Halloween Horror Skull Tutorial: VLOG & Photos // BeautyandShe


My beautiful friends, 

The time has come to get in the spooky spirit and start prepping for one of my favourite times of the year… Halloween!

With the leaves starting to fall and the nights getting darker, Autumn has finally begun to set in.

I will be doing plenty of Halloween videos and posts to help inspire you guys! 

If you have any suggestions that you would like me to create, let me know in the comments below.

So I did a lot of reasearch into different spooky Halloween looks but I wanted to begin with one that everyone can do easily with their own makeup collection at home.

Skulls are one of the most popular tutorials and looks that I have come across… And honestly look pretty darn cool if I say so myself.

If you don’t want to look as scary as myself, this look can easily be adapted to create a fun and cute alternative.

So how did I do it?

Step one:

I began by creating a white base for my skin, I applied a white cream eyeshadow lightly over the face and used Talcum powder….. Yes, talcum powder, to set it with a fluffy brush.

Step two:

Using a black eyeliner, sketch out the shape of the eyes (this is where you make them as cute or as scary as you would like) and lightly fill them in with the same liner and apply a dark black eyeshadow over the top to intensify the colour.

Do the same technique for the hollows of the nose.

Step three:

Sketch out your cheekbone shape, and make a start on those lovely teeth.

So you want to start by using a black liner, preferably gel, and a small brush to draw out the teeth. I began in the centre of my lips, over emphasising them a little and worked my way out towards that cheekbone we created.


Step four: 

Again using our friend the black eyeliner, draw the skull shape along the sides of the temples applying some shading to create a 3D look. I used a black and dark grey eyeshadow and a small fluffy brush for this. After that’s done, using a white eyeliner, I filled in the teeth to really make them stand out and added some shading across the forehead and cheeks.

Step five:

To finish the look, I went ove any edges and outlined them with a black liquid eyeliner. I also added some white contact lenses that I was sent to try by the company Spookey Eyes!

Check out their great range here:


And that my frightening friends is that!

Check out the video for a run through of how I did it!

There’s a lot more to come my lovelies,

Stay tuned for my next tutorial inspired by Mystical Mermaids…

A lot of glitter… You have been warned!


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Speak to you dolls soon,


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