I always find they make my lips appear more full).

Metallic shades are great for all year round but I thought particularly in winter, I will be glistening like snow…

I purchased three different shades from the brand MUA, which is one of my all time favourite budget beauty brands. The quality of the products is incredible and the prices are even better.


These lipsticks were all £2 each making them such a bargain I couldn’t resist. I am loving the packaging designs of the products to really reflect the metallic and sleek vibes.


The first shade is called ‘Luster‘ and its this beautiful shimmery gold/beige. As you can see, its highly pigmented and very rich. It has a really creamy texture which was surprising as I thought it was going to be quite drying.


I feel like a snow queen or some form of mythical being wearing this. It is super reflective but surprisingly wearable. Its still a buildable product and you can make it more and more rich in depth as you go.


The second shade is called ‘Glint‘. This shade is a shimmery brown/gold with hints of silver. With this colour a little really does go a long way.


Im not too keen on this shade. It was a bit difficult to blend and get and even coat. Im not usually one for dark grey/brown lip shades but I do like the colour! Im sure with a few more layers I could even thing out.


The last shade is called ‘Blaze‘. This is absolutely ideal for winter with its rich berry colour. As you can see, its not complete pigment coverage which is nice as again, its blendable.


I really do LOVE this colour, its such a warm tone that goes well with my skin shade. This colour had a lot and I mean A LOT of glitter.. which isnt a bad thing..

Who doesn’t like glitter?

Im defo learning to love metallic after these bad boys. 

To find these lipsticks click HERE.

Let me know which one is your favourite and if you have any recommendations for liquid lipsticks!

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2016 Top 5- Highlighters



It’s New Years Eve, almost another year over..

and what better way to end the year, with a touch of sparkle right?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with highlighter. (or anything sparkly or shiny…)

Over the past few years as they have become more and more popular, I have tested my fair share and have developed my favourite collection from 2016.

From liquid, to cream to powder styles, I’ve tried them all and have narrowed it down to my all time faves.

Benefit High Beam


I think im not the only one to say that this little thing packs a glittery punch. I was always a bit sceptical of liquid highlighters as most that I have tried always brought my foundation off with them and produced little or no highlight.


This however, is perfect. Its a very soft pink cream shade with a super reflected glow. Its very natural and gives a healthy look to my skin without me looking like a piece of tin foil. A little really does go a long way and I find that using my fingers to blend in to the skin works the best for me.

You can purchase this at most drug stores or from Benefit for about £19.50, A bit on the pricey end of things but it truly lasts forever.

Goddess of Love by IHEARTMAKEUP


I have had this for a year now and it is still going strong. This powder highlights is beautiful, and so is the packaging right?

Its a very light weight and fine pressed powder that does no get cakey with wear. It has a strong reflective glow to it, a bit more iridescent than High Beam.


The colour is a pearly white and this swatch is just after one sweep so its super pigmented. With this highlighter I use a fan brush as it picks up a lot product and gently dusts over the skin. You can really build this product up as well so you can have a subtle everyday look too. You can find it in your local Superdrug or online, but its a bargain as well at £4.99, this bad boy is a steal.

Revlon Photoready Instafix Highlighting Stick


On to cream highlighters with the Revlon highlighting stick, this product glides on to the skin effortlessly. It is quite handy to throw in my handbag for on the go shimmer and super easy to blend with my fingers.


The colour is darker than the previous products and works amazing with a tan for that summer glow. The shade I have is called Starlight and as you can see, very pigmented so again, a little goes a long way.

Its £9.99 for this product which is a bit much for it in my opinion but again, im sure it will last quite a while, especially in summer.

Makeup Obsession customised palette


How stunning is does this look.

This personalised palette from Makeup Obsession was from my sister for my birthday and she has filled it with my favourite shades and colours. The highlight in here is on the top right hand corner and is a cream balm.


