Makeup through the decades // 1980’s


Happy Sunday everyone!

You know what time it is… 

Who isn’t in love with the eighties?

Disco pants, crop tops, big hair, bold colours, lycra….

One of my all time favourite films is 13 going on 30, where the fashion at the beginning was a big inspiration..



Alot of makeup in the eighties was bright, bold and beautiful… but hey, Girls just want to have fun right?

 You just had to have colourful eyeshadow. That meant wearing blues, purples, and pink eyeshadows…

Bravo to those who wore all three colors on at once…

So lets get started….


Fab-U-lous right?

So looking a bit like a peacock, this look is all about the eyes and cheeks…

I started of with my Bourjois Foundation and applied concealer under my eyes to create a flawless look..


I then used a hot pink blush by MAC mixed with some hot pink eyeshadow by Wet n wild…

..alot of Hot Pink!

The blush was over emphasised so I brought the colour right across my cheek bones..


Again, I chose a lip shade to go alongside my cheeks…

I lined my lips then applied a bright pink Revlon lipstick to match.


As for the eyes, well….

I started off by priming my eyes with my Benefit primer then applied a shimmery white base.

I placed a bright blue shade in the corners and outer corners of my eyes, then applied a lighter aqua colour in the center of my lid. I blended these colours together then used a fluffy brush to apply a hot pink shade to my crease and inner corner.


I lined my lower lash line with a metallic blue eye liner and applied my fave Mascara  – Benefit they’re real..

I finished the look by lightly filling in my brows, my eyeshadow and blush need to be the center of attention!


As for the hair…

Backcomb baby!

The bigger the better!

And the look is complete! What do you all think of my electric eighties look? I had so much fun creating this for you guys.

I think I did Cindy Lauper proud…


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing you in the nineties!

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Speak to you dolls later,

Love C



What I’m going to wear to Cheltenham Races Ladies Day on 11th March – #Colourmemarch


As we know, Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait. 

There is nothing quite like the variety of colours that Springtime produces, it is breathtaking!

I previously did a post about outfit inspiration for Cheltenham Ladies Day – #colourmemarch. I chose several pieces from various clothing stores online and put them together for some colourful inspiration!

So today, I had a good look in my wardrobe for all things bright and beautiful…. and colourful! I put together a few bright outfits that I think would look great for the #colourrmemarch event on the 11th of March, and narrowed it down to my final choice! Here’s my entry for their Great competition #ColourMeMarch.

Blue is one of my favourite colours.

The range of blue shades and tones is almost endless and I love how sophisticated it can look, dressed up or down.


My royal blue knee length dress is from the gorgeous brand, Paper Dolls, Check it out on the Little Mistress website.

This dress fits me like a dream. It is super comfortable with a thick and figure hugging fabric with appliqued lace running down the sides. I find that on the knee dresses are extremely flattering and feminine and are my favourite style of dress to wear on special occasions!

My silver, white and black jewelled clutch is from Primark that my lovely mother bought for me last year. I adore this bag as it makes any outfit look instantly glamorous. It reflects the light creating and casting a ray of different colours in the sunshine!

My detailed navy blue heels are from Marks and Spencers  and look so elegant with this outfit. I find that shoes with open toes elongate the legs making them appear longer! Perfect for my 5ft 4 height! They are also so comfortable and easy to walk in – I would not have to cling on to my boyfriend the whole day with this comfy pair!


As you can see, I have two piercings in my lobes so I took full advantage of this and chose these gorgeous blue and purple jewelled earrings from Accessorize. Again, I love how they glisten in the sunlight creating gorgeous deep colours that compliment the rest of my outfit. I chose pearls as my second choice as they suit all outfits and add a sense of sophistication that definitely suits the occasion!


To match the lace on my dress, I chose nude nailsWho doesn’t love a nude nail?! Oval nail shapes are also so feminine looking and are so easy to do! It matches any colour and compliments any skin tone! 

I think this outfit would look so elegant at Cheltenham Ladies day, adding another ray of colour to the rainbow of outfits!

Enter the #colourmemarch ladies day competition to win some amazing prizes and to get inspired for your own outfit!

Or click the banner at the bottom of my blog!

Let me know what you beauties think of my outfit and let me know what you would wear!

Speak to you soon,

Love C


Emerald eyes


Good evening girlies,

I am currently sat in front of my fire with a hot chocolate, writing this post for you guys – heaven.

I thought I would share with you my Emerald eyes makeup look, which is super simple and easy!

I’m using this amazing palette with over 120 colours!!! Take a look…


As you can see, I have green eyes and the colour goes perfectly!


I applied the light green shade all over my lid with a fluffy brush, then blended the next middle shade onto the outer corner. I then applied the darkest shade to my crease and blended it all together to create a flawless finish!

