Makeup through the decades // 1910 -1920


Picture this..

Strict up-dos, corsets, tailormade jackets and skirts.

The 1910’s were all about exotic fashion and high class appearances.

You’re probably wondering what i’m talking about..

I absolutely love exploring vintage fashion and makeup trends, it is amazing how much styles can change over a small period of time.

I decided to delve a little deeper this time and start a new series of blog posts inspired by previous makeup ideas over the past 100 years.

After doing some research into the many different styles, I wanted to begin with the 1910’s and 1920’s.

The both of these eras were all about femininity and style – My idea of heaven!

Time machine ready, let’s head back 115 years ago..



This look is all about flawless pale and porcelain skin. Having pale skin symbolised wealth and high class whereas women who were tanned were seen as lower class, often found to be working outside for a living.

The simple hairstyle shows elegance and the lightly coloured cheeks look so feminine.


Thicker eyebrows were also desired (not in today’s society thank goodness) and a just bitten dash of red colour was added to the lips.


I used a pale concealer and powder foundation to get the porcelain look and over-filled my brows using my maybelline eyebrow pencil. I applied a grey toned eyeshadow to my lids to add a little definition to the eyes. This look is all about looking naturally beautiful, innocent and elegant.



Who doesn’t love dancing the Charleston?

I adore the 1920’s. The make-up was so sleek and the hair so perfect.

The 1920’s female figure is so iconic today and it has to be one of my favourite decades.


As you can see, I have recreated the iconic look and I am in love with how it turned out. Using my Bourjois healthy mix foundation to created a flawless base, I then proceeded to create a defined contour using my MAC blush in Sunkissed on my cheekbones.


I filled in my brows using my MUA brow gel and applied this gorgeous smokey shade called Blackheart from my Naked 3 palette across my upper lid. Using the same shade, I lined my lower lash line and applied my favourite mascara – Benefit’s They’re Real.


Finally, to finish off this look, I lined my lips with a bright red lip liner and filled them in. Using my Ted Baker lipstick in a slight darker shade, I created some definition at the bottom of my lips creating a two toned look.

Who doesn’t love a red lip!?


For my hair, I pinned the sides and created a ringlet using my fingers. I created a faux bob by tucking my hair underneath itself and again, pinning the rest back. I love how simple the hairstyle is compared with the glamorous makeup

It is an incredible look and I believe anyone could off pull this classic style.

I will be recreating the 1930’s and 1940’s tomorrow, continuing with my

Makeup through the decades series!

So which decade was your favourite? I think I know what mine is!

If you guys would love to see any specific styles, just let me know in the comments!

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Catch you later dolls,

Love C


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