Spring florals – Inspired OOTD’s


white-spring-flower-in-morningFlowers, flowers everywhere…..

Spring time is one of my favourite seasons. The colours are so refreshing after a cold and dull winter, where everything is in hibernation…

So let’s wake up to some Spring outfits inspired by some Spring florals!

So let me show you beauties what I will be wearing this season…

Let’s get started!

white-spring-flower-in-morningDaisies make me so happy! I think its the colour combination of the whites and yellows.. there’s something so refreshing about them that just makes me smile!
334029312I used to have dungarees when I was little. I loved to throw them on with a baggy t-shirt and I would be set for the day! I knew they would come back into fashion sooner or later. I love this pair from New Look with the ripped detail, check them out here!


I am in love with this high-neck cami! The colour is so beautiful alongside the cream flower details. The shaping of the neck is gorgeous and so feminine! Find this beauty here.

336687641Casual crochet. I love the crochet detail in this pair of espadrilles. The lightweight material is perfect for spring and moving into summer and would look amazing for any occasion! Check them out here!


Blossoms in Bloom.

Blossoms are so beautiful and delicate and the range in colours are incredible. The texture of the flower is so gentle that just reminds me of chiffon, i’m not sure why!


This dress is so casual and ideal for everyday wear or a Springtime date. This beautiful dusky pink colour is so delicate that would look beautiful with any skin tone. This casual shift dress is from Forever21!


Even though the sun has started to shine and its slowly getting warmer, I think a coat is still in order. Staying with the same colour scheme, this draped front coat will compliment the dress perfectly. Its a timeless shape that again is so feminine and elegant. Find it here!


To finish, pair this outfit with your fave ankle boots for an everyday look and add a clutch bag for that all important evening date! Find this pair here.


Isn’t this picture just stunning? 

Tulips are another one of my all time faves. They are brilliant sun seekers that bend in all sorts of directions to reach the light, giving them a beautiful shape.

hmprod (1)

This aubergine woven cami is so pretty! I love the detail across the back, and the material is so ideal for a casual or dressed up ootd/ootn. Check it!

hmprod (2)

Ahhhhhhhh! These are a dream! How perfect are they?

The tailored shaping is gorgeous and would look ideal with the floatiness of the the top. If you are madly in love like me, then check them out!

hmprod (3)For perfect pins, these pointed heels are incredible right?

These beauties will add instant glamour to any outfit! The shaping actually reminded me of the tulip’s appearance… plus, they’re not too high to walk comfortably in! Let me know what you think, Here!

And that is it! What do you guys think? Let me know what your favourite Spring flowers are and what you will be wearing this season!

Speak to you soon dolls,

Love C
















What I’m going to wear to Cheltenham Races Ladies Day on 11th March – #Colourmemarch


As we know, Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait. 

There is nothing quite like the variety of colours that Springtime produces, it is breathtaking!

I previously did a post about outfit inspiration for Cheltenham Ladies Day – #colourmemarch. I chose several pieces from various clothing stores online and put them together for some colourful inspiration!

So today, I had a good look in my wardrobe for all things bright and beautiful…. and colourful! I put together a few bright outfits that I think would look great for the #colourrmemarch event on the 11th of March, and narrowed it down to my final choice! Here’s my entry for their Great competition #ColourMeMarch.

Blue is one of my favourite colours.

The range of blue shades and tones is almost endless and I love how sophisticated it can look, dressed up or down.


My royal blue knee length dress is from the gorgeous brand, Paper Dolls, Check it out on the Little Mistress website.

This dress fits me like a dream. It is super comfortable with a thick and figure hugging fabric with appliqued lace running down the sides. I find that on the knee dresses are extremely flattering and feminine and are my favourite style of dress to wear on special occasions!

My silver, white and black jewelled clutch is from Primark that my lovely mother bought for me last year. I adore this bag as it makes any outfit look instantly glamorous. It reflects the light creating and casting a ray of different colours in the sunshine!

My detailed navy blue heels are from Marks and Spencers  and look so elegant with this outfit. I find that shoes with open toes elongate the legs making them appear longer! Perfect for my 5ft 4 height! They are also so comfortable and easy to walk in – I would not have to cling on to my boyfriend the whole day with this comfy pair!


As you can see, I have two piercings in my lobes so I took full advantage of this and chose these gorgeous blue and purple jewelled earrings from Accessorize. Again, I love how they glisten in the sunlight creating gorgeous deep colours that compliment the rest of my outfit. I chose pearls as my second choice as they suit all outfits and add a sense of sophistication that definitely suits the occasion!


