Autumn Favourites: My top 5 autumnal activities 2018



Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I love the weather, I love the colours and ofcourse I love all of the autumnal fashions and styles.

This year I have felt much more autumnal that usual and I love it. I have learnt to appreciate the little things like the colours of leaves the trees or enjoying a cup of tea reading a good book. Its those little things that I have adored this year so far.

I wanted to share my top 5 autumnal activities so you too could get in to the seasonal spirit.

  1. Venture Outside

The world is a beautiful place and it’s a shame to waste this beautiful season indoors. I love to go for walks at every opportunity and just looks at the different colours autumn provides. The landscape changes so much with the seasons and it is so interesting to watch it change. I recently went to my local welsh heritage centre St Fagans where they have lots of old historical buildings set within farming space. They also have a castle and ground which was stunning this time of year. And the best part…..Its completely free! Click Here to check it out.

green trees


2. Enjoy a good food and good drink – Try something new.

If you havent already seen my previous blog post, I tried out a new craft beer pub locally to me which was incredible. Head of Steam has fantastic array of drinks and food options set in a cosy warm environment that make it hard to leave. I love nothing more than hearty food this time of year and it certainly didnt disappoint. Check our my post HERE.



3.  Enjoy a cup of tea and a good book

This is a good one. I love nothing more than snuggling under a blanket, book in hand and a cup of tea (my fave drink next to wine). I have been reading The ruby in the smoke by Phillip Pullman and it is amazing – It is definitely hard to put down. I have also been loving reading blog posts to get some early christmas ideas and fashions of the season. Send me the link to your favourite bloggers, I would love to know!

person pouring tea on teacup


4.  Go shopping for the season

You all know I love Primark. They are killing it with their autumn wear at the moment. I have recently bought a few key pieces for the season including some orange knitwear, slipper socks and a fluffy jacket. I have also bought some knee high brown boots that are possibly the best things since sliced bread. Check out my last Primark haul Here.



5. Get creative

Since the beginning of September, my house has been filled with pumpkins and candles and blankets you name it…. I love making my house as cosy as possible in the autumn, it creates such a relaxing atmosphere that is no nice to cuddle up in when its dark outside.  Even just a few more cushions or blankets really makes a difference. My favourite candle at the moment is the Yankee Candle – Red apple wreath. It has such a sweet scent with musky undertones that create the cosiest autumny vibe. What is your favourite scent this autumn?

two pillar candles


There is plenty more for sure but these have to be my top 5. I would love to know what your favourite activities are in the autumn and let me know of any recommendations in the comments below.

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Fall Haul 2015: Primark and more // BeautyandShe



Pumpkin spice lattes. Falling leaves. Cosy Jumpers.

Ahhhh, bliss.

I love it now that the nights are growing darker and colder, and that its acceptable to get in your pyjamas by five o’clock….

So it was recently payday and of course I had to go shopping right?

I’m trying to finish off my autumn wardrobe / makeup draw so that I won’t need to buy anything else all through winter….

(We will see how long that will last for….)

I would love to know what have you guys been loving this Autumn?

Let me know in the comments!

I’m really enjoying vlogging lately so I have created another video for you guys!

So let me show you my fall finds…

Let’s get started..

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FotorCreated 1

  1. Makeup Revolution has to be one of my favourite brands. The quality of the product and the packaging is incredible. 

I bought this amazing new Blush and Highlighter palette in the colour ‘Sugar and Spice’.

I am so in love

2.        The beautiful lipstick is by I Heart Makeup. Autumn is all about deep reds and maroons and this formula is super creamy and super pigmented!

3.         Collection have some great products in at the mo. This highlighter is unbelieveable. I swatched it in Boots and I fell in love.

It makes my skin glow like Edward from Twilight.

4. Again from Collection, this Illuminating Touch Foundation. Its super pigmented and leaves my skin looking fresh and stays on ALL day.


Oh Primark.

I got these rings for £2. How elegant are they?

Diamonds and Pearls really are a girl’s best friend.

Which one it your favourite?

If you beauts would like any of my buys above, then glance below:

Collection illuminating foundation:…

Collection shimmer pearl Highlighter:…

I heart makeup Lipstick:…

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush:…

And that my loves is that!

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