Ive got the shade Gilded, which a a bright pearl white. It is really creamy and thick so it does need blending quite well. I find that the warmth from my finger tips does the job well but it creates the most beautiful shimmer and fresh dewy look.

The individual pan was £3.00 from Boots and fits in to any Makeup Obsession palette.

Makeup Revolution Radiance palette


An oldy but a goody.

This palette is great for everyday wear with my favourite shade being the middle one. Its lighter than the other two which is perfect from my skin tone. It does need to be built up to really get the lovely pigment but when it is on its divine.


This provides a natural fresh skin look without the weight of a heavy feeling product. I use a fan brush to apply this as I have much more control over the powder. The mirror is really good as its larger than most too.

From Makeup Revolution its a bargain for £8.

And that is my Top 5 for 2016. If I had to name a favourite, I think it would be Benefit High Beam but I wear all of these shown.

I would love to know any other recommendations from you guys or share your favourites with me in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I hope you all have a

Happy New Year!

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Primark, Boots, Kiko Milano Haul + TRY ON


I’ve been shopping…..


And I have got a HUGE haul to show you guys! I had a few Christmas vouchers left so I wanted to get some bargains in the New Years sales!
I was NOT disappointed…

Want to see what I bought?

It was a lot easier to film another lovely video for you guys so check it out below with a cup of tea

P.S There are also some photographs below showing you dolls my favourite purchases.

Soap and glory Makeup Remover

I’m so excited to use this. I love Soap and Glory and I have heard great things about this! How nice does cucumber and peachfruit sound? It’s a massive bottle and you only need a tiny bit!

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask

So this face mask is incredible. It’s a self heating mask and helps unblock pores and cleanse the skin. I’ve always wanted to try a self heating mask and I really feel like this is going to unblock my pores!

Revlon air brush effect foundation

This foundation is amazing. I swatched it in Store and it creates such a flawless finish. It’s a very matte and full coverage foundation. I chose the lightest shade as I am so pale and it leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

Revlon perfecting primer

There was actually an offer on where you can get two products for £14 and considering each one is worth £10 it’s an absolute bargain.  I needed a good primer to make sure my makeup stays on all day!

Kiko fusion serum

I have really dry skin so this serum is ideal for me. This brand is beautiful. Kiko Milano is an Italian brand that has just opened a store in cardiff. Again you need the most tiniest bit and your skin just soaks up the goodness!

Kiko Milano Lipstick

Oh my goodness. This lipstick is stunning. The packaging and quality is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous natural berry shade that is so creamy and rich.

Kiko Milano Nail Polish

Since Spring is coming, I decided to choose some natural and neutral shades that will be perfect and brighten my day!

Kiko Milano Glossy Lipstick

Forget the standard lip gloss. This is a gloss stick! Just apply this over any lipstick and you’ve got super rich and glossy lips that shine more than Edward from twilight.


Kiko Milano lip liners

I’m a lip liner girl. These liners are so pigmented and glide across the lips effortlessly. I chose a deep purple colour shade and a neutral pink. Ombré lips anyone?
There is much more to see in my video above so make sure you check it out!

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post because I LOVED making it!

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Speak to you soon,


Girl Talk: What makes you…. YOU?

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Grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and enjoy my little heart to heart with you girlies….

So I turned to my Q&A a day book to answer my daily question…..

“What makes you, YOU?”

It really got me thinking about who I actually am and what I am actually like as a real person…

My blog is my passion, and I adore every single blog post I read. By starting this blog, It has made me a lot more confident, committed and focussed which in turn reflects on my daily life!

But even before I began my daily doses of beauty, I have always been caring, kind and mindful of others. It’s definitely in my nature to put others before myself and that is one quality that I pride myself on.


This question really helped boost my confidence and helped me realise what qualities I could perhaps improve on.

If you guys do one thing today to help yourself, ask yourself this question and have a real good think about the answer.

If you would like to own the Q&A a day diary, you can find it in my previous posts!

Live, love, cherish.

Love C