600 Followers & One year of blogging.


I can’t believe I have reached 600 followers for my blog and reached my One year anniversary!

Thats a lot of you guys!

This past year has been super busy with blog posts and videos, hard work really does pay off! I absolutely love interacting with fellow bloggers and have been introduced to so many amazing and inspirational people. (You Beauties!)

I have so many great blog post ideas coming up and can’t wait to share them! Especially for Spring Time coming up!
As you know I’ve started a YouTube Channel too and that was one of my biggest achievements.. I was so scared at first as there is a lot to live up to on the internet but I realised that the only way you can learn is through experience.

So Thank you everyone for helping me to where I am today! And I know I will continue to be inspired by the blogging community!

Here’s to the next year! 

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Speak to you guys soon,