Make-up through the decades // 1970’s Fever 


Well good evening my gorgeous beauties!

I apologise for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been on a course all week at work… But I am back

So the seventies was full of rock glam, smokey eyes and revolved around the glitter ball!

I have created a look for you guys, that I personally think is so pretty and you can actually wear!

The look is all about dusty pink cheeks alongside pretty pink lips! The eyebrows were well groomed and filled in simply.

Perfect for Spring/Summer.


Did someone say glitter?

I’m not usually one for glittery eyes, especially silver, but this colour by wet’n’wild is just to die for! It’s really creamy and doesn’t leave fairy dust all over your cheeks!

Ive added a matching light pink to the crease of my lids to create a sweet and pretty contrast that matches my cheeks and lips perfectly

Of course the cat eye liner makes an appearance making my lashes look longer and creating definition!


Finish the look with your favourite black mascara to really show off those lashes!

What do you guys think of this seventies sensation?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you dolls enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to carry on with the electrifying eighties!

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Speak soon,

Love C



Makeup through the decades // 1950’s – 1960’s


Who else is tucked up under a blanket with a hot chocolate

The weather is so terrible today, I just feel like hibernating! If your like me who just wants to cuddle up and have a good read, then keep reading..

Continuing with my makeup through the decades series, today is all about the 50s and 60s!

So, have a look and get inspired to create your own series with me!

Here goes…




I love the pin- up style

Its the essential 1950’s look and its so glamorous and looks great on anyone!


Sticking with that red lip again ( it has been a constant in the fashions so far), I exaggerated my cupids bow, making it appear more pointed and defined. My eyebrows are dark and perfectly shaped matching the more angled design of the lips.

I love the eye makeup.

Who doesn’t love a cat eye?

By extending the eyeline into a cat eye, it emphasises my lashes and looks so feminine!

Obviously the bandana in the hair is a must, really making that pin-up style appearance.



So something a little different…

Goodbye red lipstick, hello nude lipstick.

Think Twiggy for the 1960s.. Her staple look was pale lips and drawn on eyelashes.

You can see here how I have drawn on my bottom eyelashes which is what was ideal in the sixties.. The skin was still flawless but all the focus was placed on the eyes.


Using a dark eyeshadow, the fashion was to emphasise the crease making your eyes appear larger and more beautiful!

Again, the eyebrows are just as important as they frame those big eyes!

So we have definitely began to change drastically in style now, I cannot wait for the vibrant colour of the 1970s and 1980s!
What do you guys think? Which decades has been your fave so far?

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Stay tuned for more daily doses of beauty soon,

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Love C


Vintage Romance look


Good evening dolls, 

If you saw my previous post, you would have seen the beautiful Vintage Romance palette by Sleek.

As promised, I decided  that I wanted to create a sweet and romantic look that would be perfect for a Spring date or girly day out!

My gorgeous sister Jess was on hand to help model this pretty in pink look…


By priming the lids, it creates a flawless base for eyeshadows and helps make the shadows appear bolder, bright and last all day.


I began by applying a gorgeous gold shimmer across the lid then slowly added a light shimmery pink to the outer corner. I then increased the colour by adding a deep and rich shimmery purple in the crease.


The key to a subtle smokey eye is to blend, blend, blend….. I finished off the look by running a dark brown shade across the lash line to add some definition to the sweet look.


Finish off the look with your fave eyeliner and mascara… Add a pair of lashes to really enhance that feminine appearance…

What do you guys think? Who doesn’t love shimmery shades… Am I right?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my beauties,

Speaks to you soon,

Love C 


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How to shape your beautiful brows.


Who else loves a good eyebrow?

….just me? Ok then..

Today I’m going to show you how you too can love your brows by simply keeping them well groomed and well shaped.

The first thing a person sees when they look at you is your eyes….well mostly…

..and having great shaped brows really puts emphasis on your eyes and defines the rest of your face shape. It’s really incredible how changing the shape of your brows can instantly change the shape of your face.

Take a look below..


I have an oval shaped face so a simple arch is perfect for helping define my features.

 Which shape are you guys?

So here is my fool proof way of getting beautiful brows…

And it’s as simple as that. This look creates a natural looking yet defined brow that will work for whatever face shape you have.

Tweet me your pics of your beautiful brows

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Speak to you later my lovelies,

Love C


Eyeshadow Application : Wet or Dry


Good morning beauties!