I love this look and cannot wait to wear it this spring!

Speak to you beauties soon!

Love C x

Valentines day outfit inspiration + How I will be spending my day!


Drum roll please…

It’s tomorrow! Yay! Valentines Day!

I don’t know about you but I love Valentines Day especially since this year it falls on a Saturday, which means I get to spend the whole day and night with my gorgeous boyfriend, Jamie.

We have been in a relationship for 6 years now, so we like to have relaxing Valentines Days with simple things.

So let me tell you guys what we will be doing for Valentines Day…

Tomorrow we will be:

1. Going shopping to buy Jamie some jeans (how exciting!…not)

2. Grabbing a Starbucks together.

3. Taking my dog for a long walk on the beach.

4. Having a family meal with my mum, dad and sister. We have all made a dinner course each, I picked out dessert, Jamie picked out drinks! So thats 5 courses all together to enjoy!

5. Watching a film in bed with cwtches (A ‘cwtch’ is the welsh word for a cuddle)

We have come to realise that we don’t need to buy expensive gifts to have a good day, we appreciate each others company and enjoy the little things in life.

As we are having a relaxing day, I need a relaxing and comfortable outfit! Here is my inspiration for the big day tomorrow!

665181_main 655360_main 665633_main 668792_main

All from New Look

Top – £18

Cardigan – £35

Jeans – £42

Boots – £38

This style outfit is ideal for a comfy day like I will be having. The boots add a sense of sophistication to the super comfortable outfit, perfect for day and night time dates! I love the oversized cardigan and Love Heart shirt – keeping in theme with the day of love!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what you guys will be doing and what you will wear!

I can’t wait to hear!

So have an amazing day tomorrow, I will speak to you then,

Love C


Colour Bomb! – Bold, bright and beautiful Cheltenham Races dress inspiration!


So i’ve seen a lot about the Cheltenham Races lately and of The Festival…. it is going to be completely colour filled! #colourmemarch

Ive been thinking extremely hard about what I would wear to the races and how I would show off my bright and bold colour style!

As most of you know, the Races are an extreme fashion event where anything goes! I think it is so exciting to get dressed to your very best!

Here is the outfit I have chosen and if you’re going, I hope this inspires you!



AX Paris – Floral printed cut in neck midi dress – £30

I am in love with this AX Paris dress. I chose it due to its contrasting colour combinations and spring time appearance! The white background compliments the bright and bold flowers making them the main focus of this beautiful dress.


249045179 (1)

New Look – Bright floral Monet Clutch – £7.00

This clutch is inspired by Monet’s Paintings and I can see why! It is flawless and so vibrant! It has a long metal chain so it can be worn easily over the shoulder or as a simple and elegant clutch!



ASOS HOPE heeled sandal – £42.00

eek! These shoes are amazing! I love the large floral strap and would look great with brightly painted toenails! The added ankle strap will give support and comfort! I love open toed shoes – they look so elegant and make your legs look longer!



Debenham, Julian Macdonald – Dark pink mesh feather fascinator – £20

It wouldn’t be a day at the races without… THE HAT.

This dark pink fascinator would tie the whole outfit together and add that festival flare to the look! It is a headbend piece so it sits comfortably against the head. I love the feather detail and adds such a lovely touch to the hat!

Here is a bit of info about The races for those who don’t know:

——Whether it is an extra feather in your hat, the highest heels in your cupboard or, for the men, their very best tweed, it really is an occasion to savour.

The Cheltenham Festival is a meeting in the national hunting racing calendar in the UK with race prize money second only to the Grand National. It is an event where many of the best trained horses race to an extent which is relatively rare during the rest of the season.

The festival takes place annually in March at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

Large amounts of money are gambled during Cheltenham Festival week, with hundreds of millions of pounds being bet over the four days. Cheltenham is often noted for its atmosphere, most notably the “Cheltenham roar”, which refers to the enormous amount of noise that the crowd generates as the starter raises the tape for the first race of the festival. ———

If you guys want to look fabulous at the races, then check out the Cheltenham Races colour me march website HERE!

Thanks to etailPR for arranging our attendance at Cheltenham Racecourse!

Let me know what you guys would wear!

Speak to you all soon,

Love C


Who’s ready for Summer?!.. Summer Wish-list featuring Ipanema!


All seriousness… Who is ready for summer? Hands up.


As much as I love the winter (my favourite season), there comes a point when the thought of lying on a sandy beach with a cocktail sounds incredibly appealing.

I’m ready for summer.

To get me in the tropical mood, I’ve been searching for some new summer flip-flops and sandals!

