Does it work? COCO BRIGHT Teeth Whitening by Instant Whites + DEMO


Well hey there!

I know I know, it’s been a bit of time since my last post on here but I PROMISE this is a good one!

I don’t know about you guys but in the summer there is nothing I love more than a good tan and sparkling white teeth to match! I think it looks great for pictures and for my upcoming wedding I definitely wanted to try out some products ready for my big day!


And no I do not look like ross… just yet…..

I was sent a product from the company INSTANT WHITES to try out and test for you guys and share my experiences with you and I have to say I am so impressed….

If you’ve ever seen those Instagram pictures of celebs holding a blue UV light and neon white teeth, yep that is now me with the COCO BRIGHT WHITENING KIT! (I don’t really mean neon, I mean a dazzling bright white smile)

I was initially a bit concerned as I have never used a teeth whitening product that included a UV light or activated gels so I was nervous at the thought but boy was I wrong…

You can check out my video here of my review and demo or just look below for a bit of light reading…….


These products are clinically proven and used and made by dentists and contain NO PEROXIDE at all! Wowzaa!!

The product is super easy and comes with simple instructions, the mouth guard (a bit like a gum shield) is filled with the activated gel and placed in the mouth, the UV light is also placed in front and that’s how it stays for 30 minutes!

After a very slobbery and slimy 29.67839 minutes later you take out the kit and rinse, leaving a minty whiter smile after the first go! I was very surprised at seeing even a slight result after the first use but the most noticeable difference was after the second attempt.

I DO NOT use this product every day as I don’t want to affect my enamel so I use this twice a week at the moment and I have been loving the results!

Take a look at the before and after results from ONE WEEK of use.






I highly recommend if you guys if you guys are looking for an AFFORDABLE teeth whitening product then give this one a go, as you now now it actually works! The only thing I would say is keep a ton of tissues handy as you will dribble quite a lot just like I did…..
Make sure you check these guys out on their socials to check out their latest updates:

Instagram: @instantwhites #instantwhites

Facebook: @instantwhites

Twitter: @instantwhites

Have you guys tried this product or something similar? I would love to know in the comments below, and what do you think of the results?


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2 thoughts on “Does it work? COCO BRIGHT Teeth Whitening by Instant Whites + DEMO

  1. I was sent a teeth whitening kit as PR a couple years ago. It did absolutely nothing. The whitening gel tasted horrible and the mouth tray was painful to use. My teeth looked no whiter than before using it. Was very disappointed.


    1. Oh no!! 😦 As I mentioned I was nervous at first but dissing research and they sell this one at boots! That made me feel a little bit better but this one has been really good so far! Love C x


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