More about me TAG!


More about me TAG


Happy Sunday my lovelies!

A bit of easy night time reading for you.. the More about me TAG!

Ive seen quite a few tags lately and thought I would create my own for those of you who are new to my blog. This is an honest little Tag that answers the questions you may not know about me and my life!

And ofcourse, I TAG all of my lovely followers to do this too, so I can learn a bit more about you guys! Don’t forget to TAG me so I can see them too!

You ready?

Lets get started..


Charlotte Grace Woodfield.



Relationship Status?

I have been with my boyfriend Jamie for almost 8 years… I know.. CRAZY right? He is my best friend and I love him more than anything.


I am an Optical Assistant at Specsavers and run this beautiful blog in my spare time


5’4. And I love it!


Well.. this is a place for sharing so i’m just going to be honest. I weigh 9st 2 and im very happy with my current weight! I’m a size 10 and have size 5 feet!

Were practically besties now…

Eye Colour?

I have Green eyes.

Favourite Blog?

Ohhh this is such a tough one. I can’t say just one, but I do like Sabrina Babo and her blog A Little Obsessed.

Meaning behind my URL?

When I created my blog just over a year ago, it was a bit of a tough decision. Did I want to include my name or not? I chose not. My blog is mainly beauty based so I knew I wanted to include that in its name.. I was thinking about ‘’ but it sounded too much like a superhero so I opted for – I think it just fits.

Favourite Colour?

Im a big lover of the colour blue. My bedroom decor is a duck egg blue with cream accents, I think they go together so well.

Favourite Food?

Anything with Garlic. Guilty pleasure. I LOVE Italian food, especially when its super fresh.


Im not scared of insects, spiders, heights anything like that. But I am terrified of CLOWNS! Whose with me?

Favourite song currently?

I have been loving Justin Biebers latest tunes. They are so addictive!

Any Piercings?

I have 5 piercings in total. 2 lobe piercings on each ear and one cartilage piercing at the top of my ear.

Any Pets? 

I have a beautiful 1 year old Lurcher (bit like a greyhound) called Honey. She is so cheeky and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get to see her for yourself!

Favourite Book?

Have you ever read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? You need to! Its so addictive, I have never read a book where I have been able to imagine every single little detail so perfectly.

Favourite Film?

The Harry Potter films are so great. They are so magical and I get so excited when I watch them!

Favourite Makeup brand?

Saved the best question (and the most tough) until last. Makeup Revolution has always been a contender, Benefit is also incredible but my NEW love is Kiko Milano.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Its a little different to what I usually do but it was GREAT. As I said earlier, I TAG all of you beauties reading this!

Hope to read with you soon!



Speak to you guys soon,







Mystical Mermaid Halloween Tutorial // BeautyandShe



Happy Sunday everyone!

I have a well deserved day off today so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with you dolls!

I have been feeling very creative lately and I am SO looking forward to this autumn season.

So last week I shared with you my Halloween Horror Skull Tutorial, which I absolutely loved creating. This week is something a bit easier using some gorgeous colours and….


Yes. Glitter.

I’m pretty sure that every girl has wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid..

I know I have. I just love the beachy hair and bright and beautiful colours!

So this is my take on the Mystical Mermaid look.

For the full tutorial of how I created this magical look, check out the link above!11997159_10154030751589179_239807065_n

Who knew a pair of tights could create such a beautiful pattern right?


In a lot of films, the mermaids you see usually have gorgeously glistening flawless skin, so to create this, I added some pink glitter to my cheekbones, brow bone and forehead.


To finish the look, add some eyelashes and give your hair those beachy waves!

This look is super easy to do and quick to create for a last minute idea!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! 

Remember to keep up with my latest with my social links below!

And my NEW Youtube Channel HERE!

Speak to you dolls later,


NEW Summer Series: Everyday Glow // BeautyandShe



Im so excited to bring you dolls the second installment of my Summer Series!

When it comes to summer beauty, I think of bronzed skin with pops of bright colour!

This post will show you guys my everyday summer look that is so easy and follows on from my previous post!


So take a gander at the products above,

and Lets get started….


As this is continuing from my previous post, you can find my foundation and facial makeup here.

So for my everyday summer eye shadow, I love to add a splash of colour to the outer corner of my eyes.

Its super easy to change up the colours to match your OOTD.


So to kick start this beautiful look, I used this gorgeous shimmery champagne colour all over my lid using a fluffy blending brush.

