LUSH Christmas Event + Christmas HAUL




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Im a true season girl, I love Autumn, I love Winter but of course CHRISTMAS is so magical and I’m already in the festive spirit.

I was invited to the LUSH Christmas Event at my local LUSH store and I jumped at the chance! I have been shopping at LUSH for as long as I can remember and their products are AMAZING! They pride themselves in providing cruelty free products and fight against animal testing which I absolutely LOVE.

If you have never seen or smelt any of the LUSH products then you are seriously missing out. They are constantly coming up with new ideas for products and get better and better each year.

So grab a cup of tea and have a wander with me through LUSH at Christmas – I promise you will be left feeling festive – CLICK HERE.




This year is no exception with their Christmas range, it is stunning. So I was greeted by the team and a refreshing welcome drink to sip as I wandered through the gorgeous scents. I had the chance to be helped by a lovely girl called Eman (Im so sorry if thats misspelled!) who explained every single product that caught my eye.. and there was a lot.


I had so many demonstrations of all the products I wanted to view and got to try a good few! Ten minutes in and I was already feeling pampered.


I was lucky enough to be able to make my own Christmas facial cleanser called Buche De Noel which has ground almonds, cranberries, mandarin and of course BRANDY – You have to have a tipple at Christmas…


It was so lovely being able to make it myself and see EXACTLY what goes in to my skincare products plus it was so much FUN!

I had a full tour of the SPA, yes you heard me right, SPA! It was truly so beautiful. Its themed just like an old farm style kitchen with reclaimed train tracks and a lot of wood panelling. There was candles everywhere and I had a chat about all the spa experiences on offer.

I was able to have a wonderful hand and arm massage by Jordan who explained about all the oils that work wonders for the skin – I could of stayed there all evening, it was so relaxing.

I finished off my evening by sampling some of the makeup which is such high quality and I loved being able to try anything and everything – my hands were very glittery after this. Of course I had to treat myself to a couple of things didn’t I? Maybe more than a couple…So with my bag full of goodies I left feeling truly relaxed and ready for the festive season ahead.


If you guys want see what delights I picked up from LUSH then just click HERE.

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Primark & Lush Haul. Feb 16.


Oh guys…

I think I’m addicted to Primark….

Oh well.

So today I went for a bit of retail therapy in Primark and Lush.

I’m really getting in the mood for Spring and wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe and room.

In Cardiff, we have a MASSIVE Primark that is spread over about four or five floors which means there was ALOT of exploring to be done. I think I spent just over an hour admiring the new lines in and cant wait to show you what I bought…

So I have created a Haul video for you guys so I can chat with you and a blog post too..

Let’s get started…


Lavender Bag – £1.00

I could not resist getting this adorable little room accessory. I think its so cute for Spring and brightens the place up. It was actually reduced to clear and there were so many of them – I just had to get one.


Metallic Tattoos – £1.50

Brings back childhood memories.. I love transfer tattoos and thought these would be great for photos and festival season. I particularly like the rose gold ones.. very boho.


Mixed rings – £2.50

I’m a big lover of rings. I wear one everyday. However I have never bought a midi ring as i always thought they would fall off. These however are perfect and will go with absolutely every outfit.


Sunglasses – £2.00

Check out these badboys. They are beautiful. They have a very classic look to them and I love the beige/ nude colour. They are super comfy and will make any outfit look like 1 million dollars.


Sunglasses – £3.00

These are the same style as above but have a blue reflective tint to the lenses. I never usually go for leopard print but I wanted to try something a bit more edgy. They have electric blue sides which add a great pop of colour – Perfect for Spring.


Fluffy Pillow -£2.00

Again, SALE item. Yay! What a bargain. Its super soft and a great addition to join the others on my bed.


Pink Pillow – £2.00

And again, another SALE item. I’m trying to add more colour to my room so I thought this would be a good start. Hoorary for Sales!


Sleeveless Cardigan – £14.00

So i’ve seen alot of people wearing these and im always a little bit jealous if im honest with you. Today was the day that I bought one! Its super thick and warm, paired with a simple top, jeans and boots, it will look really classic and elegant. I dont think this will EVER go out of fashion.


Snood – £3.00

I love a good snood. This one came in so many different colour but again I went for something that is going to go with everything. Its quite a thin material but there is a lot of it which makes it nice and warm. Plus it can be worn so many different ways.


Daisy T-Shirt – £5.00

Doesn’t this just scream SPRING. The daisy print just attracted me and it is so cute. I love a simple t-shirt so this is going to be great with jeans or shorts (if we ever have warm enough weather). They also had loads of other prints like spots and even one with elephants..


Plain Red T – £2.80

Easy Peasy. Plain and Simple. This colour is a warm red brick and is a simple V neck T shirt. I already have a ton of these so I just wanted to add to my colour collection!


Underwear – £3.00

I dont usually go showing off my underwear across the internet but just look at these. I have NEVER seen underwear so bright in all my life. I just had to get them, they just made me laugh and smile! This is a glorious pack of 3. Im sure it will brighten the start to my day! Haha .



Underwear – £2.50

On the same theme, I may as well show you the rest of my underwear collection… are these pretty pastels. Not much else to say really except I LOVE them!


Intergalactic – £3.95

I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers with this bath bomb. I had a demo in store and it created the most beautiful colours and bubbles. It smells really fresh and I know I will be left feeling super clean and relaxed after this one. I’m sure it will also create great instagram photos!


