Colour Bomb! – Bold, bright and beautiful Cheltenham Races dress inspiration!


So i’ve seen a lot about the Cheltenham Races lately and of The Festival…. it is going to be completely colour filled! #colourmemarch

Ive been thinking extremely hard about what I would wear to the races and how I would show off my bright and bold colour style!

As most of you know, the Races are an extreme fashion event where anything goes! I think it is so exciting to get dressed to your very best!

Here is the outfit I have chosen and if you’re going, I hope this inspires you!



AX Paris – Floral printed cut in neck midi dress – £30

I am in love with this AX Paris dress. I chose it due to its contrasting colour combinations and spring time appearance! The white background compliments the bright and bold flowers making them the main focus of this beautiful dress.


249045179 (1)

New Look – Bright floral Monet Clutch – £7.00

This clutch is inspired by Monet’s Paintings and I can see why! It is flawless and so vibrant! It has a long metal chain so it can be worn easily over the shoulder or as a simple and elegant clutch!



ASOS HOPE heeled sandal – £42.00

eek! These shoes are amazing! I love the large floral strap and would look great with brightly painted toenails! The added ankle strap will give support and comfort! I love open toed shoes – they look so elegant and make your legs look longer!



Debenham, Julian Macdonald – Dark pink mesh feather fascinator – £20

It wouldn’t be a day at the races without… THE HAT.

This dark pink fascinator would tie the whole outfit together and add that festival flare to the look! It is a headbend piece so it sits comfortably against the head. I love the feather detail and adds such a lovely touch to the hat!

Here is a bit of info about The races for those who don’t know:

——Whether it is an extra feather in your hat, the highest heels in your cupboard or, for the men, their very best tweed, it really is an occasion to savour.

The Cheltenham Festival is a meeting in the national hunting racing calendar in the UK with race prize money second only to the Grand National. It is an event where many of the best trained horses race to an extent which is relatively rare during the rest of the season.

The festival takes place annually in March at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

Large amounts of money are gambled during Cheltenham Festival week, with hundreds of millions of pounds being bet over the four days. Cheltenham is often noted for its atmosphere, most notably the “Cheltenham roar”, which refers to the enormous amount of noise that the crowd generates as the starter raises the tape for the first race of the festival. ———

If you guys want to look fabulous at the races, then check out the Cheltenham Races colour me march website HERE!

Thanks to etailPR for arranging our attendance at Cheltenham Racecourse!

Let me know what you guys would wear!

Speak to you all soon,

Love C


February Wish-List


Well hello my beauties,

Its good to be home!

There is nothing like collapsing into your own bed after being on holiday is there? HEAVEN.

I got in at midnight last night, took my makeup off and jumped straight into bed… it was absolute bliss. Paris was incredible and I cannot wait to post my ‘Paris holiday tips and tricks‘ later on today, sharing some handy hints and tips about travelling in Paris!

But for now, I wanted to post a February wish list as I have seen so many amazing new fashion and beauty items that I just NEED to tell you about.

I stumbled across this beautiful website called OnlineAvenue which has so many gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories for amazing prices! After browsing the collections for about an hour (I cant stop when I get going), I picked out a few pieces of footwear that I wish to purchase soon that will be great for the spring!

1.  Lacy Flat Slip On Moccasins – £14.99


Oh my goodness. Who doesn’t love a pastel pink? I love Moccasins – They are so comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit. Pair them with some jeans and T-shirt or a simple floral dress and they will look so cute for spring!

2. Kaylin Dolcis Gold Trim Cut Out Ankle Boots – £20.99


I am in heaven. These are my type of boots. I love soft browns for spring and these are so perfect with the added gold detail and the cut out panels. They can be worn super easily in the day with a comfy jumper and jeans or dressed up at night with a skater skirt and pretty top. – MY FAVOURITE.

3. Nicola Two Part Slingback Sandals – £10.49


Im a girl that likes simplicity. I would rather have an understated outfit and natural makeup than to over do things and these sandals are adorable. I love how simple they are but at the same time, very unique. The will look great with a maxi skirt and floral top or rolled up jeans and a baggy T-shirt!

After coming back from Paris (Fashion Mania), I have been craving some new Spring footwear and I just know that these will be ideal!

So go and check them out and find your own Spring must haves! Let me know what you like!

