February Instagram Diary + How I edit my photographs.



Its that that time again for you guys to have a catch up with my Instagram posts from the last month or so..

I love creating (and reading) these posts as they are so relaxed and I can just chat about all the general goings on in my life…

And you guys can look at some pretty pictures..


If you guys are interested, I usually edit my pictures using an app called “Line Camera“. Its really easy to do and I dont like to spend to long editing a quick pic… I start by either rotating, flipping or cropping my images then move on to the fun stuff. I start by playing with the brightness and saturation and get it just how I like it.

I also love a good filter…

 I love the filter ‘Fairytale as it makes all of my colours so pretty and enhanced.

Check out the results below!


Before & After


Easy right..

Ready to see my posts….


I bought this in TK Maxx, it was only £3 but I thought it was so nice to write down blog ideas and inspirations. I love the colours and I always have it on my bedside table.


Similarly to above. This is a birds eye view of my bedside table. I love the colour combo of pink and blue! I keep my current books, a candle, flowers, a photo of me and my girls and this gorgeous ‘C’ plate for jewellery.


You’ve seen this already in my OOTD post but I couldnt resist. This coat is so gorgeous and super warm and colourful.


I love these babies. I recently got these Karl Lagerfeld polarised sunglasses and I love them. They have that slight aviator look which is always in style. I’m still waiting for a sunny day to wear them!


Oh this lipstick. I got this from Boots and I fell in love. I have worn it every day since I bought it. Its a beautiful light dusky pink shade that seriously goes with everything. Its by Loreal Paris, I think it was £6.99 and is called Juliannes Nude.

Ps Who likes my nails? I spent ages with sellotape making it perfect.


Its always Tea Time in my house. And what is tea without biscuits. I thought they were so dainty and pretty. I scoffed them all in about 10 seconds…


Guess where I was…

Ofcourse Lush. I saw these on display and had to snap a picture. I thought the colours were incredible. If pictures could smell… the scent was heavenly.


On the theme of Lush. This was the result after my Intergalactic bath bomb. It reminds me of galaxies and space. It also had sparkles in the water… I felt like a mystical mermaid.


Who doesnt love a flatlay. My Goddess of Love Highlighter by Makeup Revolution is one of my fave pieces of make-up. In the spirit of Valentines day, I posted this little beauty. If you haven’t tried this, you need to!

Check it out here.


I had these beautiful two toned roses from my boyfriend. There were 20 roses and I thought they matched my nails perfectly! My polish is by Kiko Milano!


I went on a windy and rainy walk with my dog. I love wearing wellies so I was splashing in puddles and having a great time. I had to wrap up warm though because it was freezing! Walking is one of my most favourite things to do, I could seriously walk for hours.


Another shot from my beautiful bouquet. The colours just make me happy and they smell divine.


EEEEEEK! These pancakes were so good. I added sprinkles to the mix and chocolate syrup. They were so easy to make and the perfect way to start off my Valentines day.


This is my girl Honey. She is a 18 month old Lurcher who loves the camera. Her eyes are stunning, it looks like she has the perfect winged eyeliner constantly…


Well that is it my loves. All up to date with me.

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Primark & Lush Haul. Feb 16.


Oh guys…

I think I’m addicted to Primark….

Oh well.

So today I went for a bit of retail therapy in Primark and Lush.

I’m really getting in the mood for Spring and wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe and room.

In Cardiff, we have a MASSIVE Primark that is spread over about four or five floors which means there was ALOT of exploring to be done. I think I spent just over an hour admiring the new lines in and cant wait to show you what I bought…

So I have created a Haul video for you guys so I can chat with you and a blog post too..

Let’s get started…


Lavender Bag – £1.00

I could not resist getting this adorable little room accessory. I think its so cute for Spring and brightens the place up. It was actually reduced to clear and there were so many of them – I just had to get one.


