MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Fortune Favours The Brave Palette + TUTORIAL



So at last, I managed to get my hands on the NEW Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette!

If you don’t know what it is, check it out HERE.

I have been desperate to have this palette ever since it came out and now…


I actually picked this up from my local Superdrug, if you saw in my last blog post, I mentioned that there was only about three or four left so I grabbed it as fast as I could!

Now that I have managed to calm down, Ive been loving creating different looks using the incredible colours.

I decided to create a look that reminds me of SUMMER NIGHTS, so very girly and pretty and sunny and purple and pink and gorgeous……phew.

Be sure to watch my NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL for this look, be one of the first to check it out and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!



For more info on how I created this gorgeous look, just watch my tutorial HERE!

For £9.99, this palette is a dream, it is so pigmented and the colour range is nothing like ive seen before… I highly recommend it to you lovely people!

 Have you guys got a fave Makeup Revolution product?


I hope you all have a beautiful evening.



Speak to you guys soon,


Green Goddess Tutorial



Easter Bunny

Good Afternoon guys!

It’s Easter weekend and I’m sat with slippers on, hot chocolate in one hand and Cadburys creme egg in the other.

Too much chocolate? 


I wanted to create a look that was inspired by Spring, but more so by nature. Everything comes alive in the Springtime, so im going ‘back to the roots’ (pardon the pun) with a beautiful green smokey eye.


So im starting off with this pretty shimmery bronze base shade from my Makeup Revolution palette and applying it all across my lid.


I’m using my fluffy blending brush which is perfect sweeping the colours and blending it flawlessly into my skin.


This little pocket palette is from Autograph by Marks and Spencers, aren’t these two colours so lovely together, very organic looking and fresh. The colours are highly pigmented and look beautiful.


I applied it using the same brush to my crease and outer corner. As I have green eyes, the colours just bounce off each other and emphasise my peepers.


Next up is this warmer green tone that I am going to apply over the top of that darker shade. This is going to brighten everything up and really turn me into a green goddess….


Or the hulk…


Im just applying that same shade to my lower lash line with a pencil brush and placed a highlighting white shade in my inner corner. This is going to brighten and awaken my eyes making them appear whiter and brighter.


Using my most favourite liquid eyeliner EVER.. the Loreal Super liner in black, im doing a simple and elegant wing emphasising on the outer corner to add drama.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate these lashes.


They’re by the brand Eylure and are possibly some of the prettiest shaped lashes I have ever used. I love how natural and feminine they look and those green lashes hidden in there are incredible. Perfect for this look.


Last step is mascara. Im using, again a favourite, the Maybelline Sensational mascara to really blend my real lashes in and to add some dimension to my bottom ones.

The Finished Results


Im so happy with how this look turned out. I thought it may be a little overpowering but it turned out quite subtle and smokey. For me, the lashes really bring the whole look together giving it such a girly and feminine feel whilst still looking very earthy and natural.


I would love to see what you lovelies think of this look and if you would like to see any more specific colour themes too!

Just let me know in the comments below!

I hope you ALL have a beautiful Easter!

Easter Bunny



Speak to you guys soon,


Rose Gold Spring Tutorial



Hi Guys!

I am so ready for Spring. 

Whose with me?

I have been loving anything ROSE GOLD lately and jumped at the chance to create a make-up look for you guys. I think this colour combination is perfect for Spring, its so girly and pretty and looks ideal for any occasion.

For this look, I will be using my favourite palette by Makeup Revolution which includes 144 shades of HEAVEN!

If you guys have yet to get this little gem, then you can find HERE.


Here is the easy peasy video tutorial for you lovelies so you can learn step by step how to get this Rose Gold look.

Lets get Started….

And a photo montage because I love you guys….


So to start, I used a shimmery pink champagne colour all across my lid using my finger to apply and pack on the colour. I find that applying my base with a brush doesn’t give the same effect as using my fingers, its more pigmented and the colour appears more rich.


Next up I used a metallic soft pink shade in my crease and outer V, I used a fluffy brush to blend everything together and to create a seamless finish.


Using the same fluffy brush, I applied this beautiful rich gold colour to the centre of my lid and blended it out towards the outer corner of my lid. I love this shade as it adds a lovely bit of warmth to the look.


I then took a deeper darker pink shade and applied it over the colours in my crease and outer corner, this enhances and creates a depth to the look and a lovely smokey eye finish.


Using a small flat brush, I took that same shade along my bottom lash line to increase that depth and add some shadow.


As you can see, the colours blend perfectly together.


By adding a highlight colour in the inner corner, it makes the eye appear brighter and wider and more awake. I used a shimmery cream shade.


Ofcourse I had to do a winged eyeliner. This look is super girly and feminine so enhancing those eyelashes is a MUST.


Add a fave pair of lashes. Mine are by EyeCandy and are so beautiful, they are very flirty and have just enough length on the outer corner so it doesnt appear heavy.


Up next is mascara… a must. I use Maybellines Sensational mascara to create some drama compared with my subtle eyeshadow. This has to be one of the best mascaras I have ever had and I highly recommend this one!