Now, I love my Hollister flip-flops and have worn them religiously for a good few years now… but the only issue is that they are so expensive and they ripped my feet to shreds when I first wore them!

I decided to branch out and look at different styles when I came across the Ipanema brand! Click here for the website!

I have known about them for quite a while now and decided to get some summery inspiration!

It did not disappoint…OH MY GOODNESS… they are perfect. The prices are so reasonable for such an amazing brand and I cannot wait to get my first pair!

Inspired by Brazils beaches and people, the array of colours they provide are gorgeous and im  a little a LOTtle bit in love with the sandals!!

I have picked out my favourites for you guys to take a look at too! I hope you feel inspired and begin daydreaming about pina coladas and palm trees.

Lets get started…

1. Ipanema Lolita Flip-flop – £20


These Lolita flip-flops are so cute! They have a gorgeous little bow detail on the strap and glitter throughout…they come in gold, silver, black and grey. The black style is my personal favourite and would look great with a pair of denim shorts and a baggy T.

2. Ipanema Indian ll Flip-flop – £17.00


Doesn’t this pattern just scream summer? It is so pretty and the detail is gorgeous. It also has a metallic overlay on the straps – Heaven. They come in Pink, Orange, Navy, Port, White, Black. And need I say…. £8.50!

3. Ipanema Samana wedge – £27.00


Ok, Im hyperventilating. These are my favourites. I am in love with these sandals and they were actually featured in London Fashion Week! As mentioned before, I am a fuss free girl who likes more of a simple look so these are IDEAL. They would look great with a floral dress and floppy hat or shorts and a bandeau for a casual daytime look!

I highly recommend their beautiful footwear and cannot wait to wear mine this summer!

What are you waiting for my beauties? Get in the tropical spirit with me!

If your like me and love Ipanema, Get yourself to get yourself to the Etailpr Blogger network to create your wish-list!

Love C


The best palette ever – Laroc summer tones palette


Hello my gorgeous girls,

I have never been so excited to show you a product.

Im going to jump straight in and tell you ALL of the amazing facts about this purchase.

I was searching for new brands of makeup on Amazon and came across this palette with over 600 reviews….

I had a closer look and was amazed by the variety of colours and pigmentation.

I had to buy it.

And the best part…. It only cost £3.99. What an amazing amazing amazing purchase.

Ready to see it?…


Just look at those colours!!!

Ive lightly swatched a few for you all to have a look at….


I cannot wait to fully experiment with this gorgeous palette…… I have already completed one look which will be posted shortly… So keep an eye out (what a pun)

Love C

Revlon: Spring colours for Winter

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Hello gorgeous people!

So lately I have been experimenting with a variety of different eyeshadow a in preparation for spring.

However, I am a winter girl at heart, so I decided to introduce some spring colours into my winter makeup routine.


The palette that I have been loving using lately is the Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow in the shade ‘Wildflower’. It includes four beautiful pastel shades that do resemble the tones of spring flowers!


I did notice when doing a swatch that the colours do have a slight shine and frost to them which is really adaptable to a winter makeup look. I’m in love with the gorgeous lilac colour, it just reminds me of lavender!


So let’s brighten up this winter guys, with some spring colours to make our eyes pop!

Love C

Natural glam New Years Eve Makeup tutorial


It’s almost here!

Another year almost over, and it has been amazing!
Now, I love New Years Eve, welcoming in the new year with family and friends but when I have a large amount of makeup on, I feel a bit self conscious of it getting all over my face after one too many cocktails……..

So, I have come up with a natural glam look that is fuss free and is easy to maintain all night without it being too heavy and needing constant touch ups…

Let’s begin!

To start, I applied my favourite foundation by Maybelline in the shade True Ivory using my Mac 187 brush to create a flawless base.


Then using my Makeup Revolution concealers in the lightest shade, I covered my dark circles and it also acts as a great highlight to add more definition to my cheekbones.


I filled my brows in with my ELF brow kit in the shade dark and began work on my lids…


To start, I used a shimmery white base all across my eyelid, not going up to my brow bone…


I then used a champagne colour in the centre of my lid and blended this towards the corner. I then chose a shimmery dark brown and concentrated this in the outer corner of my eye in a V shape. Using a fluffy blending brush, I softened this out to create an elegant smokey eye.


Using my Ted Baker felt tip eyeliner, I lined my lash line into a cat eye using small strokes to create a flawless line.


And finally, I used my favourite mascara by Max Factor to really add some volume to my lashes… And I didn’t even have to curl them!


Now I love this look as I am not constantly worrying about my face all night! It’s natural and light but created amazing definition and sparkle for a celebratory day and night!


I wish you all a very happy new year always remember to follow your dreams..

Love, C x