The most beautiful Jewellery by RasaVilJewellery!

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Hello my lovelies!

Its a cold and rainy day here in Wales.. and what better to do on a rainy day than to browse on fashion websites with a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake!

I love ETSY and I think the shops on there are truly inspirational! I came across a beautiful little shop run by Rasa Vilcinskaite – RasaVilJewellery.


^^This is Rasa ^^

The great thing about ETSY is that new and upcoming designers can promote their business and their products to such a wide audience!

Ive seen so many of her creations that I absolutely love and they are all handmade… She has had her work featured in the Artistar Jewels Exhibition in Milan amongst so many other talented artists and designers. What an achievement!

So lets get started in sharing some of these beautiful creations and my favourite pieces…

Necklace weddings - chunky mixed gemstone necklace -white statement bridal jewelry - large cat eyes collar -massive big weddings jewelries

White Chunky mixed gemstone necklace

Oh my goodness, This necklace is phenomenal. The level of detail on this large statement necklace is so beautiful and I cannot believe it was all handmade. The time and effort that must of gone in to this piece is unbelievable!

I love the blue accents throughout the piece and the gorgeous shaping that makes it look so elegant. This necklace would be perfect with a simple outfit so the necklace is the main focus.

Spring summer jewelry fashion - leaf colorful necklace - green statement necklace with flower - yellow seed beads leaves necklace for summer

Spring Leaf necklace

This piece just screams spring! I dont know why but it reminds me of a harvest with all the different fruits flowers and vegetables! This piece is so colourful and its just a real happy statement necklace! It would be perfect with a fitted white T-shirt, High-waisted jeans and brown ankle boots. Simple and elegant.

Large Beige statement Cuff

Sea blue crystals and white pearl beads, A match made in heaven. This is my favourite piece. It would be perfect for summer, dressed up or down. The large crystals in the middle are beautiful and reflect off all the other different colours.

African Leopard statement necklace

Rawrrrr! (Leopard impression)… For those of you who are fierce, this necklace is perfect for you! Its beading is in a leopard print style with true african colours, yellows, creams, reds and blacks. This would look amazing with a little black dress, smokey eyes and your favourite pair of heels!

About Rasa and her Jewellery!

“I always felt a passion for the arts. Since a young age I was writing poems, drawing.
Being a pupil I attended additional art school. Goes to the next town to finish high school also joined the art school and i finish it. Now I’m a contemporary artist and have painter diploma. I decided to continue my study in master degree.

But a little bit early, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, my best friend introduced me to the world of jewelry. I would have never thought of that, I’ll do it, and yet with such a passion.

My jewelry career began with soutache technique, just recently, I fell in love beads and embroidery ornaments from them. They became my favorite. Yet. Because I am a Gemini by horoscope as many things as jewelry and I am fickle. Still looking for innovation, and I try to learn as much as possible”. 

I have never seen such colourful and more detailed jewellery. It is so unique and so different to anything I have seen before. Rasa is an amazing and talented designer that I will DEFINITELY be keeping up to date with .

She is so inspirational turning her dream into reality.

If you want to look for yourself at her gorgeous creations, you will find her here:

Rasa’s Blog –

Rasa’s Etsy shop –

Keep posted for my daily doses of beauty!

Speak to you all later,

Love C


Makeup for ‘Green’ eyes

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Hello Beautys,

If you don’t already know….. my eyes are a deep green with light brown flecks in the middle.

Green is one of my favourite colours and according to some, the colours of your eyes represent different things..

So for me…

“Green is always a breath of fresh air and rejuvenation. So obviously, people with green eyes are like a gust of strong and fresh winds. They always have a room of mystery and enigma around them and a look into someone’s green eyes can make you get lost in them within seconds. Intelligent and always curious, green eyed people are always the first to take interest in something new. They have an incredible zeal and zest for life and for living live to the fullest. They are passionate about many things. And of course, with an eye color so enchanting, they tend to be very attractive and beautiful as well. The only negative factor is that they get jealous very soon. But overall, the positives defeat the negative. Youthfulness oozes out of them and the compassion and vibrancy that they bring along wherever they go is contagious.”

Well thats perfect for me! If you want to see what your eyes say about you, click here!

I was feeling green today and wanted this to reflect in my makeup. As I wanted a casual look, I didnt go overboard with the pigmentation as I wanted the colour to be subtle to make my bright green eyes pop!