Noticed how my false lashes and real ones blend together effortlessly?




I added a super pretty pinky nude lipstick to my lips. Its by Ted Baker and I literally wear to every day. I thought it complimented the eyeshadow colours perfectly. The formula is really creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips at all.


I am in love with the finished result and cannot wait to wear it this Spring.


Have you guys created a look for this Spring?

I would love to see so send me your links in the comments.



Speak to you guys soon,


My favourite Blush and Highlight Swatches // Makeup Revolution


12395571_10154270030959179_1425650627_n (1)


Good evening guys!

I am currently snuggled up under a blanket with a homemade caramel hot chocolate…

The perfect winter’s evening.

So I have been wanting do this post for a while.

I have been gathering some of my favourite Blush and Highlight colours from Makeup Revolution to show you beauts. If you haven’t heard of Makeup Revolution, then you 100% need to check them out! I think it has to be my favourite brand. It is such good quality and the products are so affordable.

Check them out here!

So lets begin...


I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this Ultra Blush and Contour palette. Mine is in the shade Sugar and Spice. It has some super bright shades mixed with some beautiful mattes and highlights. I have also got some gorgeous individual highlight and blush shades to show you!



Now look at these Heavenly shades.

As you can see, they range from pinks to a warm gold highlight. This is just one swatch, and the pigmentation is unbelievable.

They are so shimmery and look flawless on cheek and brow bones or ANYWHERE!

I particularly like the shade on the left, it has pink undertones and makes me feel like a fairy….



I just love swatches.

How amazing do these colours look?!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

I love the coral shades and the shimmery hot pink.  – Perfect for Christmas parties right?


All of the colours shown are using just one swatch so again, super pigmented and I can assure you, these bad boys do not budge. The colour stays on all day.

What more could you want?

oh… the palette is only £6.

Well that my lovelies it it for this quick post! 


Let me know what you think, I would love to know what your fave blush and highlights are!

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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution – Pink fizz + TUTORIAL


Good evening guys!

I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow… And you know what that means…. Advent calenders and chocolate! Yum….

Ive also got myself a Makeup revolution beauty calander… Excited is an understatement…

So to get me in the mood, I decided to review my NEW festive pink fizz palette!

Isn’t it a beauty?

So this is one of their chocolate palettes and it is actually strawberry scented – heaven.

The colours are so beautiful, from blues to pinks, it is perfection!

The palette is only £7.99 from Superdrug and it comes in 3 other colour creations.. Ps… I have the milk chocolate one already!
Ready for my Pink Fizz tutorial?!….

Let’s get started..


Begin with a primer, it’s makes your eyeshadow POP and stops the eyeshadow from creasing. I love the Too Faced shadow insurance… It works perfectly.

Place a strip of tape from the corner of the eye diagonally towards the eyebrow. This is going to create a define line and a crisp edge. I used this shimmery white shadow called bubbles all across my lid as base and in the inner corner as a highlight.

I took this  pretty glittery pink shade and applied that to my crease with a fluffy brush….


To add some drama I added this bold brown shade called Cork  to my lash line to contrast with the pink shade. 
Using a black liquid liner, I lined my lash line to add definition and applied my fave mascara

Want to see the finished look?

It’s super subtle and very pretty… Ideal for the upcoming festive season.



Dressed up or dressed down, this look will suit everyone.

I would love to know what you dolls think so let me know in the comments!

And I can highly recommend any of the Makeup Revolution products, super affordable and great quality.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with me below my beauties!

Speak to you dolls soon…


Disney inspired eyes + Exciting news // BeautyandShe


I don’t think there is anyone on this earth who does not love Disney?!

I have always loved how magical each and every Disney film is and how much detail and thought is put into them.

If you dolls were wondering, my ultimate favourite film is…….Cinderella

Ahhhh to be a princess….

You guys need to tell me what your absolute FAVE Disney film is, let me know in the comments below!

So for a certain special reason, I was feeling totally inspired by the colours of the characters from the different films and decided to do three makeup looks for you beauts….

Ready for some Disney Magic?….
1: Cinderella 

A dream is a wish your heart makes, la de da de da….. 

The music from Cinderella gets me every time!

So for this look, I began by applying a cream eyeshadow base to my lids, then added a soft pastel blue to the outer corner. I then applied a deeper blue shade to my crease and blended everything together with a fluffy brush.

Using a small angled brush, I lined my lower lash line with this bright yellow shade which looked gorgeous.

Ready for the ball…
2: Tangled 

Who else wishes their hair was this long?

Tangled is another one of my faves. The songs are so catchy and I may just know all the words to the songs…..

For this beautiful look, I began by applying this gorgeous glittery gold shade to my lid as my base. Using a pencil brush, I applied a soft pink colour to the outer corner and crease then followed up by applying this super vibrant purple to my lower lash line and crease again, blending everything together.
3: Sleeping Beauty


Wish I looked so fresh faced after waking up from such a deep sleep..

For this pretty pink look, I began again with a cream eyeshadow base all over the lid and introduced a deep pink to my outer corner and crease. To achieve the delicate look, I blended the colour towards my inner corner and let the colour fade out.

