200 followers!! + Pancakes!

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Hello there beauties!!

Wow wow wow wow wow!!

I have finally reached 200 followers for my blog!! What an achievement so far!

And ofcourse, I am so blessed to have such great support from the blogging community! I cannot wait to carry on my passion for you guys with my daily doses of beauty…

As I am in my last stages of packing for Paris, I am getting more and more excited about sharing my parisian experience with you all!

Thank you so much for helping me reach to so many people!

To celebrate, im having these delicious buttermilk pancakes!


Stay posted for more later my beauties,

Love C

Beauty smoothie #2

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Good morning my beauties!

If you haven’t already guessed by now, I’m a bit of a smoothie lover…

Smoothies are such a great way of packing in nutrients and your 5 a day, not to mention that they taste great and are super quick to make!

Today’s beauty smoothie is a green one, using an added ingredient – Kale.

Oh no…. kale!” I hear you say… Well this smoothie is great if your not a fan as there are so many other yummy things in it, you will hard,y notice it!

But before I tell you that, let me tell you a bit about kale

1. Full of fibre and low in calories
2. Filled with iron
3. Has vitamin k and a load of antioxidants that help protect against some cancers
4. It is high in calcium
5. High in vitamin c
6. Lastly a great detox food!

Phew…. See it has its benefits.
So to make my beauty smoothie all you need is…


2 bananas
Half an avocado
A handful of blueberries
2 cups of Kale
A squeeze of honey
A cup of water (or more depending on how thin you like it)

Mix this all up in a blender until smooth and there we go!!!


So give this a try and let me know how you like it!
See you all later beautiful people,

Love C

Girl Talk: What makes you…. YOU?

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Grab a cup of tea, a warm blanket and enjoy my little heart to heart with you girlies….

So I turned to my Q&A a day book to answer my daily question…..

“What makes you, YOU?”

It really got me thinking about who I actually am and what I am actually like as a real person…

My blog is my passion, and I adore every single blog post I read. By starting this blog, It has made me a lot more confident, committed and focussed which in turn reflects on my daily life!

But even before I began my daily doses of beauty, I have always been caring, kind and mindful of others. It’s definitely in my nature to put others before myself and that is one quality that I pride myself on.


This question really helped boost my confidence and helped me realise what qualities I could perhaps improve on.

If you guys do one thing today to help yourself, ask yourself this question and have a real good think about the answer.

If you would like to own the Q&A a day diary, you can find it in my previous posts!

Live, love, cherish.

Love C

Red eyes at night- Paris inspired

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Good afternoon gorgeous people!

Ive been feeling very colourful lately, and inspired by the lights of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of the Moulin Rouge and romance.

I created this look using a mix of reds and browns, using a brighter shimmery white in the corner to make my eyes pop!

I finished the look with my favourite black liquid liner and mascara.
Its super easy and quick to create but the key is to blend blend blend!!



6 days and counting guys!!

Love C

Breakfast for beauties.

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Ok my lovelies,
Here is a super quick and easy post for a DIY breakfast for beauties..

a.k.a Banana Beauty Smoothie.

In the mornings when I struggle to get everything done on time… My hair, makeup, clothes, cleaning etc, I find it difficult to eat a breakfast where I feel completely satisfied!

This smoothie is super simple and quick and keeps me full!!


Easy ingredients:

2 bananas
A cup of Greek yoghurt
A cup of ice
A sprinkle of cinnamon
A splash of milk
A squeeze of honey

Blend all of these gorgeous and healthy ingredients in a blender until smooth and sip away!! It’s creamy and sweet and perfect for on the beauties…

Try this out guys and let me know what you all think!

Speak to you later,

Love C

Neutral chic nails

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Good evening my beauties,

I just had to show you this gorgeous colour I recently bought for my nails.
Its by the amazing brand, NailsInc and looks flawless with any skin tone.

The shade is called “Sao Paulo Streets” – grey, pastel, glossy

As I have quite pale skin, it elongates my fingers and makes them look classic and elegant.



This ideal for winter styles or….. A holiday to Paris maybe….

Love C

Excited for Paris!! And Majorca holiday video!

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I’m getting very excited for my Paris trip next week! And in preparation, I have been looking at our video from our last holiday to Majorca. It was so amazing to go away with my boyfriend and as you can see in the video below, we had the best time.

Look out later for another great product review that I have recently acquired!

Love C

Over 1000 views!

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So I woke up this morning, made myself a lovely cup of tea and sat down to find that I had a notification saying…… that my blog has gotten to over 1000 views!!!

I cannot believe in such a small amount of time my blog has grown to this size. I am so thrilled to have found a place where I can share my passion with you guys, and be on a constant learning experience.

I cannot wait to see how much my blog will grow….. But for now, thank you all for supporting me through this amazing journey.


See you all tomorrow,

Love C

Inspiration: Parisian Chic

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Good evening honeys!

As you are well aware, I’m going to Paris very soon and I am so excited about being in the city of fashion and romance.

I decided to look for some fashion inspiration and I fell in love with this gorgeous style of hat…


I’ve always admired people who can wear a floppy hat, it’s a great statement piece that makes you look instantly glamorous. And since I am going to Paris, I wanted to look the part!

I came across this gorgeous hat in New Look, I’ve been in search for one for quite a long time and this one was perfect.



It’s super soft and fits like a dream. I love the sandy beige colour as it will go with most outfits and looks, dressed up or down. I love how detailed the bow is giving the hat a chic and elegant look.


I bought this hat for an amazing £14.99. The quality is outstanding and I highly recommend this for this winter/ spring season.

Keep posted for more daily doses of beauty,

See you all tomorrow,

Love C

Exciting news! In 14 days, I’m going to…..

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Good evening my little lovelies,

As promised, I have some very exciting news to share with you all..

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to PARIS!
I’m so excited to be going this romantic city and so blessed to be going with my amazing boyfriend.

So… I think it’s about time you all met Jamie, my boyfriend and my best friend.


I have been with Jamie for six years and am truly blessed to have this special man in my life. I cannot wait to spend this amazing city break with him in the most romantic place on earth.

We will be staying at the 7Eiffel Hotel, near the Eiffel Tower and other main attractions. We chose this hotel as it is so unique and beautiful – a real luxury for our holiday.

Check it out for yourself, it is stunning:





This holiday is for relaxation and some well deserved quality time with my best friend exploring this wonderful city. We hope to visit all of Paris’ main attractions whilst finding some new ones of our own – memories to treasure forever.


I cannot wait for this amazing experience,

speak to you all tomorrow,

Love C