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Happy Monday everyone! 

It’s about time that I did another Instagram post for you guys to catch up with all of my latest adventures.

So as you can imagine, I have been super busy lately but I absolutely love snapping pics when I can.

So this is my first bridal magazine that one of my best friends bought me. Even before I was engaged, I have always loved looking at another to do with weddings and it was a pure joy to read it with a cup of tea snuggled in bed. It has some amazing tips and ideas and everything looks so pretty….



So I’m having holiday blues already. This bikini is from primark and I absolutely love it. It’s a gorgeous coral pink and these are so in fashion right now. Plus it matched my nails…

Aren’t these flowers stunning? I was sitting in the garden in the sun and couldn’t resist snapping my freshly painted nails with these beauties. I use the Barry M coconut infused polish in the shade skinny dip.


Ahhhh bliss. This was my favourite spot in Rhodes. The boardwalk ran from our hotel right to the sea. The beach was very pebbly with lots of little shells but the water was warm and crystal clear. Take me back…


You’ve all seen this one. My beautiful engagement ring. It still hasn’t sunk in yet but every time I look at my ring, I just think how lucky I am to have such an incredible fiancé who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with…

This necklace is so simple but I absolutely love it. It was in my Jolie Candle and has a super sparkly Swarovski crystal embedded in it too. If you want to WIN one of those amazing candles and a chance to get your hands on a beautiful piece of jewellery then click HERE.
I was loving my outfit this day, and everything I’m wearing is from my fave place primark. My grey sleeveless coat was an absolute bargain, it was originally £23 reduced to £10! I love a bargain!


And that is my latest from Instagram. I would love to follow as many of you guys as possible so SEND ME YOUR LINKS IN THE COMMENTS.

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Speak to you guys soon,

Goodnight beauties.



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