Matte Lipsticks? Here’s my Top 5…



Matte lipsticks are one of my favourite beauty products.

They have definitely become a lot more popular since the 90’s where Drew Barrymore still looked flawless and matte lips were in…


However, not sure on those brows…

Moving on…

I have narrowed it down to my TOP 5 matte lipsticks which was VERY tricky. Most of the shades are neutral tones which are really versatile and work with everyone and everything.

From Maybelline to Collection to MUA, here are my favourites at the moment…

Let me know of your favourite matte lip products, I would love to try some of your personal faves!

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6 thoughts on “Matte Lipsticks? Here’s my Top 5…

  1. Most matte lipsticks & I do not get along that well. But the few I like are Maybelline in Touch of Spice, Bare Minerals Gen Nude liquid lipstick in Boss & Ciate liquid lip in Pinup.

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  2. it just goes to show that you don’t always need expensive lipsticks for them to be great quality and nice shades! My personal fav is Double Dare by Kat Von D, its one of her everlasting liquid lipsticks! They are a bit more expensive than the ones mentioned, but I swear by it, it stays on all day! x

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