Where have I been? + Life update




It certainly has been a while.

My life has been crazy busy over the past few months I have found barely any time to blog!

So this little post is just a general catch up and life update for you all so you know that I haven’t completely vanished off the face of the earth…

I work full time so on my days off lately I have been super busy decorating the house and garden which is surprisingly time consuming. I have also started to do some proper wedding planning as our date has been set…..


Eeeeeek! Im so excited but there is a lot to do so again I have been planning and prepping for that!

Another thing I have added to the list is my new instagram account for my home – I follow so many inspirational people and we all share ideas for around the house from decorating to cleaning – I love it!


If you want to see how much the house has progressed then you can find me over at:


Short and sweet guys but im not gone for good – I promise!

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Speak soon,


Blog Milestone: 800 Blog Followers!




What a milestone guys?!

It only seems like yesterday that I first started my blog and I was so happy to have 5 people follow me..

For 2 years now I have been keeping you guys posted on all of my latests beauty bits and lifestyle loves.

To achieve over 800 of you guys is incredible! I love every bit of blogging as I really feel like I can just express myself and express my passion with all of you! My blog has been shaped and grown so much and I have really developed my own sense of style along with it.

So thank you all for making this blog as successful as it is and I cant wait to get to the next milestone of 900!


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Our House Tour




So as you guys know, we have recently bought our first home.

Now that we have settled in, we have really started to put our own personal touches into the building.

To give you a bit of history, our lovely cottage was built in 1850 and has such a homely feel to the place. It has old farm doors and an enclosed staircase with views overlooking the farm and fields. The cottages used to be owned by railway workers in the 1900’s (I live very close to a train station)  and in our garden we have gorgeous flowerbeds made from old railway sleepers.

I really enjoy interior design and home decor, so I can’t wait to show you our developments so far.

Ready for the grand tour?

 The Hallway


The first thing you see as you enter our house is our hallway. I’ve always wanted one as it gives a bit of privacy instead of walking straight into the living room. The colour scheme is a neutral green and cream so we added  a neutral beige rug to lengthen the space. I LOVE our little shelf which is handy to put keys etc. The mirror is perfect for makeup touch ups just before I head out the door.

Rug: Ikea: £30

Flowers: Asda: £5

Mirror: From previous owner

The Dining Room


From the hallway, it opens up to our Dining Room. We completely refurbished this space as the colour scheme wasn’t quite what we wanted. I love how open and spacious it feels with the alcoves giving that cosy feel. Our feature wall is in the shade ‘Meteor Dust’ and goes perfectly with our sideboard and dining table. We have two lamps in each alcove which really creates a cosy vibe.

Table and Chairs: Ikea: £150

Sideboard: Tesco: £300

Lamps: Ikea: £16 each

The Living Room


Our living room is the perfect size. We had some real bargains in here. Its colour theme is a neutral beige and white with hints of blue and grey. We have a beautiful winged armchair in the corner which is great for snuggling up by the fire. You can see out to our front garden where we have an old stone wall and gate.


Our fireplace is in the centre which creates a really cosy ambience along with the lights in the alcoves. I have added candles on the mantelpiece and marble fire surround because im a candle fanatic.

Coffee Table: Costco: £70

Winged Armchair: £179

Tv Stand: Ikea: £85

Sofa: Free

Curtains: Tesco: £15

The Kitchen


From the living room we enter the kitchen. It has slate floor and cream tile walls. We haven’t had to do anything to the kitchen which was really good. When we bought the house, on of the things that attracted me was the kitchen as its such a good size. It has wooden work tops which add to the country feel and a step which lead to our sink and view across the garden.

I have always wanted one of these taps. It makes washing up so much easier! I love the view across our garden and our aloe vera plant enjoys the views too.

We added hints of copper to the kitchen to add warmth and I HAD to get these pots from Next as soon as I saw them.


We had a new oven fitted and kept the original hob. I have to say there is so much storage im struggling to fill all the cupboards and drawers.

I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and I love cooking in this space. It has such a warm and homely feel to it already.

Fridge:Russell Hobbs: £669

Oven: Currys: £170

Dishwasher: Already there

Clock: Dunelm: £25

Fruit bowl: Home Bargains: £2.99

Coffee Pots: Next: £18

The Stairway


I love enclosed stairs.

There is something really nice just walking up the wooden staircase to bed – I dont know what it is! Its enclosed with an old wooden farm door which adds to our cottage style and vibes.

