Catch up with me // Instagram diary


Good evening dolls!

What a week! 

At last I’m sitting down with a ice cold glass of white wine and writing a blog post for you guys!

It has been such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the sky is such a gorgeous deep blue.

It’s about time I let you beauts know what I have been up to lately and what better way to do that than an Instagram Diary post!

I’m going to jump right in to it guys…


Aaaah my girl.

For those of you who don’t know, this is my beautiful puppy Honey. She’s a 1 year old lurcher/greyhound who loves cuddles, smiling and chasing sticks.

We rescued her when she was three months old after she was thrown out of a moving car and broke her tiny leg in several places. When she was found, she was very thin and frightened and in a lot of pain. Luckily she was taken straight to the dogs home where she had emergency surgery to try and save her leg from amputation. 

Luckily, she made a slow but full recovery and is as gorgeous as ever.

I do like to be beside the seaside.

How stunning is this? It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

Now, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 years and we still love to go on dates! A stroll along the pier with my guy and watching the sunset is the perfect way to end a day.


I live near a farm and I enjoy nothing more that long walks in the woods and fields. So a few days ago I bumped into these guys – Welsh blacks.

 They’re very very curious and love to stare and I love how the sun is streaming through!

I’ve been loving yoga and Pilates lately.

I find it so calming and relaxing whilst improving my fitness and posture of course!

So doing the splits works my legs, glutes and core. I’ve been doing Blogilates on YouTube with Cassey Ho, her workouts are fun and definitely satisfying!

Check her out here:

I’ve been practicing my French plaits lately and absolutely love how quick and simple they are.

I’ve done two French plaits here, I don’t know about you guys but this style reminds me of that girl from the film Matilda….. Who gets thrown over the fence by her hair….


Can this picture be anymore perfect?

I went out with my mum and sister for afternoon tea and it was heavenly.

I chose a slice of raspberry and rose cake with raspberry jam and a pot of tea. 

Need I say any more other than..

Well guys, that is my latest! I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t had much time to spend on my blog! 

That’s definitely going to change and I hope to be doing more and more posts soon!

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So I’ll speak to you lovelies later,

Love C


Makeup through the decades // 1930 – 1940’s


Good afternoon guys!

And what a gorgeous sunny day it has turned out to be right?

So I’m here for you again today with the next edition of Makeup through the decades.

Today I’m all about the 1930’s and 1940’s where glitz and glam is on point.

Think elegance and sophistication…

Welcome to the 1930s..

The 30’s was a time of glamour and all things chic. Take Clara Bow for instance, smooth hair with gentle waves, simple yet striking makeup.

The first  thing I noticed about the style was the eyebrows. They tended to be very thin and curved into a gentle arch. Again, flawless pale skin was a must… After a light foundation, I applied some talcum powder with a puff to really get that porcelain look.


Blush was kept minimal with a slight glow to the cheeks, blended to perfection. Mascara was the highlight, emphasis on the lashes were essential to looking glamorous like top movie stars.

And lastly, that lip colour. – heaven.

I used this super bright red lipstick from Ted Baker, making sure to define my Cupid’s bow.

Cocktails and dinner at 7 anyone?

Bring on the 1940’s

Hooray for the end of the war!

The war didn’t put off women from looking they’re best. If anything, they were even more beautiful to help boost the morale of the soldiers!


Looking a bit more relaxed after the 30’s. The 40’s was full of women getting they’re hands dirty at work whilst still looking phenomenal.


Having a more healthy glow to the skin, again, blush was minimal but the eyebrows were definitely more natural!

The gorgeous red lip was glossy and defined. A neutral eyeshadow was applied and mascara was the big hit.


I am in love with the loose waves for this look. They look effortless and compliment the makeup look perfectly.

Pheww, red lip overload…. (Said no one ever)

I adore these two looks, I wish I could stay like this all the time!

What do you guys think of the 30’s and 40’s? Do you love it as much as I do?

Let me know what you think below!

I can’t wait to move to the 50’s and 60’s soon…

Grease is the word…

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Speak to you dolls later,

Love C



The ‘What’s in my bag’ Tag


 Every girl knows how important the handbag is.

I mean, what would you do if you were caught in a gust of wind, ending up looking like scarecrow AND didn’t have your bag with your hairbrush in?