To match the lace on my dress, I chose nude nailsWho doesn’t love a nude nail?! Oval nail shapes are also so feminine looking and are so easy to do! It matches any colour and compliments any skin tone! 

I think this outfit would look so elegant at Cheltenham Ladies day, adding another ray of colour to the rainbow of outfits!

Enter the #colourmemarch ladies day competition to win some amazing prizes and to get inspired for your own outfit!

Or click the banner at the bottom of my blog!

Let me know what you beauties think of my outfit and let me know what you would wear!

Speak to you soon,

Love C


Step into Spring – Pastel eyes


This makeup look will definitely put a spring in your step!

I have been seeing this make-up look a lot lately, and absolutely love this colour combination.


Pastel pinks and pastel blues go so well together, and instantly remind me of spring. I have created a subtle smokey eye using a light pastel pink across the lid that blends into a darker and richer colour.


To create the two tone effect, using a small detail brush, I applied this gorgeous turquoise colour to my bottom lash line. This look does not need a heavy eyeliner as I wanted to keep the look fresh and delicate.


I cannot wait to try this look with the varied colours of spring such as pastel lilac and green.

To me, Spring means fresh flowers, pastel colours and exploring the gorgeous world we live in.


Let me know what colour combinations you want to try in the comments below!

Love C

Makeup Revolution Ionic 2 Palette + colour swatches!


Good afternoon beauty-ful people,

I have been loving Makeup Revolution lately.
I honestly cannot believe how amazing this brand is and for such amazing prices.

Their variety of colours, products and styles is unbelievable and my collection is slowly growing!

The other day I came across their ‘ionic 2‘ palette and I just fell in love.
This spring I am all about shimmer.

A shimmery eyeshadow can turn your everyday look into something instantly glamorous and this Spring is going to be full of it!

The colours are so pigmented ( as I mentioned in one of my other reviews) and last all day without primer. If I had to compare this palette with the naked 3, I would say that it is a pretty tough competition!

The added bonus of this gorgeous palette is that it is….


Yes. You heard me.


Take a look at these beautiful swatches:


I cannot wait to post some makeup looks using this pretty palette!

Stay tuned later, girlies for my ‘Step into Spring pastel eyes’ .
Love C


Valentines day outfit inspiration + How I will be spending my day!


Drum roll please…

It’s tomorrow! Yay! Valentines Day!

I don’t know about you but I love Valentines Day especially since this year it falls on a Saturday, which means I get to spend the whole day and night with my gorgeous boyfriend, Jamie.

We have been in a relationship for 6 years now, so we like to have relaxing Valentines Days with simple things.

So let me tell you guys what we will be doing for Valentines Day…

Tomorrow we will be:

1. Going shopping to buy Jamie some jeans (how exciting!…not)

2. Grabbing a Starbucks together.

3. Taking my dog for a long walk on the beach.

4. Having a family meal with my mum, dad and sister. We have all made a dinner course each, I picked out dessert, Jamie picked out drinks! So thats 5 courses all together to enjoy!

5. Watching a film in bed with cwtches (A ‘cwtch’ is the welsh word for a cuddle)

We have come to realise that we don’t need to buy expensive gifts to have a good day, we appreciate each others company and enjoy the little things in life.

As we are having a relaxing day, I need a relaxing and comfortable outfit! Here is my inspiration for the big day tomorrow!

665181_main 655360_main 665633_main 668792_main

All from New Look

Top – £18

Cardigan – £35

Jeans – £42

Boots – £38

This style outfit is ideal for a comfy day like I will be having. The boots add a sense of sophistication to the super comfortable outfit, perfect for day and night time dates! I love the oversized cardigan and Love Heart shirt – keeping in theme with the day of love!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what you guys will be doing and what you will wear!

I can’t wait to hear!

So have an amazing day tomorrow, I will speak to you then,

Love C


Who’s ready for Summer?!.. Summer Wish-list featuring Ipanema!


All seriousness… Who is ready for summer? Hands up.


As much as I love the winter (my favourite season), there comes a point when the thought of lying on a sandy beach with a cocktail sounds incredibly appealing.

I’m ready for summer.

To get me in the tropical mood, I’ve been searching for some new summer flip-flops and sandals!

Now, I love my Hollister flip-flops and have worn them religiously for a good few years now… but the only issue is that they are so expensive and they ripped my feet to shreds when I first wore them!

I decided to branch out and look at different styles when I came across the Ipanema brand! Click here for the website!

I have known about them for quite a while now and decided to get some summery inspiration!