P.s They have a competition on their Facebook Page to win a gorgeous pair of Pastel pink heels! Eeeek!

As promised, I will be including my ‘Paris holiday tips and tricks‘ later on today, as well as my travelling makeup and hair essentials!

Stay posted for later my gorgeous girlies!

Love C


The most gorgeous hotel in Paris



Ok my beauties, I have arrived in Paris!!

So me and my boyfriend had to get up at 4:30am this morning to board the Eurostar to Paris! It was a lovely smooth journey and I slept most of the way!

We we explored the Eiffel tower today and all I can say is….WOW! It is magical!

I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! 

We we are very lucky that our gorgeous hotel is just around the corner from the Eiffel tower, ( you can literally see it from the corner) !! We spent the day wandering about Paris, popping In little cafes and shops as we went and finally checking in to our hotel at 2.

We decided to have a little nap after exploring all morning so we were fresh for the evening to have another explore. Me and Jamie decided to go to a little supermarket to get some drinks and snacks for the evening and coming days, as well as looking for somewhere to eat for dinner!

It’s very cold here in Paris so right now, I am sat infront of an open fire with coffee and biscuits writing this lovely blog post for my lovely followers!



Tomorrow we are going to the Louvre and visiting the Eiffel tower by night! It is going to be so romantic, I cannot wait!

You guys should follow my personal Instagram account for updates on my travels…

My Instagram is : charlottewoodfield

Off to find somewhere near our hotel for an early dinner now.

speak to you soon,

Love C


Over 1000 views!

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So I woke up this morning, made myself a lovely cup of tea and sat down to find that I had a notification saying…… that my blog has gotten to over 1000 views!!!

I cannot believe in such a small amount of time my blog has grown to this size. I am so thrilled to have found a place where I can share my passion with you guys, and be on a constant learning experience.

I cannot wait to see how much my blog will grow….. But for now, thank you all for supporting me through this amazing journey.


See you all tomorrow,

Love C

Exciting news! In 14 days, I’m going to…..

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Good evening my little lovelies,

As promised, I have some very exciting news to share with you all..

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to PARIS!
I’m so excited to be going this romantic city and so blessed to be going with my amazing boyfriend.

So… I think it’s about time you all met Jamie, my boyfriend and my best friend.


I have been with Jamie for six years and am truly blessed to have this special man in my life. I cannot wait to spend this amazing city break with him in the most romantic place on earth.

We will be staying at the 7Eiffel Hotel, near the Eiffel Tower and other main attractions. We chose this hotel as it is so unique and beautiful – a real luxury for our holiday.

Check it out for yourself, it is stunning:





This holiday is for relaxation and some well deserved quality time with my best friend exploring this wonderful city. We hope to visit all of Paris’ main attractions whilst finding some new ones of our own – memories to treasure forever.


I cannot wait for this amazing experience,

speak to you all tomorrow,

Love C

New banner, new style – love it.

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After much thought and inspiration from the blogging world, I decided that it was time to update my blog site.

My blog has grown so much in such a short amount of time, I wanted to update it to a more professional and simple appearance.


I spent a lot of time working on the banner, choosing a font that I could run with throughout my blog and thinking of an effective colour sheme.


I feel as though this style suits my personality more and the theme of my work… I love it!

If anyone would be interested in help creating a customised banner or would like any more information on how I create my blog, feel free to comment below…

Speak to you beauties tonight,

Love C

The gorgeous DOMINAla Designs…

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Well hello gorgeous people,

Ok, so I’ve a gone a little bit ETSY mad…..

It is the best place for finding new and upcoming artists/ designers/ bloggers! I never knew how many amazing little shops they have on there!

I came across a lovely little shop called DOMINAla Designs by Designer Krysta Langham.

Her work is primarily prints of various witty and clever images that would definitely brighten up anyone’s day! I love her prints and as an artist myself, I find her work so modern and unique!

Here are a few of my favourites…
Who doesn’t love Beyonce? And who doesn’t love Hollywood?