And what would happen if you were unfortunate enough to get pooed on by a seagull and DIDNT have any tissues or scrummy smelling hand sanitizer?


I take my bag with me everyday to work and love my essentials that I keep with me. My current bag is a faux (Posh for knock off) Prada. I bought it in Corfu for about €20 and I absolutely love it! It has one large main pocket and two smaller pockets perfect for keeping all my essentials in order!




As we all know it is Spring! So for those days where the sun is shining and I need that bit of UV protection, I’ll pop on my shades and pretend I’m a celeb…. Just kidding.


Tissues and hand sanitizer

For those days where something just goes wrong or if you have a cold, tissues are super handy and I guarantee, you friends and family will ask for one! I chose this gorgeous bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer in copacabana, it smells like coconuts and screams summer whilst leaving your hands bacteria free!



 Who’s with me girls? 

Periods are annoying but keeping a toilet bag of emergency supplies is sure to leave you worry and stress free! 



I love spritzing on some perfume throughout the day. This one by The Body Shop is light and delicate and ideal for everyday use and that surprise evening date too!



Unless your going for boho chic then hairspray is your best friend for those fly away strands. This hairspray by wella keeps my hair in place all day and brushes out easily for changes in style!



I’ve always used sudocrem ever since I was a baby. This little tube is so handy for my skin, especially when it’s dry or when I quickly need to apply it to a stubborn pimple or irritated skin like eczema.


Spare Makeup

I always keep this anti shine foundation stick by Maybelline in my bag when I need a quick touch up. It’s super handy at the end of the day when my makeup has gone a bit patchy!


Lip balm

My EOS is my life saver for chapped lips. It smells great and is quick to apply!


Purse and phone

Every bag needs a purse and phone. I also keep a small mirror in my purse which is amazing!  My purse is from Ollie&Nic and I have the iphone 4 which i love! (especially for taking pictures)


I would love to know whats in your bag?

What are your essentials and handy handbag tips and hints?


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Love C


How to shape your beautiful brows.


Who else loves a good eyebrow?

….just me? Ok then..

Today I’m going to show you how you too can love your brows by simply keeping them well groomed and well shaped.

The first thing a person sees when they look at you is your eyes….well mostly…

..and having great shaped brows really puts emphasis on your eyes and defines the rest of your face shape. It’s really incredible how changing the shape of your brows can instantly change the shape of your face.

Take a look below..


I have an oval shaped face so a simple arch is perfect for helping define my features.

 Which shape are you guys?

So here is my fool proof way of getting beautiful brows…

And it’s as simple as that. This look creates a natural looking yet defined brow that will work for whatever face shape you have.

Tweet me your pics of your beautiful brows

Find me here or at @beautyandshe7.

Speak to you later my lovelies,

Love C


Wow!! 3000+ views!



Good evening my fellow beauties,

Well, where do I start?

Over 3000 views! I can’t believe how fast my blog has grown!

 I’ve managed to get over 1000 views in a month and I could not be happier.

Blogging has become more than just a hobby for me, I feel as though I would be lost without it!

Thank you to all of my beauty-ful followers and the blogging world for supporting me through my adventures!

I’m off to sleep now to have some beauty-ful dreams

Speak to you dolls tomorrow.

Love C 


Relax with me: Girls night in


I love having a girls night in. 

It is the perfect time to unwind and relax with your friends, enjoy good food and good company!

And that’s exactly what I did!

Meet my beautiful best friend of 22 years, Bes ( otherwise known as Bethany)

She kindly invited me and my twin sister Jess over for a girly night in to spend time having a catch up and eating spaghetti bolognese (that she lovingly made for us).

I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from our evening… 

I treasure the little moments in life and something as simple as just meeting your friends for a catch up, is one of the best things and most memorable!

6:30pm on the dot, we arrived armed with daffodils to give our lush host Bes (Daffodils just scream Spring!) 

Candles lit, fairy lights on! The decor of Bethany’s house is so beautiful – the most perfect relaxing place for a chat and lots of selfies!

Cosiness is key to a girls night in – so light some of your favourite candles to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, just like Bes did.

Tea for three. Setting the dinner table is another beautiful touch that adds something special to your evening. It was so lovely to be treated by Bes and to eat in such a gorgeous dining room just enhanced the relaxation!!!

