Makeup through the decades // 1950’s – 1960’s


Who else is tucked up under a blanket with a hot chocolate

The weather is so terrible today, I just feel like hibernating! If your like me who just wants to cuddle up and have a good read, then keep reading..

Continuing with my makeup through the decades series, today is all about the 50s and 60s!

So, have a look and get inspired to create your own series with me!

Here goes…




I love the pin- up style

Its the essential 1950’s look and its so glamorous and looks great on anyone!


Sticking with that red lip again ( it has been a constant in the fashions so far), I exaggerated my cupids bow, making it appear more pointed and defined. My eyebrows are dark and perfectly shaped matching the more angled design of the lips.

I love the eye makeup.

Who doesn’t love a cat eye?

By extending the eyeline into a cat eye, it emphasises my lashes and looks so feminine!

Obviously the bandana in the hair is a must, really making that pin-up style appearance.



So something a little different…

Goodbye red lipstick, hello nude lipstick.

Think Twiggy for the 1960s.. Her staple look was pale lips and drawn on eyelashes.

You can see here how I have drawn on my bottom eyelashes which is what was ideal in the sixties.. The skin was still flawless but all the focus was placed on the eyes.


Using a dark eyeshadow, the fashion was to emphasise the crease making your eyes appear larger and more beautiful!

Again, the eyebrows are just as important as they frame those big eyes!

So we have definitely began to change drastically in style now, I cannot wait for the vibrant colour of the 1970s and 1980s!
What do you guys think? Which decades has been your fave so far?

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