I adore this colour as it shines in the sunlight beautifully…

..(Twilight moment)


Using the same fluffy brush, I applied a lovely ruby red shade to the outer corner of my eye and the crease.

Make sure that the colour is blended really well..


I’m just addicted to smokey eyes…

I love the combination of the two colours and as you can see, I’ve made sure the colours compliment my OOTD.


So lastly, for a real dash of summer,

I paired the look with this orange/pink lip colour by Maybelline.

It has such smooth application and leaves my lips feeling silky soft.


As I said in my last post, comfort is a massive deal for me!

I don’t think anyone likes to be sweaty and uncomfortable, especially if you’re out shopping!

So my floral off the shoulder top is from Primark (ofcourse), my jeans are from Zara and my brown leather bag is from Crew Clothing.


And that concludes my everyday summer glow look.

Can I just say that I am having so much fun creating these Summer inspired looks for you beauties!

Let me know what you guys think and I would love to know what your fave thing to do on a summer’s day is!

Speak to you all soon,

Love C



Plan with me // Beautyandshe



I have a slight confession to make…

My name is Charlotte, and I am a….

Planner Addict.

That’s right, I’m addicted to all things organised, pretty and crafty!

So i’ve seen a lot of youtubers doing videos about how they make their planners look BEAUTIFUL, and I thought that I would share with you beauts how I create my perfect planner pages.

Now  i’m no pro but like I said, I love anything organised and colourful.

So I got my gorgeous 2015/2016 planner from Paperchase for £8. It’s one of the week by week page spreads which I love, as I can see all my goings on at a single glance.

IMG_0993 IMG_0994

Isn’t that blue colour gorgeous? Just like the ocean….

I have obtained a whole load of washi tape, stickers and papers from various places, that I think will look fab throughout the year.


So let me take you on a journey through journal heaven…

To begin, I found this super pretty black and white polka dot tape that I applied to the sides of the pages. I then used this beautiful summery floral tape layered on top.


I then applied small vertical strips of the same tape to the pages in little flag shapes and paired it with this gold and white polka dot tape to match the ring binder.

I love how the warm colours compliment each other perfectly!

I began to fill in my planner with the written essentials of my day to day activities and reminders, then decided to add some extra bits and pieces.

On the right you can see a glasses sticker that I applied to remind me that I have work,

(Im an optical assistant if you didn’t know, hence the glasses!)

But it looks super cute right!!


So the finished result!

Who doesn’t love stickers?

I think they are such a cute little add on to anything and just make me smile!

I also included a pink polka dot reminders card so I can quickly attach little notes and things to it.

Im so pleased with how my first page has turned out, and as I said, i’m still a novice at planner prep!

Take a look at my new planner video below for a sneak peek!

Let me know if you guys love to be organised just as much as I do.

I would love to know what you think and to see yours too!

Keep updated with the latest,


Love C


Graduation OOTD // Beautyandshe



Well hello there my beauties!

So yesterday was my twin sister’s graduation day! 

She has finally finished University and achieved and amzing 2:1 degree in BA History!

So of course I couldn’t not show you my OOTD and makeup for this amazing event.

Let me show you….


As it is summer, I wanted to go for something that would match this beautiful sunny weather.

My dress is from Primark and was an amazing £5…


I love the watercolour effect on the flowers and love the contrast in colour of the red and blue.

What I absolutely love about this dress is the back. It has an open back with a ladybird style cape effect which makes the dress look so unique.

I decided that because the dress is so vibrant, I wanted to pair it with some classy yet simple shoes and accessories.

My shoes are also from Primark and my matching clutch is actually my mums that she bought in M&S.


As for hair and makeup, again, I kept it simple by simply straightening my hair and stuck to natural and neutral makeup.

I lightly created a smokey eye and matched it with a natural rosy lip.

And as for my sister…


No word can describe how beautiful she looked…

Coral dress, white shoes, natural makeup – stunning.

Are you guys graduating soon? or have a special occasion to go to?

I would love to see!

Leave me a comment below or send me your pictures on twitter!


Speak to you dolls soon,

Love C


Makeup through the decades // 1910 -1920


Picture this..

Strict up-dos, corsets, tailormade jackets and skirts.

The 1910’s were all about exotic fashion and high class appearances.

You’re probably wondering what i’m talking about..