After having a great discussion with Krysta, I wanted to do an interview with her so I could share her passion and unbelievable creativity with you guys…

Hi krysta! Tell me a bit about yourself?
I’m a 26 year old professional living and working in LaLa land. My real job is in Sales and Development for a healthcare technology company. In my free time, you can find me at the gym, playing soccer, cooking or trying a new restaurant somewhere in the city. I’m sort of a DIY-er of all things. Give me a YouTube video or a DIY blog post and I’m doing everything from building my own headboard to cutting my own hair. Domina Designs slowly came to me over time. At first, I had ideas of art that I thought would be cool if someone made them. Then a few more ideas came to mind and eventually I said, well I would like to have the ideas made and hanging up in my apartment, so why can’t I make them?
Hours and hours of YouTube Photoshop and Illustrator tutorial videos later and now I have some finished pieces. I started making art for myself based on my taste and style. I’ve recently decided to open an Etsy shop to share my prints with young women who have the same sense of edgy and urban style.

Why do you do what you do?
Well, I work to pay the bills – but that’s boring. Domina Designs is my hobby, creating prints is something fun for me. The thought behind using the word “domina” is that I want to embody what it means to be a strong, powerful and sexy woman. I think it’d be cool to develop a network of like-minded young women who have the same sense of style as me. If I happen to make some money while doing it, then I’d say that’s a win.

How is your work created?
I start with an idea, or I see something that inspires me and then I take time to formulate and imagine it in my head. Then off to Photoshop/Illustrator to try and create my mental image. Sometimes it’s exactly what I wanted and other times it’s a longer process of working and reworking and I end up with a finished piece that’s better than my original thought.
How has your practice changed/ changing over time?
Being self-taught, I’ve always been a bit hesitant or shy about my work – gone along thinking that because I’m not a professional that my work isn’t good enough. Over time, I’ve gained more and more confidence with the tools I use and am realizing that art (in any medium) does not have rules. It’s liberating to create whatever you want and if you like it, that’s all that matters.

What art/ creativity do you most identify with?
I think that I make art that directly reflects my personality and lifestyle. I’m one of those girls that has a closet full of black clothes, appreciates a perfectly arched eyebrow, lives in heels, but still loves to walk around in gym clothes, a ponytail and no-makeup. I’d say my biggest influence would have to be pop-culture inclusive of all the trends that happen on social media.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
Hmm my childhood… one memory sticks out to me back when I was probably about 4 or 5 years old and my entire family was able to do this thing called the “taco tongue.” You basically roll your tongue up like a taco and I was the only one who couldn’t do it. Every morning I would wake up and look in the mirror and practice my taco tongue until FINALLY I got it.

What themes do you pursue?
Themes – not sure if this is a technical term I’m missing but I tend to focus on women, fashion, beauty, and pop-culture.

What’s your scariest experience?
Scariest would have to be a car accident I got into with my family. Thankfully, everyone was okay.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
I’ve kept my work private until recently. I haven’t even shown them to family or friends. In a weird way art is personal, especially if you’ve created it. It’s easy to share with strangers. I will say that it is great to hear the positive feedback from social media platforms that I’ve posted my work to.

What do you dislike about your work?
I dislike that my work isn’t polished – and by that I mean technically sound. Part of me has no clue what I’m doing and I’m learning and growing every day but that’s the fun part.

What do you like about your work?
Nothing is more satisfying for me than creating something. I love making something and ending up with a finished product that came entirely from me. I like how my work reflects my personality and is unique in that way.

Name something you love, and why.
Besides my family (the obvious answer), I live for a handbag. I don’t call them purses – I’m talking about a grown woman’s luxury handbag. I take my time and save up my money and when I deserve it I reward myself.

What is your dream project?
Hmmm I’d love to expand and get my designs on clothing. I think that would be amaze-balls to have a bunch of chicks walking around with my prints on their shirts.

Favourite or most inspirational place?
I love LA. Living out here I get to experience so many amazing places to go out, small little restaurants, museums and of course the coast and trails to hike. Again I guess my art really reflects my lifestyle.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
To surround yourself with people you look up to. Elevate yourself by the company you keep.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
I’d love to one day leave my real job and run my own business, but for now I’m totally happy starting small.

Check out her work for yourself my beauties!
You can find Krysta’ work at her Etsy shop:

I cannot wait to keep updated with her work as it progresses and grows even more!

Speak to you all later,

Love C

Revlon: Spring colours for Winter

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Hello gorgeous people!

So lately I have been experimenting with a variety of different eyeshadow a in preparation for spring.

