Glitz and Glam Spring Earrings – Body Jewellery Shop


Its time to come out of hibernation, dust off the glitz and bring out the glam!


Spring 2015 is going to be full of colour, full of sparkle and full of ACCESSORIES!

I don’t know about you, but for me, earrings are one of my favourite pieces of Jewellery. They make any outfit look complete as well as giving you various different styles and colours to choose from!

Today I wanted to show you two of my favourite pairs of earrings that I received from Body Jewellery Shop! I came across this website before and was in awe at the amount and range of different products available!

However, It has some amazing earpiercing jewellery products that I am in love with, there are too many to choose from!!


I chose some beautiful Silver stud earrings that shine beautifully in the Spring sunlight. They are the perfect size for me (sometimes I find some earrings too big for my little ears)!


The second pair I chose were these deep sea┬áblue studs. They just remind me of a beautiful summer sea and again, glisten in the sunlight. I love wearing this pair with blue jeans and a loose white shirt. The addition of earrings makes you look so put together without even trying! ….Is that cheating?


For those of you who have double piercings like myself, then these earrings are small enough to be worn together and compliment each other perfectly. They come in so many colours just like Spring flowers!

If you guys would love some Glitz and Glam for Spring 2015, then check them out in the links above and here!

I hope you enjoyed this post my Spring chickens,

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Stay tuned later for more daily doses of beauty and my next post…

‘A very ‘lush’ haul’

Love C