Instagram Catch Up



It’s about time for a catch up I think..

I have been super duper busy lately creating videos and blog posts and pictures for you guys, it’s nice just to sit down and just write.

I’ve had a lovely day off work today so it’s been really nice to gather my thoughts, have a relax and get some cleaning done! 


So true.

I’ve got another Instagram post for you dolls. I love doing these as it gives you guys a daily insight on the goings on in my life. I also get to follow some more of you guys too!


Let’s get started…


I cannot wait for Spring Colours. I recently went shopping and stumbled upon a new makeup brand called Kiko Milano. Oh my goodness it is amazing. The quality of their products is beautiful and it is so affordable! I chose these pretty pink shades that I think will gorgeous for Spring 2016!

Nail Polishes: Roughly £2.50 each


Lights, Camera, Action!

I thought I was being very clever! So this was taken whilst filming my Ombre Lip Tutorial. Who loves my duck egg blue camera? If you’re interested its the Samsung NX mini!



For some reason, my hair looks super blonde in this photo. I think it’s because my roots are coming through! This was taken after my Ombre lips tutorial.

I am in love with berry shades!


Shopping Shopping Shopping.

I just thought that these flowers looks super pretty with my shopping bags!

Is that weird?


Again, this was promoting my Primark and More Haul + Try On Video!


Date Night.

I love date nights with my boyfriend. We have been together for 7 years and I still get butterflies when we go on dates.

We went to our local coffee house called The Ocho Lounge where they do the best hot chocolates by candlelight.

I always eat all the marshmallows off the top first.


Another Beauty Buy.

This lipstick. 

Truly Beautiful.


Its by Kiko Milano (AGAIN)

That is all.


Can you tell i’m obsessed yet?

This photo is a thing of beauty. A fully stocked shop.

And me and my sister were the only ones in there.



Slow Progress.

Im not afraid of my body. I find it so useful posting progress photos as it really keeps me determined to be the best that I can be.

P.S My sports top is from Primark!


Fairylight reading.

I love reading by fairylights. It is so soothing and relaxing, especially when Im really involved in the stories. Im currently reading Without a Trace by Lesley Pearce.

I highly recommend it. I got it for christmas off my sister and I cannot put it down.

bubble bath with candles.12540386_10154342026744179_140204794_n

Bubbles by candlelight.

There is nothing more relaxing than a  I used my Radox bubble bath and soaked the tired day away.

I have not dropped my phone in the bath….

This year.

Well I hope you guys have caught up with me now!

Are we Instagram friends?

I would love to be, so send me your links in the comments below!

You can find me at @charlottewoodfield

and my other Social Medias:





Speak to you guys soon,


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