Metallic Tattoos – £1.50

Brings back childhood memories.. I love transfer tattoos and thought these would be great for photos and festival season. I particularly like the rose gold ones.. very boho.


Mixed rings – £2.50

I’m a big lover of rings. I wear one everyday. However I have never bought a midi ring as i always thought they would fall off. These however are perfect and will go with absolutely every outfit.


Sunglasses – £2.00

Check out these badboys. They are beautiful. They have a very classic look to them and I love the beige/ nude colour. They are super comfy and will make any outfit look like 1 million dollars.


Sunglasses – £3.00

These are the same style as above but have a blue reflective tint to the lenses. I never usually go for leopard print but I wanted to try something a bit more edgy. They have electric blue sides which add a great pop of colour – Perfect for Spring.


Fluffy Pillow -£2.00

Again, SALE item. Yay! What a bargain. Its super soft and a great addition to join the others on my bed.


Pink Pillow – £2.00

And again, another SALE item. I’m trying to add more colour to my room so I thought this would be a good start. Hoorary for Sales!


Sleeveless Cardigan – £14.00

So i’ve seen alot of people wearing these and im always a little bit jealous if im honest with you. Today was the day that I bought one! Its super thick and warm, paired with a simple top, jeans and boots, it will look really classic and elegant. I dont think this will EVER go out of fashion.


Snood – £3.00

I love a good snood. This one came in so many different colour but again I went for something that is going to go with everything. Its quite a thin material but there is a lot of it which makes it nice and warm. Plus it can be worn so many different ways.


Daisy T-Shirt – £5.00

Doesn’t this just scream SPRING. The daisy print just attracted me and it is so cute. I love a simple t-shirt so this is going to be great with jeans or shorts (if we ever have warm enough weather). They also had loads of other prints like spots and even one with elephants..


Plain Red T – £2.80

Easy Peasy. Plain and Simple. This colour is a warm red brick and is a simple V neck T shirt. I already have a ton of these so I just wanted to add to my colour collection!


Underwear – £3.00

I dont usually go showing off my underwear across the internet but just look at these. I have NEVER seen underwear so bright in all my life. I just had to get them, they just made me laugh and smile! This is a glorious pack of 3. Im sure it will brighten the start to my day! Haha .



Underwear – £2.50

On the same theme, I may as well show you the rest of my underwear collection… are these pretty pastels. Not much else to say really except I LOVE them!


Intergalactic – £3.95

I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers with this bath bomb. I had a demo in store and it created the most beautiful colours and bubbles. It smells really fresh and I know I will be left feeling super clean and relaxed after this one. I’m sure it will also create great instagram photos!


Ickle Robot – £1.95

I picked this up for my boyfriend for him to use after a hard day of work. It is so cute, I dont really want to submerge him…. The scent is really gentle like lavender and will definitely help relax.


ButterBall – £2.65

This is what I imagine that newborn baby smell to be like. Its so soft and gentle and is just heavenly. Its very powdery so I can tell it is going to make my bath luxurious and creamy.


You’ve been mangoed – £2.00

This looks a lot like an avocado to me but the scent is INCREDIBLE! It is so citrusy and zingy. Its a bath oil so you just run it under water and your bath becomes gorgeous and great for hydrating the skin leaving it smooth and silky.

Thats a lot of purchases.


I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I loved creating it and sharing some of my favourites from February so far.

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OOTD: Winter/Spring 2016.



Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you have all been having a lovely relaxing weekend.

I wanted to do an OOTD post for you guys because I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring.

January is grey and gloomy, I wanted to brighten things up with some colour.


It’s pretty cold here in Cardiff so a coat is a MUST.

I must warn you… this coat is my bargain of the century. Its from Marks and Spencers, Italian wool and cashmere….

Was: £120…

Bought for: £39


This is probably my best buy ever. I love the colour of it, duck egg pastel blue perfect for Springtime.

I paired it with a pastel grey v-neck jumper from Primark too!

