Magnitone catch up // Days 4,5 and 6


Well what a beautiful evening!

I’ve just finished work, the sun is shining, a glass of wine in hand… Perfect.

So tomorrow is going to be the day where I show you beauts my before and after pictures of my…

7 day Magnitone Challenge!

I can honestly say, using the Magnitone as part of my daily routine has really encouraged me to keep up with my daily facial cleansing.

Just being able to rely on a single product to do all the hard work for me is ideal. If you guys want a little recap about how the Magnitone works, essentially it’s a device that massages and cleanses the skin using small vibrations.

The product has a built in timer so you know how long to spend on each part of your face – does all the hard work for me in just 1 minute.

So, let me show you Day 4..


Having a look there, you guys can see how shiny and cleansed my skin looks! It has such a nourishing glow and my skin feels so smooth! 

Those teeny weeny pimples are slowly going away, leaving my skin blemish free and silky soft.

 Day 5…

What a difference a day make right? My redness has gone and my pimples have almost vanished! 

I still haven’t had to recharge the battery either! 

Day 6….


I’m so impressed.

I cannot recommend this more highly. For those of you who need to give your skin a deep and nourishing cleanse, it’s great for providing a fast way of feeling and looking your very best!

I can’t believe that after 6 days, my skin has been erased of its blemishes  and impurities and I’ve also noticed a difference in my pore size aswell!

Are you guys interested in getting your own Magnitone?

Check out my previous Magnitone blog post here, for your unique code for 20% off your own!

Ps, I got the blue one!

So have a gander at the array of colours here:

Twitter @magnitone

Instagram @magnitonebeauty


Stay tuned tomorrow for my final update on my Magnitone Challenge!
I’ll also be continuing my makeup through the decades collection..

Catch you dolls tomorrow,

Love C



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