Product Review: Benefit’s Ultra plush lipgloss

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Good Afternoon my little lovelies,

I think you’ll find this post, BENEFI-cial…..(bad pun)


So I decided to test out Benefit’s Ultra plush lip gloss in shade ‘A-Lister‘, which is a gorgeous bubblegum pink colour. It is however, very sheer which helps give the lips a naturally healthy look.

The gloss’ consistency is super smooth and glides onto the lips effortlessly and is NOT sticky at all!

It has the most gorgeous scent which lasts on your lips all day long.

So here are my Before and After looks for this perfect product…



This glorious gloss is well worth the money… about £15 for a full size product…. and a little goes a long long way so this one will last a very long time!

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Love C


Everyday makeup routine


Good Afternoon my beauties!

I dont know about you, but I absolutely love watching makeup routines on youtube, they provide so much inspiration and are great to pick up hints and tips….

Also… sat down with some comfy slippers, hot tea, a warm blanket and a good read of a beauty blog or two is one of my favourite things to do.

I decided to show you the products I use for my daily makeup. Like most of us, I don’t have a great deal of time in the mornings so here are my go-to items that are quick, easy and simple for everyday use…


Firstly, I use my Rimmel match perfection foundation in ‘Ivory‘ and blend this into my face using my Mac 187 brush, it creates the most flawless finish…


Then, using my MakeupRevolution cover and conceal palette, I use the lightest shade to conceal my undereye circles and also to highlight my cheek and brow bones…


I then apply my Mac blush in the shade ‘Sunkissed‘ to my cheekbones and the apples of my cheeks… this colour is a real rosy pink that looks gorgeous with any skin colour…


Using my ‘Hoola’ bronzer by Benefit, I apply this to my cheekbones to create definition and a healthy looking glow – Great for the winter season…


I adore my ‘Naked 3′ palette by Urban Decay. I use the shade ‘Strange‘ all over my lid to create a light base, this creates a fresh and healthy look to the face making you appear more awake…. I then apply the shade ‘Liar’ in my crease to add further definition and to put more emphasis on the eyes.


This mascara is AMAZING! I have tried so many mascara over the years but this one by Max Factor has to be the best. It creates the most amazing curl without the need for eyelash curlers and does not, I repeat, does not flake under the eyes… it is perfect.


Lastly, I fill in my brows with ELF’s brow kit, following the natural shape of my eyebrows. I use the shade dark as I like my brows to be the main focus of face.


And that is it! Easy, quick and simple for everyday use!

So im back off to look at all of your blog posts and ideas now with a nice cup of tea.

Keep your eyes peeled later for my Everyday Makeup routine video.

Love C


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Natural glam New Years Eve Makeup tutorial


It’s almost here!

Another year almost over, and it has been amazing!
Now, I love New Years Eve, welcoming in the new year with family and friends but when I have a large amount of makeup on, I feel a bit self conscious of it getting all over my face after one too many cocktails……..

So, I have come up with a natural glam look that is fuss free and is easy to maintain all night without it being too heavy and needing constant touch ups…

Let’s begin!

To start, I applied my favourite foundation by Maybelline in the shade True Ivory using my Mac 187 brush to create a flawless base.


Then using my Makeup Revolution concealers in the lightest shade, I covered my dark circles and it also acts as a great highlight to add more definition to my cheekbones.


I filled my brows in with my ELF brow kit in the shade dark and began work on my lids…


To start, I used a shimmery white base all across my eyelid, not going up to my brow bone…


I then used a champagne colour in the centre of my lid and blended this towards the corner. I then chose a shimmery dark brown and concentrated this in the outer corner of my eye in a V shape. Using a fluffy blending brush, I softened this out to create an elegant smokey eye.


Using my Ted Baker felt tip eyeliner, I lined my lash line into a cat eye using small strokes to create a flawless line.


And finally, I used my favourite mascara by Max Factor to really add some volume to my lashes… And I didn’t even have to curl them!


Now I love this look as I am not constantly worrying about my face all night! It’s natural and light but created amazing definition and sparkle for a celebratory day and night!


I wish you all a very happy new year always remember to follow your dreams..

Love, C x

The Classic


Eyes are extremely important in everyday life. They are the first place to look. So a classic eye makeup helps emphasise and put focus on the actual beauty of our eyes.

For my everyday eyes, I use two things.

Mascara and Eyeliner. Simple.

My favourite mascara is the ‘Benefit- They’re real’. It is unbelievable.
I do a first coat, making sure to get right to the base of my lashes then let it dry for about 30 seconds before applying my second coat.
I find that applying a second coat when my first coat is still a bit tacky helps make my lashes look elongated, longer and flawless.

I then apply my eyeliner, I love Loreal’s ‘Superliner Luminizer’. Its felt tip is flexible to it moulds itself to the curve of your lash line which makes it super easy to apply.
Not only does it create an effortless everyday look but can be turned from day to night extremely easily by intensifying the cat eye!

I cannot wait to use this look for my upcoming parties and events, it will go along perfectly with a smokey glittery eye…. Look out for that look very soon.

Love C x