Jumper: £3


I always wear my watch. I feel naked without it.

This gorgeous thing is from NEXT and is Italian Leather. It has embedded crystals in replacement for numbers and literally goes with everything.

Watch: £45


Slightly out of focus but my lovely bag is also from M&S and I got it for christmas from my mum and dad. It is the perfect size for everyday use. It has a fabric effect on the front and leather back. The colours are super classy and looks great dressed up or down.

Bag: £25


Im a lover of ripped jeans. This badboys are from Primark and are so comfy. They are so well priced and come in black too!

Jeans: £10


Ankle boots are a must-have for all year round! I love these western style boots from Newlook. I have had them for years but they are as comfy as slippers.

I think they were in the sale too..

Boots: £15


I hope you guys feel a bit more excited for Spring after this. Have you been getting in the mood? What have you been loving wearing lately?

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Instagram Catch Up



It’s about time for a catch up I think..

I have been super duper busy lately creating videos and blog posts and pictures for you guys, it’s nice just to sit down and just write.

I’ve had a lovely day off work today so it’s been really nice to gather my thoughts, have a relax and get some cleaning done! 


So true.

I’ve got another Instagram post for you dolls. I love doing these as it gives you guys a daily insight on the goings on in my life. I also get to follow some more of you guys too!


Let’s get started…


I cannot wait for Spring Colours. I recently went shopping and stumbled upon a new makeup brand called Kiko Milano. Oh my goodness it is amazing. The quality of their products is beautiful and it is so affordable! I chose these pretty pink shades that I think will gorgeous for Spring 2016!

Nail Polishes: Roughly £2.50 each


Lights, Camera, Action!

I thought I was being very clever! So this was taken whilst filming my Ombre Lip Tutorial. Who loves my duck egg blue camera? If you’re interested its the Samsung NX mini!



For some reason, my hair looks super blonde in this photo. I think it’s because my roots are coming through! This was taken after my Ombre lips tutorial.

I am in love with berry shades!


Shopping Shopping Shopping.

I just thought that these flowers looks super pretty with my shopping bags!

Is that weird?


Again, this was promoting my Primark and More Haul + Try On Video!


Date Night.

I love date nights with my boyfriend. We have been together for 7 years and I still get butterflies when we go on dates.

We went to our local coffee house called The Ocho Lounge where they do the best hot chocolates by candlelight.

I always eat all the marshmallows off the top first.


Another Beauty Buy.

This lipstick. 

Truly Beautiful.


Its by Kiko Milano (AGAIN)

That is all.


Can you tell i’m obsessed yet?

This photo is a thing of beauty. A fully stocked shop.

And me and my sister were the only ones in there.



Slow Progress.

Im not afraid of my body. I find it so useful posting progress photos as it really keeps me determined to be the best that I can be.

P.S My sports top is from Primark!


Fairylight reading.

I love reading by fairylights. It is so soothing and relaxing, especially when Im really involved in the stories. Im currently reading Without a Trace by Lesley Pearce.

I highly recommend it. I got it for christmas off my sister and I cannot put it down.

bubble bath with candles.12540386_10154342026744179_140204794_n

Bubbles by candlelight.

There is nothing more relaxing than a  I used my Radox bubble bath and soaked the tired day away.

I have not dropped my phone in the bath….

This year.

Well I hope you guys have caught up with me now!

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Primark, Boots, Kiko Milano Haul + TRY ON


I’ve been shopping…..


And I have got a HUGE haul to show you guys! I had a few Christmas vouchers left so I wanted to get some bargains in the New Years sales!
I was NOT disappointed…

Want to see what I bought?

It was a lot easier to film another lovely video for you guys so check it out below with a cup of tea

P.S There are also some photographs below showing you dolls my favourite purchases.

Soap and glory Makeup Remover

I’m so excited to use this. I love Soap and Glory and I have heard great things about this! How nice does cucumber and peachfruit sound? It’s a massive bottle and you only need a tiny bit!

