Blog Milestone: 800 Blog Followers!



What a milestone guys?!

It only seems like yesterday that I first started my blog and I was so happy to have 5 people follow me..

For 2 years now I have been keeping you guys posted on all of my latests beauty bits and lifestyle loves.

To achieve over 800 of you guys is incredible! I love every bit of blogging as I really feel like I can just express myself and express my passion with all of you! My blog has been shaped and grown so much and I have really developed my own sense of style along with it.

So thank you all for making this blog as successful as it is and I cant wait to get to the next milestone of 900!


Stay posted for new blog posts and dont forget to keep up to date with me via social media:





27 thoughts on “Blog Milestone: 800 Blog Followers!

  1. CONGRATS AND HELLO! i have only just read this and its awesome but i have jsut started blogging and dont really know how to get into it! I would love for you to check out my blogs so i know properly how to start THANKYOU! XOX

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  2. I started my blog about 2 weeks ago and I am trying to figure everything out especially about followers. Any chance you want to share some of your secrets to help a newbie? Congrats on your accomplishment. -Bruce

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