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I don’t think there is anyone on this earth who does not love Disney?!

I have always loved how magical each and every Disney film is and how much detail and thought is put into them.

If you dolls were wondering, my ultimate favourite film is…….Cinderella

Ahhhh to be a princess….

You guys need to tell me what your absolute FAVE Disney film is, let me know in the comments below!

So for a certain special reason, I was feeling totally inspired by the colours of the characters from the different films and decided to do three makeup looks for you beauts….

Ready for some Disney Magic?….
1: Cinderella 

A dream is a wish your heart makes, la de da de da….. 

The music from Cinderella gets me every time!

So for this look, I began by applying a cream eyeshadow base to my lids, then added a soft pastel blue to the outer corner. I then applied a deeper blue shade to my crease and blended everything together with a fluffy brush.

Using a small angled brush, I lined my lower lash line with this bright yellow shade which looked gorgeous.

Ready for the ball…
2: Tangled 

Who else wishes their hair was this long?

Tangled is another one of my faves. The songs are so catchy and I may just know all the words to the songs…..

For this beautiful look, I began by applying this gorgeous glittery gold shade to my lid as my base. Using a pencil brush, I applied a soft pink colour to the outer corner and crease then followed up by applying this super vibrant purple to my lower lash line and crease again, blending everything together.
3: Sleeping Beauty


Wish I looked so fresh faced after waking up from such a deep sleep..

For this pretty pink look, I began again with a cream eyeshadow base all over the lid and introduced a deep pink to my outer corner and crease. To achieve the delicate look, I blended the colour towards my inner corner and let the colour fade out.

I finally applied that same yellow shade to my lower lash line to add that pop of colour.
And that my lovelies is it! I plan on doing a lot more soon as they were so much fun to create!

You may be wondering what my exciting news is… 


I’m going to Disneyland Paris with my sister in November and we are so excited.

And this post has definitely got me in the magical spirit.
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Speak to you all soon,


8 thoughts on “Disney inspired eyes + Exciting news // BeautyandShe

  1. Disney & makeup, two of the best things combined! Loved this post!!!! My favourite Disney movie has got to be Lady & the Tramp(not sure why, I’ve just been obsessed with it my whole life!) but my favourite Disney princess is probably Belle! Xx


  2. My favorite Disney animated film is… I have more than one! The Fox & the Hound, Jungle Book & 101 Dalmatians are in my top 3. My fave live action are Mary Poppins & the original Escape to Witch Mountain. I’m just a big Disney fan in general. Have fun at Disneyland Paris! I have a friend who’s a Cast Member there but he just came to the States on the exchange program again to work
    at Walt Disney World for the next 10 months.

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