I applied a super light green eyeshadow all over the lid as a base, then added a deep dark green to the outer corner and began to work this toward the center of my lid. Using a clean fluffy brush, I blended this together then applied my favourite mascara and a winged eyeliner.

You can find all of the products using the links below!







Keep posted for my daily doses of beauty

Love C


Over 500 views and 140 followers!

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Oh my goodness!

Over 500 views… What an achievement so far!

I am thrilled to have over 500 views on my blog in such a short amount of time! Being able to share my passion with you guys and to watch my blogs grow and grow is just unbelievable!

It’s so exciting to see my followers increase and are so blessed to be able to reach out to new and existing followers!

Thank you all for being so encouraging and supportive on this beauty-ful journey!

Keep posted for my daily doses of beauty!

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Love C

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Book review: Q&A a day

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Afternoon my lovelies,

I wanted to share a little purchase that I bought recently.. A little book called ‘Q&A a day’.


This gorgeous little journal includes 365 questions to answer over a year which then gets repeated for 5 years.

It helps make a time capsule of the next five years of my life, helping me notice how I change, grow and evolve as a person.


I love spending time in the evenings with a hot cup of tea, candles lit and this amazing little book. It really calms my mind and allows for focus on the question of the day.

I love the variety of questions asked, they include –
– what is your mission?
– are you a leader or a follower?
– what’s your hairstyle?
– what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

And much more…

If you want to reconnect with yourself and have a greater sense of wellbeing, then I highly recommend this journal.

I’ll let you all in on today’s question and answer….


Love C

Liebster Award.

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Ive been nominated for my second award, The Liebster Award!

Thank you so much Missapplecrumblesblog for my nomination, your blog is so beautiful and inspiring!

The rules are:
Thank and link the person who nominated you
Answer the questions given by the nominator
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them
Create 11 new questions for the nominees to asnwer
Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

The questions  are:
1) What is your favorite memory from 2014?

My favourite memory of 2014 was definitely graduating from University with a 2:1 degree in Art!

2) Where would your dream holiday destination be?

I would love to travel across America and Canada with my boyfriend. We’ve always talked about it!

3) What do you hope to do this year?

Keep posting inspirational blogs and share them with even more beauty-ful people!

4) If you could only take one thing with you from a house fire what would it be?

My Family! Ofcourse!

5) What made you happy today?

I went on a lovely walk with my sister and my dog in the rain. It was very peaceful and made me realise how beautiful the world is!

6) Why did you want to start blogging?

I have been inspired by so many people and inspirational blogs. I love my life and my passion for beauty and wanted to bring that passion and love to you guys!

7) Do you have a favorite film?

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love any Christmas film but in general, I would have to say…The Goonies, It always makes me laugh!

8) Is there any celebrity that inspires you?

I love Michelle Keegan, I think she is so naturally beautiful and she has such a kind nature! Kate Middleton is also gorgeous, I love her style and she always looks flawless!

9) What is the best blog post you have written?

Probably when I reached 100 followers.You guys were so sweet in congratulating me and inspiring me to carry on!

10) Have you ever done something that terrifies you to accomplish a life goal?

I travelled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, having so many flights scared me a little, but it was worth it!

11) If you could go anywhere, with anyone or do anything you wanted tomorrow what would it be?

Paris with my boyfriend…. Im actually going there at the beginning of February, I just wish it was tomorrow!!

Ive loved doing this and sharing some more information with you guys! Thank you so much again Missabpplecrumblesblogs!

I would like to nominate:

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Here are my questions for you!

1.Tea, coffee or?

2. If you had the power to change the world, what would you change? Why? 

3. What is the one thing that you do each day without fail? 

4. Finish this sentence ” There is beauty all around when …… “ 

5. What is your favourite way to unwind? 

6. Tell us about your favourite time of time and why it is your favourite time.

7. What movie did you love to watch as a child?

8. If you were going to live on a deserted island, what three things could you not live without? 

9. Share your favorite quote. 

10. If clothes ‘maketh the man’, what does what you are wearing right now say about you?

Enjoy my Beauties,

Love C


Product Review: Benefit’s Ultra plush lipgloss

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Good Afternoon my little lovelies,

I think you’ll find this post, BENEFI-cial…..(bad pun)


So I decided to test out Benefit’s Ultra plush lip gloss in shade ‘A-Lister‘, which is a gorgeous bubblegum pink colour. It is however, very sheer which helps give the lips a naturally healthy look.