So this is a topic I have been meaning to discuss for a while…

The effects of wet and dry eyeshadow application.

For anyone who is not quite sure what I mean, applying eyeshadow dry is literally applying the shadow straight from the product to the eyes with a dry brush – easy peasy.

For a wet application, I like to spray my brushes with a little water before applying the eyeshadow to the brush, then apply to the eyes. – Again, easy peasy.

But honestly, the difference between the two applications is AMAZING! – Take a look…

I have used my Barely Exposed City Colour palette that I recieved yesterday! Check out my US beauty swap here!

As you can see, this application looks pretty normal, the colours are very pigmented and the shine on the metallic shades is beautiful! However……….

Look at the difference…

Can you tell? It’s 10 times better!

The colours are so vibrant and strong compared with a dry swatch. It just gives a deeper, more compact colour and I absolutely love this way of applying them. The only issue with this style is that blending can be a bit more time consuming and difficult to master… But when the colours are this good? Who cares?!

Let me know how you guys apply your fave eyeshadows?

Speak to you soon,

Love C


Emerald eyes


Good evening girlies,

I am currently sat in front of my fire with a hot chocolate, writing this post for you guys – heaven.

I thought I would share with you my Emerald eyes makeup look, which is super simple and easy!

I’m using this amazing palette with over 120 colours!!! Take a look…


As you can see, I have green eyes and the colour goes perfectly!


I applied the light green shade all over my lid with a fluffy brush, then blended the next middle shade onto the outer corner. I then applied the darkest shade to my crease and blended it all together to create a flawless finish!

I love this look and cannot wait to wear it this spring!

Speak to you beauties soon!

Love C x

Easy date night shimmer + Naked Palette 3


Good evening beautifuls,

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is almost here and I am so excited about it!

I love any excuse to wear a new makeup look and Valentine’s Day is the perfect one!

The look I’m going to show you today is created using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette which I think is so so so perfect for the season of LOVE!

Let’s get started….


1. Apply this gorgeous shade called ‘darkside‘ to the outer V using a small detail brush. We want to define the corner of the eye and give it some shape.

2. Using a large fluffy brush, apply this shade called ‘nooner‘ to the crease and blend with the darker colour to create a super smokey look.

3. Use this amazing shimmery gold colour called, ‘trick‘ in the centre of the lid, really packing on the colour. The shimmer will reflect the light perfectly.

4. Apply a light shade such as ‘strange‘ to the inner corner of the lid and blend towards the centre. Apply below the eyebrow to add a brightening highlight.

After these steps are finished, make sure everything is blended and apply your favourite liquid eyeliner... (Mine is by Ted Baker)….. And your favourite mascara…. (Mine is by Soap and Glory).



And there we have it!! The look is complete. This is perfect for a Valentine’s date with your guy or a fun filled evening with friends.

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely little post and I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day…

Lots of love and Valentine’s wishes to you all,

Love C

Red eyes at night- Paris inspired

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Good afternoon gorgeous people!

Ive been feeling very colourful lately, and inspired by the lights of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of the Moulin Rouge and romance.

I created this look using a mix of reds and browns, using a brighter shimmery white in the corner to make my eyes pop!

I finished the look with my favourite black liquid liner and mascara.
Its super easy and quick to create but the key is to blend blend blend!!



6 days and counting guys!!

Love C

Romantic Valentines day look


So Valentines day is just around the corner and I have a gorgeous sweet and romantic look for you all.imageimage

Using a mix of pinks and purples from my Laroc palette featured in my previous post, I love how seamlessly the colours blend together.

This looks is perfect for an evening date or a sweet daytime coffee meet.

I cannot wait to do more looks using this palette!

See you tomorrow my lovelies!

Love C


The best palette ever – Laroc summer tones palette


Hello my gorgeous girls,

I have never been so excited to show you a product.

Im going to jump straight in and tell you ALL of the amazing facts about this purchase.

I was searching for new brands of makeup on Amazon and came across this palette with over 600 reviews….

I had a closer look and was amazed by the variety of colours and pigmentation.

I had to buy it.

And the best part…. It only cost £3.99. What an amazing amazing amazing purchase.

Ready to see it?…


Just look at those colours!!!

Ive lightly swatched a few for you all to have a look at….


I cannot wait to fully experiment with this gorgeous palette…… I have already completed one look which will be posted shortly… So keep an eye out (what a pun)

Love C