Iced tea and homemade spaghetti Bolognese. Isn’t it so pretty? I loved the lace style table mats, they complimented the soft blue cloths perfectly!!

And to finish?

Teapots and brownies – heaven! 

Let me know what you guys like to do for your girly nights in!

Love C


BeautyandShe on a budget : Fashion


So, everyone loves to look their best but not all of us (including me) have the budget for designer fashion.

So today, I have been looking at affordable high street alternatives that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

All of these items are perfect for the new Spring season so have a good look dolls!

FotorCreated 2

I’ve seen this T-shirt around a lot lately and I love it! I think it may have been reduced further to £19, bargain! French Connection has always been a favourite of mine and with this bold Tee, you’ll be sharing the love all day long!


Who doesn’t love Burberry? This scarf is an essential and famous piece that is completely gorgeous… However, I do have a slight issue with paying £335 for one…. I found this equally beautiful and AFFORDABLE scarf at River Island for £15! It comes in a range of other colours and will certainly keep you warm on a sunny windy Spring day. (We get a lot of those in Wales)


Shirt dresses are so versatile. They look great for an everyday look and can be dressed up for a night out! I love this bright and bold blue dress from Topshop, add a brown belt and a pair of heels and you’re ready to go! And for £40.. well….. OK then!


Festival season is coming up and every girl needs a raincoat.

Who says they can’t be fashionable right? I have found this unique and strangely attractive mac from ASOS. It just makes me happy looking at it! The plus side… no one misses your FAB outfit underneath!


Disco anyone? 

I knew these would come back into fashion! I had a pair when I was about 12 and I loved them! (cringe).

I’m Not cringing anymore! I actually love the style of these jeans and love how they look with heels! They create such a nice shape for the legs and look so elegant!

Lets forget the afro though?


Grease is the word.

Haha, doesn’t it just remind you of Sandra D?

Gingham print is in right now and why not celebrate it by wearing this gorgeous A-line? Missguided’s skirt creates a beautiful waistline and skims your hips landing just on the knee. Pair this with some classic black elegant strappy heels and a white or black crop top.

Summer lovin…

And that is it my beauts!

Let me know what you think and definitely show me you fashion dupes! I would love to see!

Don’t forget you can find me on Bloglovin and Twitter!

Love C


Review: Lorèal Miracle Cleansing Oil


I have always been the type of girl who rushes to take my makeup off as soon as I get home from my daily outings, and honestly, I rush taking my makeup off too!

I usually just grab my facial wash and some warm water and start scrubbing as it’s super quick and easy. I have noticed that this way of taking my makeup off has made my skin dry and sensitive from the harsh and abrasive scrub! (Ouch)

I know it’s bad, but honestly, I just want something quick and simple that is not going to leave me looking like a panda!

And at last, I have found a miracle worker.

Lorèals Miracle Cleansing Oil

This is a life saver. My skin has never felt better. And I actually save time!

The product is so silky and smooth and works so well at dissolving makeup – it’s magical.

So here’s a quick step by step:

One pump is enough for me as the product is so smooth, it glides onto the skin beautifully! Make sure to rub the cleansing oil really well into the skin, ( I like to do this for around two minutes).

Work the oil into the eyelids and lash line to dissolve the mascara and don’t forget to bring it right down to the neck! I find a lot of hidden foundation around my jawline and neck area!

When you have finished rubbing the oil into the skin, wash off the product with warm water, massaging the skin as you go. Lastly, I finish off by splashing my face with cold water to close my pores! – skin success!

And that is it! I love this cleansing oil and highly recommend it to you guys who need a quick and healthier way of removing makeup!

What’s your favourite makeup removal product?

Stay tuned for more of my daily doses of beauty!

Night night!

Love C


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2000+ views and exciting things to come…



Oh my goodness I cannot believe I’ve reached 2000 views!
I love to celebrate the little things but to me this is a big thing!!

Thank you all so much!

Getting the opportunity to talk to so many amazing bloggers everyday is just amazing. If it wasn’t for you beauties out there, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I love nothing more than sitting down with a hot cup of tea and writing posts or editing for you guys! It means the world to me.

Right, I have a lot of exciting new things coming up but I’m not going to say any more than that…. You’ll have to wait-and-see.

Stay tuned and keep you posted for my daily doses of beauty…

Love C