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Primark Primark Primark….

MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD… other than Disneyland….

If you dont follow Primark on Instagram, then you should. Just saying….

I get so much inspiration from their insta page that it is hard to stay away from the place for more than a few weeks!

So it has been super wintery here lately and im in the mood for cocktails on the beach and sunny weather. So what better way to get in the mood for summer than Spring/Summer shopping!

I was very good and only bought a select few items that can be worn to compliment other things for this upcoming season.


Here are a few snippets of what I bought! Take a look at my HAUL VIDEO ABOVE to see ALL of my lovely purchases.


V neck crop top – £3


V neck crop top – £3


Green high waisted floral trousers – £8


Pink faux suede biker jacket – £20


Love love love! I hope you guys have been inspired to get in the mood for Spring and if you have been lately, let me  know what have you bought recently?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Everything 5 Pounds Haul Try on | + SECRET DISCOUNT CODE |Beautyandshe



You know me guys, I LOVE a bargain.

Today I bring to you, the haul of ALL hauls from bargain heaven!

If you haven’t heard of it E5P before then you are seriously missing out! As the name suggests everything and I mean EVERYTHING is five pounds. Im talking about dresses, boots, jeans, heels, jackets, coats…… everything.

If you guys haven’t seen my previous HAUL VIDEO a few months ago then make sure you check it out HERE!

So when E5P got in touch with me asking if I would like to be sent some products, I jumped at the chance as I know how good their range is.

When I first discovered the website many many months ago, I was a bit sceptical at first as it is very cheap price wise and that does make you question the quality and range.

HOWEVER! I risked it for a biscuit and a few months ago splurged on some summer essentials for my wardrobe. I was so shocked at how good the quality of the materials and products were it was crazy! How can something so cheap be so good – Well it can!

So as I said I was super happy when they got in contact for me to show you guys how GREAT and AFFORDABLE this company is!

I was able to select four gorgeous items of my choice and I thought that since it is now winter I should probably be sensible and get some jumpers or jackets or something that will keep me warm! (Im getting old aren’t I?)

Ready to see my beautiful bargains??



So the first thing that caught my eye were these boots. Now… me and boots are like… Ant and Dec, Cookies and Milk… we just go together. So these faux suede beige ankle boots are most definitely the FAVE item from this haul. The quality as you can see is beautiful. Im a size 5 and they fit perfectly! I think with jeans tucked in and a leather jacket, they will look STUNNING! Well were off to a good start right……



Next up is this super chunky cowl neck jumper. I saw this on the model and just thought how cosy is this?! I love the colours as it will go with everything but the quality of the fabric on this one guys is amazing! It kept me so warm and looks beautiful with a pair of jeans and boots.


Party Party Party! Gold is the colour of the season and when glitter is added… well… Its just even more beautiful! This stunning gold glitter ruffle top is ideal for those christmas/ NYE parties where you want to be a bit more casual but still sparkle and shine. I tried this also tucked in high waisted jeans and it looks gorgeous. I was worried that the material would be too thin and see through but it is fully lined and looks incredible!


The last item I chose, I desperately needed in my wardrobe as I am seriously lacking in jumper dresses.  This high roll neck jumper dress is very thick and super soft. It has a side split for detail so if worn in winter, tights would be a good option. Paired with boots (again) this is a dream and is ideal for casual days out or even evenings too!

Well, what do you think? Pretty darn good right? I highly recommend checking these guys out guys if your looking for last minute gifts or just a little something for yourself too!

PLUS, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I have also got a DISCOUNT CODE for an extra 5% off guys! Every little helps right???



I hope you have enjoyed this post guys, make sure you check out my video of the TRY ON HERE!


Many thanks to E5P for sponsoring this post and I will definitely be doing some more hauls in the near future!

Let me know what your fave item is in the comments! Have you shopped here before? LET ME KNOW!

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May Primark Haul + Try on!



Its MAY!

So that means a new Primark haul! HOORAY!

I usually go to Primark once a month a create these little haul videos for you guys and you LOVE THEM!

I have so much fun creating them too and showing you what Primark currently have to offer.

To check out the latest, look no further than just HERE.

I thought I would include just a few snaps of my purchases too but there are lots more in the video!


I defo prefer leggings than joggers in the gym and these were only £6 and super stretchy and soft. They fit perfectly with a high waist so AMAZING for doing yoga and weight training!


This dress though….

OMG it is beautiful. Its a suede like material so really soft and fits me beautifully. Ive had my eye on this for a while and so happy I bought it today. Its very feminine and again fits me like a glove and was only £13!


A failed attempt at a baywatch pose….

However this lovely swimsuit was only £4 and is a real bargain!

The material is actually very good quality and fits really well. It has a low back for added detail and I LOVE the colour!

Have you guys been to Primark lately? I would love to know what you bought and leave me your links below!

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