The gloss’ consistency is super smooth and glides onto the lips effortlessly and is NOT sticky at all!

It has the most gorgeous scent which lasts on your lips all day long.

So here are my Before and After looks for this perfect product…



This glorious gloss is well worth the money… about £15 for a full size product…. and a little goes a long long way so this one will last a very long time!

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Love C


So what is Bloglovin? – Hints and tips for new bloggers

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Bloglovin is a great tool for any blogger.

So what is it exactly?

Well, Bloglovin is a tool for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs .

When you create an account there, you can follow any blogger on any platform, whether or not they’re also signed up. Then, you can log in and see the latest posts from all the blogs you follow in one spot.

There’s also an app, so you can catch upon your phone, tablet etc. Its great on the go when I want to have a quick read and stores all of my favourite articles all in one place.

So you guys can follow me on bloglovin, so you dont miss a daily dose of beauty!


Love C


Makeup review: Goddess of Love, triple baked highlighter..

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Good morning beauty-ful people!

I wanted to share a product with you all, that has to be one of my all time favourites…

Iheartmakeups ‘goddess of love’ – triple baked highlighter.


Oh my goodness, this highlighter is incredible, it is so pigmented and creates so much definition and shine when applied to my cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow!

I apply this highlighter with a small fluffy brush or my fingertips and its super easy to apply, leaving your skin looking radiant, healthy and glowing.


I have used liquid highlighters before, but I don’t feel as though they have to same effect and look as pressed powder ones. The liquid products seem to just vanish after a short amount of time, whereas the powder products stay on all day!


I’ve talked about this brand before, and I absolutely love their range! You can buy their products at Superdrug or any other beauty store! Plus, their products are super affordable!!

Keep your beauty-ful eyes peeled for more posts later,

Love C

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Lazy sunday OOTD


Well hello everyone!

Today it is cold and windy here in Wales, so im having a relaxing day with my boyfriend. We may pop out for lunch or go for a winter walk or we may just stay in!

Either way, I wanted to share my OOTD with you all, what I usually wear on the weekends… Lets get started…


So my super soft stripy jumper is from Primark which I bought for £5!
I always wear a vest in the winter so this jumper is perfect as its not too thick and heavy.

My jeans are also from Primark and are highwaisted, I believe they were £15.
I love ripped jeans, they give a quirky edge to any outfit and they are SO comfortable.

My rings are from H&M and were £3.

And lastly, my ankle boots are my lovely sisters which she let me borrow!! The benefits of having a twin!

So that is todays OOTD my lovelies, I hope you have all enjoyed this little post.

Keep your eyes peeled for another makeup reviews later!

Love C

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Tea, Toast and Beauty

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So this morning I was feeling super refreshed after a good 8 hours sleep!

For me, tea and toast are a match made in heaven, so I got dressed, put on my slippers and headed to the kitchen ready for breakfast…

A hot cup of tea in the morning does wonders… AND just incase you all didn’t know… it provides you with some great benefits! Such as – 

  • It contains antioxidants
  • Has less caffeine than coffee
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Keeps you well hydrated

ahhhhh, I do love tea!


My breakfast was hot buttered toast accompanied by my cup of tea and a bit of light reading in the form of……


photo (2)

I adore this book as it is so good for referring back to for hints and tips about all things beauty. It also contains a lot of information about looking after the body and healthy eating suggestions.

I have been loving looking at the different shades of eyeshadows that suit different coloured eyes … My eyes are green, so I a warmer colour palette such as beiges, browns, greens and purples.

photo 1

Learning about the benefits of different foods is a great way to feel healthy and look healthy. For instance, eating foods like , fish, seeds and avocados provide essential fat nutrients vital for healthy hair!! – My hair will be shiny in no time!

I love to read this book on a daily basis to get daily inspiration and a sense of overall well-being. I guess this has been an ultra super tiny mini morning routine and what I like to do when I wake up from my slumber….

If you would like me to do a step by step morning routine, just let me know in the comments!

Off to put the kettle on now for my second, I mean third, I mean fou…. I mean fifth cup of tea…..

Keep tuned for this evening when I show you guys my winter fashion essentials...

Love C x

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