I finally applied that same yellow shade to my lower lash line to add that pop of colour.
And that my lovelies is it! I plan on doing a lot more soon as they were so much fun to create!

You may be wondering what my exciting news is… 


I’m going to Disneyland Paris with my sister in November and we are so excited.

And this post has definitely got me in the magical spirit.
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Speak to you all soon,


Graduation OOTD // Beautyandshe



Well hello there my beauties!

So yesterday was my twin sister’s graduation day! 

She has finally finished University and achieved and amzing 2:1 degree in BA History!

So of course I couldn’t not show you my OOTD and makeup for this amazing event.

Let me show you….


As it is summer, I wanted to go for something that would match this beautiful sunny weather.

My dress is from Primark and was an amazing £5…


I love the watercolour effect on the flowers and love the contrast in colour of the red and blue.

What I absolutely love about this dress is the back. It has an open back with a ladybird style cape effect which makes the dress look so unique.

I decided that because the dress is so vibrant, I wanted to pair it with some classy yet simple shoes and accessories.

My shoes are also from Primark and my matching clutch is actually my mums that she bought in M&S.


As for hair and makeup, again, I kept it simple by simply straightening my hair and stuck to natural and neutral makeup.

I lightly created a smokey eye and matched it with a natural rosy lip.

And as for my sister…


No word can describe how beautiful she looked…

Coral dress, white shoes, natural makeup – stunning.

Are you guys graduating soon? or have a special occasion to go to?

I would love to see!

Leave me a comment below or send me your pictures on twitter!


Speak to you dolls soon,

Love C


Sleek and smokey eye tutorial // Beautyandshe


Happy Sunday everyone

It’s about time I did another makeup tutorial for you guys!

I feel as though it has been forever since I last did a makeup look for you lovelies!

So today, I thought I would share with you, one of my all time favourite classic looks.

Who doesn’t  love a smokey eye right? 

Especially when it’s got super sharp edges.

Your ready to get glam?…… Let’s start…


Firstly I began by placing two strips of tape on the edge of my lash line and lined it up with the bottom of my eyebrow. 

By doing this, it creates a super straight edge for my eyeshadow to follow.

Using this beautiful palette by I heart makeup, I started with the deep brown colour to use in my crease.

As you lovelies can see, the tape it stopping any fall out and gives me a straight edge to work with so my lids will look flawless…


Moving on to my Sleek palette, I applied the dark black shade over the brown in the corner of my lid and blended everything together. I love how   the colours already look together…

The moment of truth, removing the tape…

Flawless everytime guys!

So using that same black shade, I brought it down to my bottom lash line for a bit of definition

Moving on to the rest of the face, I applied my fave brow mascara, creating sharp edges to match eyes…

I then applied my Benefit foundation  and concealer under my eyes and to the centre of my nose to act as a highlight…

To finish the face,  I applied my Ted Baker blush to the applies of my cheeks to add a lovely rosy colour….

I couldn’t leave out the red lip right? My ultimate fave is by Ted Baker again, and it’s this beautiful bright red….

You ready for the finished look?




I absolutely love the contrast between the dark sultry eyes and the bright lip! 

Let me know what you dolls think I’m the comments below! And if you guys have a go, I would love to see!

Ps, please excuse the lovely sunburn…

Keep up to date with me below! 
Catch you guys later,

Love C



Makeup through the decades // 1980’s


Happy Sunday everyone!

You know what time it is… 

Who isn’t in love with the eighties?

Disco pants, crop tops, big hair, bold colours, lycra….

One of my all time favourite films is 13 going on 30, where the fashion at the beginning was a big inspiration..



Alot of makeup in the eighties was bright, bold and beautiful… but hey, Girls just want to have fun right?

 You just had to have colourful eyeshadow. That meant wearing blues, purples, and pink eyeshadows…

Bravo to those who wore all three colors on at once…

So lets get started….


Fab-U-lous right?

So looking a bit like a peacock, this look is all about the eyes and cheeks…

I started of with my Bourjois Foundation and applied concealer under my eyes to create a flawless look..


I then used a hot pink blush by MAC mixed with some hot pink eyeshadow by Wet n wild…

..alot of Hot Pink!

The blush was over emphasised so I brought the colour right across my cheek bones..


Again, I chose a lip shade to go alongside my cheeks…

I lined my lips then applied a bright pink Revlon lipstick to match.


As for the eyes, well….

I started off by priming my eyes with my Benefit primer then applied a shimmery white base.

I placed a bright blue shade in the corners and outer corners of my eyes, then applied a lighter aqua colour in the center of my lid. I blended these colours together then used a fluffy brush to apply a hot pink shade to my crease and inner corner.


I lined my lower lash line with a metallic blue eye liner and applied my fave Mascara  – Benefit they’re real..

I finished the look by lightly filling in my brows, my eyeshadow and blush need to be the center of attention!


As for the hair…

Backcomb baby!

The bigger the better!

And the look is complete! What do you all think of my electric eighties look? I had so much fun creating this for you guys.

I think I did Cindy Lauper proud…


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing you in the nineties!

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Speak to you dolls later,

Love C