I absolutely love exploring vintage fashion and makeup trends, it is amazing how much styles can change over a small period of time.

I decided to delve a little deeper this time and start a new series of blog posts inspired by previous makeup ideas over the past 100 years.

After doing some research into the many different styles, I wanted to begin with the 1910’s and 1920’s.

The both of these eras were all about femininity and style – My idea of heaven!

Time machine ready, let’s head back 115 years ago..



This look is all about flawless pale and porcelain skin. Having pale skin symbolised wealth and high class whereas women who were tanned were seen as lower class, often found to be working outside for a living.

The simple hairstyle shows elegance and the lightly coloured cheeks look so feminine.


Thicker eyebrows were also desired (not in today’s society thank goodness) and a just bitten dash of red colour was added to the lips.


I used a pale concealer and powder foundation to get the porcelain look and over-filled my brows using my maybelline eyebrow pencil. I applied a grey toned eyeshadow to my lids to add a little definition to the eyes. This look is all about looking naturally beautiful, innocent and elegant.



Who doesn’t love dancing the Charleston?

I adore the 1920’s. The make-up was so sleek and the hair so perfect.

The 1920’s female figure is so iconic today and it has to be one of my favourite decades.


As you can see, I have recreated the iconic look and I am in love with how it turned out. Using my Bourjois healthy mix foundation to created a flawless base, I then proceeded to create a defined contour using my MAC blush in Sunkissed on my cheekbones.


I filled in my brows using my MUA brow gel and applied this gorgeous smokey shade called Blackheart from my Naked 3 palette across my upper lid. Using the same shade, I lined my lower lash line and applied my favourite mascara – Benefit’s They’re Real.


Finally, to finish off this look, I lined my lips with a bright red lip liner and filled them in. Using my Ted Baker lipstick in a slight darker shade, I created some definition at the bottom of my lips creating a two toned look.

Who doesn’t love a red lip!?


For my hair, I pinned the sides and created a ringlet using my fingers. I created a faux bob by tucking my hair underneath itself and again, pinning the rest back. I love how simple the hairstyle is compared with the glamorous makeup

It is an incredible look and I believe anyone could off pull this classic style.

I will be recreating the 1930’s and 1940’s tomorrow, continuing with my

Makeup through the decades series!

So which decade was your favourite? I think I know what mine is!

If you guys would love to see any specific styles, just let me know in the comments!

Find me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my daily doses of beauty

Twitter @beautyandshe7

Instagram @charlottewoodfield


Catch you later dolls,

Love C


The Very Inspiring Blog Award

Beauty, Fashion, jewellery, Makeup


Good Afternoon beautiful people!

I was nominated again for another award, The Very Inspiring Blog Award. Just to know that people see my blog as inspiring, is so rewarding. My passion is ever growing and I cannot believe how much I have grown as a person throughout this journey so far. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my blog, creating new ideas and spreading inspiration to my fellow bloggers.

I would love to thank Taylor from Same Tay Different Day for my nomination!

As always, Im going to jump right into to it, so grab a hot drink and enjoy reading a little bit more about me!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add their link to your blog.
2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
5. Contact your nominees and provide a link to your post.
6. Display the award logo (button) on your blog.

Seven Things About Myself:

1. I have naturally dark blonde hair, but I dyed it recently to the shade, ‘Mocha Brown’ by Nice n easy. I like to go darker in the winter time!

2. Im a big crochet and knitting fan! I love nothing more than spending an afternoon crocheting blankets, scarfs and other little diy projects!

3. I usually leave my hair to dry naturally after I take a bath or a shower, It leaves my hair with beachy waves when I wake up in the morning!

4. I am 5’4, weigh 8st 9 and have size 5 feet!

5. Im an earlybird. Im always awake and out of bed before 8am, it feels better than lying in bed till the early afternoon, I hate the day to be wasted!

6. Luckily, because Im a twin, me and my sister pretty much share each others clothes and shoes! We also share our makeup!

7. Im an extremely caring person. I love all of my family and friends so much and cherish every moment I spend with them. Even if its just eating dinner together at the table!

I would like to nominate,

I would like to nominate:

  1. Beauty, Brains and Food
  2. MelissaChloe
  3. Bonellie
  4. RefractedBeauty
  5. Fashionfoodsoul
  6. Alittlepieceofbobbie
  7. Jessicaraebeauty
  8. Poppysconstellations
  9. 2classysisters
  10. B-e-a-uty

Hope youve enjoyed these little facts about me!