However, I am a winter girl at heart, so I decided to introduce some spring colours into my winter makeup routine.


The palette that I have been loving using lately is the Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow in the shade ‘Wildflower’. It includes four beautiful pastel shades that do resemble the tones of spring flowers!


I did notice when doing a swatch that the colours do have a slight shine and frost to them which is really adaptable to a winter makeup look. I’m in love with the gorgeous lilac colour, it just reminds me of lavender!


So let’s brighten up this winter guys, with some spring colours to make our eyes pop!

Love C

The most beautiful Jewellery by RasaVilJewellery!

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Hello my lovelies!

Its a cold and rainy day here in Wales.. and what better to do on a rainy day than to browse on fashion websites with a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake!

I love ETSY and I think the shops on there are truly inspirational! I came across a beautiful little shop run by Rasa Vilcinskaite – RasaVilJewellery.


^^This is Rasa ^^

The great thing about ETSY is that new and upcoming designers can promote their business and their products to such a wide audience!

Ive seen so many of her creations that I absolutely love and they are all handmade… She has had her work featured in the Artistar Jewels Exhibition in Milan amongst so many other talented artists and designers. What an achievement!

So lets get started in sharing some of these beautiful creations and my favourite pieces…

Necklace weddings - chunky mixed gemstone necklace -white statement bridal jewelry - large cat eyes collar -massive big weddings jewelries

White Chunky mixed gemstone necklace

Oh my goodness, This necklace is phenomenal. The level of detail on this large statement necklace is so beautiful and I cannot believe it was all handmade. The time and effort that must of gone in to this piece is unbelievable!

I love the blue accents throughout the piece and the gorgeous shaping that makes it look so elegant. This necklace would be perfect with a simple outfit so the necklace is the main focus.

Spring summer jewelry fashion - leaf colorful necklace - green statement necklace with flower - yellow seed beads leaves necklace for summer

Spring Leaf necklace

This piece just screams spring! I dont know why but it reminds me of a harvest with all the different fruits flowers and vegetables! This piece is so colourful and its just a real happy statement necklace! It would be perfect with a fitted white T-shirt, High-waisted jeans and brown ankle boots. Simple and elegant.

Large Beige statement Cuff

Sea blue crystals and white pearl beads, A match made in heaven. This is my favourite piece. It would be perfect for summer, dressed up or down. The large crystals in the middle are beautiful and reflect off all the other different colours.

African Leopard statement necklace

Rawrrrr! (Leopard impression)… For those of you who are fierce, this necklace is perfect for you! Its beading is in a leopard print style with true african colours, yellows, creams, reds and blacks. This would look amazing with a little black dress, smokey eyes and your favourite pair of heels!

About Rasa and her Jewellery!

“I always felt a passion for the arts. Since a young age I was writing poems, drawing.
Being a pupil I attended additional art school. Goes to the next town to finish high school also joined the art school and i finish it. Now I’m a contemporary artist and have painter diploma. I decided to continue my study in master degree.

But a little bit early, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, my best friend introduced me to the world of jewelry. I would have never thought of that, I’ll do it, and yet with such a passion.

My jewelry career began with soutache technique, just recently, I fell in love beads and embroidery ornaments from them. They became my favorite. Yet. Because I am a Gemini by horoscope as many things as jewelry and I am fickle. Still looking for innovation, and I try to learn as much as possible”. 

I have never seen such colourful and more detailed jewellery. It is so unique and so different to anything I have seen before. Rasa is an amazing and talented designer that I will DEFINITELY be keeping up to date with .

She is so inspirational turning her dream into reality.

If you want to look for yourself at her gorgeous creations, you will find her here:

Rasa’s Blog –

Rasa’s Etsy shop –

Keep posted for my daily doses of beauty!

Speak to you all later,

Love C


So what is Bloglovin? – Hints and tips for new bloggers

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Bloglovin is a great tool for any blogger.

So what is it exactly?

Well, Bloglovin is a tool for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs .

When you create an account there, you can follow any blogger on any platform, whether or not they’re also signed up. Then, you can log in and see the latest posts from all the blogs you follow in one spot.

There’s also an app, so you can catch upon your phone, tablet etc. Its great on the go when I want to have a quick read and stores all of my favourite articles all in one place.

So you guys can follow me on bloglovin, so you dont miss a daily dose of beauty!


Love C