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask

So this face mask is incredible. It’s a self heating mask and helps unblock pores and cleanse the skin. I’ve always wanted to try a self heating mask and I really feel like this is going to unblock my pores!

Revlon air brush effect foundation

This foundation is amazing. I swatched it in Store and it creates such a flawless finish. It’s a very matte and full coverage foundation. I chose the lightest shade as I am so pale and it leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

Revlon perfecting primer

There was actually an offer on where you can get two products for £14 and considering each one is worth £10 it’s an absolute bargain.  I needed a good primer to make sure my makeup stays on all day!

Kiko fusion serum

I have really dry skin so this serum is ideal for me. This brand is beautiful. Kiko Milano is an Italian brand that has just opened a store in cardiff. Again you need the most tiniest bit and your skin just soaks up the goodness!

Kiko Milano Lipstick

Oh my goodness. This lipstick is stunning. The packaging and quality is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous natural berry shade that is so creamy and rich.

Kiko Milano Nail Polish

Since Spring is coming, I decided to choose some natural and neutral shades that will be perfect and brighten my day!

Kiko Milano Glossy Lipstick

Forget the standard lip gloss. This is a gloss stick! Just apply this over any lipstick and you’ve got super rich and glossy lips that shine more than Edward from twilight.


Kiko Milano lip liners

I’m a lip liner girl. These liners are so pigmented and glide across the lips effortlessly. I chose a deep purple colour shade and a neutral pink. Ombré lips anyone?
There is much more to see in my video above so make sure you check it out!

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this post because I LOVED making it!

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Speak to you soon,


My favourite Blush and Highlight Swatches // Makeup Revolution


12395571_10154270030959179_1425650627_n (1)


Good evening guys!

I am currently snuggled up under a blanket with a homemade caramel hot chocolate…

The perfect winter’s evening.

So I have been wanting do this post for a while.

I have been gathering some of my favourite Blush and Highlight colours from Makeup Revolution to show you beauts. If you haven’t heard of Makeup Revolution, then you 100% need to check them out! I think it has to be my favourite brand. It is such good quality and the products are so affordable.

Check them out here!

So lets begin...


I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this Ultra Blush and Contour palette. Mine is in the shade Sugar and Spice. It has some super bright shades mixed with some beautiful mattes and highlights. I have also got some gorgeous individual highlight and blush shades to show you!



Now look at these Heavenly shades.

As you can see, they range from pinks to a warm gold highlight. This is just one swatch, and the pigmentation is unbelievable.

They are so shimmery and look flawless on cheek and brow bones or ANYWHERE!

I particularly like the shade on the left, it has pink undertones and makes me feel like a fairy….



I just love swatches.

How amazing do these colours look?!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

I love the coral shades and the shimmery hot pink.  – Perfect for Christmas parties right?


All of the colours shown are using just one swatch so again, super pigmented and I can assure you, these bad boys do not budge. The colour stays on all day.

What more could you want?

oh… the palette is only £6.

Well that my lovelies it it for this quick post! 


Let me know what you think, I would love to know what your fave blush and highlights are!

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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution – Pink fizz + TUTORIAL


Good evening guys!

I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow… And you know what that means…. Advent calenders and chocolate! Yum….

Ive also got myself a Makeup revolution beauty calander… Excited is an understatement…

So to get me in the mood, I decided to review my NEW festive pink fizz palette!

Isn’t it a beauty?

So this is one of their chocolate palettes and it is actually strawberry scented – heaven.

The colours are so beautiful, from blues to pinks, it is perfection!

The palette is only £7.99 from Superdrug and it comes in 3 other colour creations.. Ps… I have the milk chocolate one already!
Ready for my Pink Fizz tutorial?!….

Let’s get started..


