MAGNETIC EYELASHES?! | Ardell Try On & Demo



The Holy Grail of lashes has arrived guys…

Im talking about the NEW Ardell Magnetic Lashes which are seriously a dream come true!

If you don’t know what magnetic lashes are (they are quite simple), lashes with magnets on….

So rather than fussing around with glue and individual lashes, these babies are super quick and easy to use – EVERY GIRLS DREAM.

I shopped around and found the best deal at Boots for £13.99 so click HERE if you want to pick them up too – You may find that expensive, but dolls, these babies are reusable!

I have actually tried magnetic lashes before from Amazon and they were not great, I picked them up for 99p – hoped for the best and failed miserably…

So Im so happy that ARDELL have now brought out a good quality lash that makes life so much easier!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and how to apply them then CLICK HERE or below!


Have you guys tried these out yet? If not YOU SHOULD! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 EASY Heatless Hairstyles + TUTORIAL!



I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to Spring and Summer I prefer to create some simple hairstyles that are SUPER easy and require NO heat!

There is nothing worse than using hot straighteners on a SUPER hot day and getting all sweaty and gross!

So these are my TOP 5 hairstyles that im sure you will LOVE!

Check out how to create all of these looks in my NEW TUTORIAL VIDEO BELOW!

All of the looks are all very different and would a lot of different hair types! All of the looks just require a hairbrush, some hair ties and bobby pins…

Easy Peasy….Simple.

Ready to see what’s included?

messy top knot

I think this look is the most POPULAR style that everyone does! Its so quick aNd easy and can look lovely dressed up or down.

boxer braids

Kardashian inspired…

This look has been all over the celeb world lately, I love how practical this hairstyle is and really keeps you nice and cool whilst looking flawless.

half up half down top knot

I wear this style a lot to work, it takes me literally about 2 minutes in the morning which means more time to relax in bed…

high voluminous Ponytail

I always wear this when im sunbathing, it gets all the hair off my face and neck but reminds me of Bam Bam from the Flinstones!

Twisted fishtail

This is probably my FAVOURITE hairtstyle of them all. Its very ‘ELSA‘ inspired and is so boho, I love it. The fishtail braid looks scary but honestly, it is so easy when you get the hang of it!

Let me know which is your favourite and don’t forget to watch the video for tutorials!

Have you guys created some hairstyles for Spring and Summer?

I would love to see them so SEND ME YOUR LINKS!

I hope you all have a beautiful evening.



Speak to you guys soon,


Lets get started.


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