The Bedroom


We went for an all white theme for the Bedroom as it would be easy to change up accent colours to fit with the time of year. At the moment with Christmas and winter, we went with a warm red and grey. We have all fitted wardrobes which have TONS of room – Thankfully!


Its nice not to have too much clutter in the room and have a nice space to breathe. The white walls give the space a brightness and compliment my bed frame well.


Ofcourse I had to have a space of my own. This little corner of the room was destined to be vanity area. Its so cute and I love being able to sit down in the morning and get ready.

Bed Frame: Ikea: £99

Duvet set: Tesco: £15

Chair: Ikea: £11

Mirror: Ikea: £12

Second and Third Bedrooms



At the moment, were using the second and third bedrooms as a study area and gaming room for Jamie and blogging area for me. We haven’t made any alterations to the colours as of yet, but im not keen on the yellow walls of the study… BUT its perfectly decent for now!

The Third floor/ Attic


Behind the wooden door lies a second stair case leading to a third floor. Jamie has already claimed this as his man cave and im all for it! It will be a space for gaming, relaxing and movie night with popcorn. PLUS is has great views from the skylight across the fields and beyond.

And that, is our home!

I hope you guys have enjoyed looking around our new place, and I cant wait to keep you updated with all the decorating and plans.

I would love to know what you guys think and if you have any ideas let me know!

I would also LOVE to see your decor posts too so send me your links!

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Instagram Diary



So its Christmas Eve – Eve and i’m so excited for the next few days. I have been super busy getting everything wrapped and prepped, it’s been a whirlwind of Christmas fun!

I thought what better way to show you what I have been up to than a catch up with my Instagram.

8th December 2016


It was my works Christmas party which was a pretty casual affair – I chose this oversized shirt, jeans and boots which I was comfortable in ALL night. My watch is from NEXT and makes a great statement accessory.

9th December 2016


Comfy clothes are the best right? This cropped hoody is from Primark and I just knew I needed it as soon as I saw it. My slippers are from Dunelm and it literally feels like im walking on clouds – LOVE IT!

12th December 2016


Rose Gold Heaven.

I bought these from Makeup Revolution as I love their lipsticks. When I saw they had a rose gold range, I was straight on their website – The shades go with everything and look flawless.

12 December 2016


How cute are these guys? My sister bought me this felt gingerbread garland and it looks so festive along our shelving.

17th December 2016


This notepad though.. HOW PRETTY! Its from Home Bargains and was 99p…. I love it.

Now that were all settled in the new house we can finally start planning our wedding – 2018.

18th December 2016


Christmas Bedding is the best. This duvet set is from Tesco and looks stunning alongside my fairylights – its so cosy and festive.

20th December 2016


Possibly the best pyjamas I have ever owned. This nightie is from Primark and was £3! I love a bargain and The Snowman so this truly was a match made in heaven.

Were walking in the air….

21st December 2016


I have seen Zoella create this Mariah Carey inspired look and HAD to recreate it myself. Believe it or not, I LOVED IT! I thought I was going to end up looking like a toilet brush but the curls were beautiful, by the end of the day they had dropped to a lovely loose curl.

22nd December 2016


So this is our house!

I used an editing website called fotr.com  to create the painting effect on my original photo. We will be using this as our Christmas cards next year!

23rd December 2016


All the glitter under the tree.

I adore wrapping presents – there is something therapeutic about it! We stuck to a gold and red theme this year for all of our gifts.

We are ready for the 25th.


That is all the latest from my Instagram – If you want to keep up to date, then CLICK HERE. I would love to follow what you guys have been up to, so leave your links in the comments!

I hope you all have a MAGICAL Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Girl Talk: What makes you…. YOU?

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Grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and enjoy my little heart to heart with you girlies….

So I turned to my Q&A a day book to answer my daily question…..

“What makes you, YOU?”

It really got me thinking about who I actually am and what I am actually like as a real person…

My blog is my passion, and I adore every single blog post I read. By starting this blog, It has made me a lot more confident, committed and focussed which in turn reflects on my daily life!

But even before I began my daily doses of beauty, I have always been caring, kind and mindful of others. It’s definitely in my nature to put others before myself and that is one quality that I pride myself on.


This question really helped boost my confidence and helped me realise what qualities I could perhaps improve on.

If you guys do one thing today to help yourself, ask yourself this question and have a real good think about the answer.

If you would like to own the Q&A a day diary, you can find it in my previous posts!

Live, love, cherish.

Love C