Speak to you guys later,

Love C


Liebster Award.

Beauty, Fashion, Makeup

Ive been nominated for my second award, The Liebster Award!

Thank you so much Missapplecrumblesblog for my nomination, your blog is so beautiful and inspiring!

The rules are:
Thank and link the person who nominated you
Answer the questions given by the nominator
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them
Create 11 new questions for the nominees to asnwer
Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

The questions  are:
1) What is your favorite memory from 2014?

My favourite memory of 2014 was definitely graduating from University with a 2:1 degree in Art!

2) Where would your dream holiday destination be?

I would love to travel across America and Canada with my boyfriend. We’ve always talked about it!

3) What do you hope to do this year?

Keep posting inspirational blogs and share them with even more beauty-ful people!

4) If you could only take one thing with you from a house fire what would it be?

My Family! Ofcourse!

5) What made you happy today?

I went on a lovely walk with my sister and my dog in the rain. It was very peaceful and made me realise how beautiful the world is!

6) Why did you want to start blogging?

I have been inspired by so many people and inspirational blogs. I love my life and my passion for beauty and wanted to bring that passion and love to you guys!

7) Do you have a favorite film?

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love any Christmas film but in general, I would have to say…The Goonies, It always makes me laugh!

8) Is there any celebrity that inspires you?

I love Michelle Keegan, I think she is so naturally beautiful and she has such a kind nature! Kate Middleton is also gorgeous, I love her style and she always looks flawless!

9) What is the best blog post you have written?

Probably when I reached 100 followers.You guys were so sweet in congratulating me and inspiring me to carry on!

10) Have you ever done something that terrifies you to accomplish a life goal?

I travelled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, having so many flights scared me a little, but it was worth it!

11) If you could go anywhere, with anyone or do anything you wanted tomorrow what would it be?

Paris with my boyfriend…. Im actually going there at the beginning of February, I just wish it was tomorrow!!

Ive loved doing this and sharing some more information with you guys! Thank you so much again Missabpplecrumblesblogs!

I would like to nominate:

  1. Beauty, Brains and Food
  2. MelissaChloe
  3. Bonellie
  4. RefractedBeauty
  5. Fashionfoodsoul
  6. Alittlepieceofbobbie
  7. Jessicaraebeauty
  8. Poppysconstellations
  9. 2classysisters
  10. B-e-a-uty

Here are my questions for you!

1.Tea, coffee or?

2. If you had the power to change the world, what would you change? Why? 

3. What is the one thing that you do each day without fail? 

4. Finish this sentence ” There is beauty all around when …… “ 

5. What is your favourite way to unwind? 

6. Tell us about your favourite time of time and why it is your favourite time.

7. What movie did you love to watch as a child?

8. If you were going to live on a deserted island, what three things could you not live without? 

9. Share your favorite quote. 

10. If clothes ‘maketh the man’, what does what you are wearing right now say about you?

Enjoy my Beauties,

Love C


Product Review: Benefit’s Ultra plush lipgloss

Beauty, Fashion, Makeup

Good Afternoon my little lovelies,

I think you’ll find this post, BENEFI-cial…..(bad pun)


So I decided to test out Benefit’s Ultra plush lip gloss in shade ‘A-Lister‘, which is a gorgeous bubblegum pink colour. It is however, very sheer which helps give the lips a naturally healthy look.

The gloss’ consistency is super smooth and glides onto the lips effortlessly and is NOT sticky at all!

It has the most gorgeous scent which lasts on your lips all day long.

So here are my Before and After looks for this perfect product…



This glorious gloss is well worth the money… about £15 for a full size product…. and a little goes a long long way so this one will last a very long time!

Dont forget to follow me on Bloglovin for your daily doses of beauty!

Love C


So what is Bloglovin? – Hints and tips for new bloggers

Beauty, Fashion, Makeup

Bloglovin is a great tool for any blogger.

So what is it exactly?

Well, Bloglovin is a tool for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs .

When you create an account there, you can follow any blogger on any platform, whether or not they’re also signed up. Then, you can log in and see the latest posts from all the blogs you follow in one spot.

There’s also an app, so you can catch upon your phone, tablet etc. Its great on the go when I want to have a quick read and stores all of my favourite articles all in one place.

So you guys can follow me on bloglovin, so you dont miss a daily dose of beauty!


Love C