Ickle Robot – £1.95

I picked this up for my boyfriend for him to use after a hard day of work. It is so cute, I dont really want to submerge him…. The scent is really gentle like lavender and will definitely help relax.


ButterBall – £2.65

This is what I imagine that newborn baby smell to be like. Its so soft and gentle and is just heavenly. Its very powdery so I can tell it is going to make my bath luxurious and creamy.


You’ve been mangoed – £2.00

This looks a lot like an avocado to me but the scent is INCREDIBLE! It is so citrusy and zingy. Its a bath oil so you just run it under water and your bath becomes gorgeous and great for hydrating the skin leaving it smooth and silky.

Thats a lot of purchases.


I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I loved creating it and sharing some of my favourites from February so far.

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Review: LUSH BBseaweed face mask


Good evening my lovelies!

After a long day on my feet in work, I’ve come home for a good relax with a hot bath and a cup of tea. Heaven.

When I do have a hot bubble bath, I love nothing more than soaking in the bubbles and having that time to just gather my thoughts. 

I’ve love a good face mask.  I suffer from extremely dry skin so I try to choose a hydrating and nourishing mask that will leave my skin smooth and well hydrated.

This is where LUSH comes in…

I have found my saviour – the BBseaweed face mask.

Bursting with seaweed, almonds, rose and aloe vera- this mask feels and smells beautiful. The aloe vera soothes and calms any red areas of skin whilst the calming rose and almonds make my face beautifully silky.

It also has Rosemary oils and kaolin to remove any excess oil and dirt on the skin to banish that left over work makeup!!

Another bonus to this product is that a little bit really does go a long way. Taking about a ten pence piece size amount, add a few drops of water to make a paste and apply all over the skin. – simple as that.

I picked up my tub for about £6.50, all natural and organic.

Looks like porridge, works like a dream!

What are your favourite LUSH products? 

Speak to you soon beauties,

Love C


Thre most ‘Lushest’ morning at LUSH


Every girl deserves a bit of luxury, right?

So last Friday me and my sister went shopping to have a little bit of retail therapy. We needed to pick up a few things for our mum for Mothers Day, as well as a good old nose around at the bargains.

We arrived in town quite early, about 9:30am so we could enjoy shopping when it’s not too busy and chaotic. – It’s the best time to go!

Our first port of call was ofcourse LUSH

I think every girl knows how beautiful the smell is in there and at 9:30 in the morning, it was a great way to start out day!

It was lovely and quiet and we couldn’t wait for a good look around at all the new scents and different spring products lining the shelves. The LUSH staff always make you feel so welcome and are so passionate about providing amazing customer service.

We were greeted by Elen who kindly asked if we needed help, which we did! ….Mother’s Day gifts!

We were shown some amazing products that Elen thought would suit our lovely mum (who only takes showers) and tested out the MANY scents and styles.

Drum roll please….

 We chose a limited edition shower gel called ‘Yummy Mummy‘ and an exfoliating soap called ‘Buffy‘ – They were perfect for her and both smell beautiful.

Now, we couldn’t go in to LUSH and not look around ourselves could we? 

Kindly, Elen was so happy to help find some products specifically for us and show us the ones suited to our skin and hair types. 

It was honestly like having a personal shopper, she was so kind and explained all the benefits of the many many products we saw. And here’s the best bit.. 

We sat down around a beautiful table filled with face masks, body scrubs, toners, cleansers and moisturisers ready to test them all!

Every time im here, I just find the presentation of the products outstanding. It creates such an amazing atmosphere for the customer and instantly makes me feel like I’m in a spa!

My sister has combination skin, (I have dry skin) so this face mask is perfect for her. It is filled with blueberries, calamine, chamomile, rose and almond oils. It softens and soothes the skin and is great for soothing red patches whilst hydrating the skin and smelling good enough to eat!

I can honestly say, to be polished and pampered for about an hour in LUSH had to be one of the most relaxing experiences, as well as learning so much beauty-ful information for our skin types from Elen.

Our basket was filled with our gorgeous goodies, we were feeling so relaxed and ofcourse smelling scrumptious. It really set the mood for the rest of our day. I cannot thank the staff enough for there amazing help and knowledge! (Especially Elen)

I left with my delights and could not wait to bring them home to show you beauties as well as giving them a try!

In the Spring and Easter spirit, I bought this cute little guy for £2.50, it’s called ‘Hoppity Poppity‘ and has popping candy inside to fill your bath with beautiful bubbles!

No these are not edible.. Tempting I know! 

I picked up ‘A bunch of carrots’ bubble bars. We were shown how the work and they create so many bubbles for your bath and smells heavenly of lemon, bergamot and Buchu.  You swish them in your bath water and are reusable so they will last ast such a long time!

Shampoo bars!

How amazing are these? I picked up this delicate coconutty slab that was recommended as I have dry hair and a dry scalp. This will nourish and moisturise as well as leaving me smelling like a piña colada!

And lastly, When looking at the face masks for dry skin, Elen recommended this rose scented delight. I tested it out and it left my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. It has seaweed, honey, aloe Vera and rose in the mix and is so soothing and smells so sweet and delicate – perfect for my sensitive skin!

Our morning was perfect! It was actually really lovely to spend this time with my sister and have a bit of a pamper before heading off for some more delights!

So thank you to LUSH Cardiff for our beautiful morning! I’m sure I will be in again very soon! (Maybe tomorrow…..)

What do you think guys? What are your faves from LUSH?

Love C