Glitter explosion nails


Well hello my little lovelies,

Who loves glitter? Ummm me!

Here are my DIY glitter nails that are super simple and look dazzling!


I applied Barry M’s glitter and sequin nail polish to all of my nails, giving them two coats to really make H&M shine….


Using a silver nail glitter (you can buy this in most beauty stores), I applied this to the ring fingers and tapped off any excess.

Helpful tip: After your nails have dried for 2 mins, run them under ice cold water for 30 seconds… This prevents any unwanted chipping etc…

Dazzle and shine!

Love C

The Classic


Eyes are extremely important in everyday life. They are the first place to look. So a classic eye makeup helps emphasise and put focus on the actual beauty of our eyes.

For my everyday eyes, I use two things.

Mascara and Eyeliner. Simple.

My favourite mascara is the ‘Benefit- They’re real’. It is unbelievable.
I do a first coat, making sure to get right to the base of my lashes then let it dry for about 30 seconds before applying my second coat.
I find that applying a second coat when my first coat is still a bit tacky helps make my lashes look elongated, longer and flawless.

I then apply my eyeliner, I love Loreal’s ‘Superliner Luminizer’. Its felt tip is flexible to it moulds itself to the curve of your lash line which makes it super easy to apply.
Not only does it create an effortless everyday look but can be turned from day to night extremely easily by intensifying the cat eye!

I cannot wait to use this look for my upcoming parties and events, it will go along perfectly with a smokey glittery eye…. Look out for that look very soon.

Love C x