Exciting news! In 14 days, I’m going to…..

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Good evening my little lovelies,

As promised, I have some very exciting news to share with you all..

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to PARIS!
I’m so excited to be going this romantic city and so blessed to be going with my amazing boyfriend.

So… I think it’s about time you all met Jamie, my boyfriend and my best friend.


I have been with Jamie for six years and am truly blessed to have this special man in my life. I cannot wait to spend this amazing city break with him in the most romantic place on earth.

We will be staying at the 7Eiffel Hotel, near the Eiffel Tower and other main attractions. We chose this hotel as it is so unique and beautiful – a real luxury for our holiday.

Check it out for yourself, it is stunning:





This holiday is for relaxation and some well deserved quality time with my best friend exploring this wonderful city. We hope to visit all of Paris’ main attractions whilst finding some new ones of our own – memories to treasure forever.


I cannot wait for this amazing experience,

speak to you all tomorrow,

Love C