Begin with a primer, it’s makes your eyeshadow POP and stops the eyeshadow from creasing. I love the Too Faced shadow insurance… It works perfectly.

Place a strip of tape from the corner of the eye diagonally towards the eyebrow. This is going to create a define line and a crisp edge. I used this shimmery white shadow called bubbles all across my lid as base and in the inner corner as a highlight.

I took this  pretty glittery pink shade and applied that to my crease with a fluffy brush….


To add some drama I added this bold brown shade called Cork  to my lash line to contrast with the pink shade. 
Using a black liquid liner, I lined my lash line to add definition and applied my fave mascara

Want to see the finished look?

It’s super subtle and very pretty… Ideal for the upcoming festive season.



Dressed up or dressed down, this look will suit everyone.

I would love to know what you dolls think so let me know in the comments!

And I can highly recommend any of the Makeup Revolution products, super affordable and great quality.

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Speak to you dolls soon…


Everyday FALL Makeup Tutorial // BeautyandShe



I’m back from my magical holiday to Disneyland!

I had the best time with my sister, it was truly AMAZING!

So today I thought that I would share with you guys my everyday makeup routine for Fall!

I don’t know about you guys, but these dark mornings don’t help when I’m trying to get ready. So this is a super quick and easy morning makeup routine that screams AUTUMN!

If you lovelies want to check it out then just look below:

Do you guys have a fall makeup routine?

I would love to see it so send me your links!

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Speak to you very soon dolls,


Comic Book/ Pop Art Makeup Tutorial // BeautyandShe




Wham! Bam!


Good Afternoon Beauties.

I’m back with another Halloween Tutorial for you guys!

And this one is super easy, using products found in my own makeup collection.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to look like a cartoon character… 

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art work, this tutorial is full of fun and bursting with colour.

If you lovelies would like to see how I created this EASY and AFFORDABLE look, then just look below.

I love how the cartoon lips have turned out and how much a dash of white adds a sense of shine and dimension.

There are two stages to this tutorial which means two different looks.

The first is nice and simple, the second adds a bit of drama!



What do you think dolls?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Speak to you beauts soon,


Fall Haul 2015: Primark and more // BeautyandShe



Pumpkin spice lattes. Falling leaves. Cosy Jumpers.

Ahhhh, bliss.

I love it now that the nights are growing darker and colder, and that its acceptable to get in your pyjamas by five o’clock….

So it was recently payday and of course I had to go shopping right?

I’m trying to finish off my autumn wardrobe / makeup draw so that I won’t need to buy anything else all through winter….

(We will see how long that will last for….)

I would love to know what have you guys been loving this Autumn?

Let me know in the comments!

I’m really enjoying vlogging lately so I have created another video for you guys!

So let me show you my fall finds…

Let’s get started..

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FotorCreated 1

  1. Makeup Revolution has to be one of my favourite brands. The quality of the product and the packaging is incredible. 

I bought this amazing new Blush and Highlighter palette in the colour ‘Sugar and Spice’.

I am so in love

2.        The beautiful lipstick is by I Heart Makeup. Autumn is all about deep reds and maroons and this formula is super creamy and super pigmented!

3.         Collection have some great products in at the mo. This highlighter is unbelieveable. I swatched it in Boots and I fell in love.

It makes my skin glow like Edward from Twilight.

4. Again from Collection, this Illuminating Touch Foundation. Its super pigmented and leaves my skin looking fresh and stays on ALL day.


Oh Primark.

I got these rings for £2. How elegant are they?

Diamonds and Pearls really are a girl’s best friend.

Which one it your favourite?

If you beauts would like any of my buys above, then glance below:

Collection illuminating foundation: http://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Face…

Collection shimmer pearl Highlighter: http://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Face…

I heart makeup Lipstick: http://www.superdrug.com/I-Heart-Make…

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush: http://www.superdrug.com/Makeup-Revol…

And that my loves is that!

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Speak to you soon,