How to get bigger looking LIPS (the easy way)



Have you ever wanted a fuller looking lip without going to extreme measures?

Me too!

That’s why I have found a fool proof way of getting that beautiful fuller pout – the EASY way.

So if you want to see how I get the KYLIE JENNER style lip, then just look no further…

Lets get started…

So I always start off with lining my lips, today I used a dark nude liner from my ultimate favourite store, Kiko Milano, then applied a lighter nude cream lip shade over the top.


Kylie Jenner Lips 2Kylie Jenner lips 3Kylie Jenner lips

The colour is super pretty and delicate. By lining the lips with a darker shade it adds a lot more depth and definition to the lip whilst the lighter shade brings the lips forward giving that 3d fuller effect.

The final step is investing in a good 3d lip plumping gloss. Mine is again from Kiko Milano and is absolutely unbelievable. I got matching nude/beige shade and the colour combination is beautiful.

Lip glossLip gloss.jpg 2Lip gloss3

When you apply the gloss, it does have a tingly feeling but the consistency is not sticky or heavy at all. Its very hydrating and gives the most incredible shine. After about 10 minutes of wear I really did feel like my lips were slightly more ‘plump‘! The shine creates a highlight that brings the lips forward creating the bigger lip look as I mentioned earlier.

Its super easy to create and more importantly super affordable. Below are all the links to the products used:

Lip Liner – £2.50

Cream Lipstick – £2.30

Lip Gloss – £6.90

That is it guys.

Have you guys got your own way of getting a fuller lip? 

Let me know in the comments below!



Speak to you guys soon,


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