It did not disappoint…OH MY GOODNESS… they are perfect. The prices are so reasonable for such an amazing brand and I cannot wait to get my first pair!

Inspired by Brazils beaches and people, the array of colours they provide are gorgeous and im  a little a LOTtle bit in love with the sandals!!

I have picked out my favourites for you guys to take a look at too! I hope you feel inspired and begin daydreaming about pina coladas and palm trees.

Lets get started…

1. Ipanema Lolita Flip-flop – £20


These Lolita flip-flops are so cute! They have a gorgeous little bow detail on the strap and glitter throughout…they come in gold, silver, black and grey. The black style is my personal favourite and would look great with a pair of denim shorts and a baggy T.

2. Ipanema Indian ll Flip-flop – £17.00


Doesn’t this pattern just scream summer? It is so pretty and the detail is gorgeous. It also has a metallic overlay on the straps – Heaven. They come in Pink, Orange, Navy, Port, White, Black. And need I say…. £8.50!

3. Ipanema Samana wedge – £27.00


Ok, Im hyperventilating. These are my favourites. I am in love with these sandals and they were actually featured in London Fashion Week! As mentioned before, I am a fuss free girl who likes more of a simple look so these are IDEAL. They would look great with a floral dress and floppy hat or shorts and a bandeau for a casual daytime look!

I highly recommend their beautiful footwear and cannot wait to wear mine this summer!

What are you waiting for my beauties? Get in the tropical spirit with me!


If your like me and love Ipanema, Get yourself to get yourself to the Etailpr Blogger network to create your wish-list!

Love C


Beauty and Fashion haul, I’m addicted to shopping!


Good evening little lovelies,

I am currently sat in front of the fire with a glass of wine, writing this lovely post for you guys – Bliss.

Today I went shopping with my sister to have a browse at the new spring collections in stores…. And the SALES!

I hope this post inspires you for the winter/ spring time, so you can pop to the shops for some of the essentials I have bought.

Let’s get to it….


Primark – £2.50
I bought this lovely picture frame and I thought it was so inspiring and a beautiful addition to my bedroom which completely matches my blue and white colour scheme!


Primark – £2.50
I needed a new bedside glass that I can just grab when thirsty! I saw this hot pink style and instantly fell in love!


Primark – £4.00
I wanted to introduce some pastel colours for the spring time, and came across this beautiful cushion with the definition of the word ‘smile’ printed on it. It compliments my duck egg blue walls and is super soft!


Primark – £7
This was my bargain of the day. This gorgeous anorak was originally £15 but I bought it for £7. It’s perfect and just in time for April showers.


Primark – £15
And these…… Are my favourite purchase of the day. They are super comfy and look amazing with skinny jeans! And for £15… What can I say!!!


Superdrug – £2.97
It’s pretty cold outside so I needed a moisturiser that is going to make my dry skin, silky and soft. This is unbelievable, it works instantly and lasts all day!


Superdrug- £3
Makeup revolution is my new favourite brand. The quality of their products is outstanding and I cannot wait to try this foundation! The prices are so reasonable!


Superdrug – £4
I saw this on a fellow beauty bloggers blog and it is honestly one of the best palettes I have used! It is so similar to the first naked palette and the colours are so pigmented! I cannot wait to do a review on this product and create some amazing makeup looks!

Well.. That’s it! Phew!

I had so much fun today and cannot wait to use all of my purchases!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love C


Easy date night shimmer + Naked Palette 3


Good evening beautifuls,

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is almost here and I am so excited about it!

I love any excuse to wear a new makeup look and Valentine’s Day is the perfect one!

The look I’m going to show you today is created using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette which I think is so so so perfect for the season of LOVE!

Let’s get started….


1. Apply this gorgeous shade called ‘darkside‘ to the outer V using a small detail brush. We want to define the corner of the eye and give it some shape.

2. Using a large fluffy brush, apply this shade called ‘nooner‘ to the crease and blend with the darker colour to create a super smokey look.

3. Use this amazing shimmery gold colour called, ‘trick‘ in the centre of the lid, really packing on the colour. The shimmer will reflect the light perfectly.

4. Apply a light shade such as ‘strange‘ to the inner corner of the lid and blend towards the centre. Apply below the eyebrow to add a brightening highlight.

After these steps are finished, make sure everything is blended and apply your favourite liquid eyeliner... (Mine is by Ted Baker)….. And your favourite mascara…. (Mine is by Soap and Glory).



And there we have it!! The look is complete. This is perfect for a Valentine’s date with your guy or a fun filled evening with friends.

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely little post and I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day…

Lots of love and Valentine’s wishes to you all,

Love C