Day 3 // Magnitone Challenge


Good evening my lovelies!

You know what time it is….

It’s Day 3 and what a change!

After using my Magnitone for three days straight, today has been the day where I have noticed the most change to my skin…

As mentioned in the manual, breakouts are common whilst using the cleanser… And today I can certainly understand that!

Have a sneeky peek:


Close up

As you beauts can see, I have a lot more spots than yesterday… Which is good!! It means the Magnitone is deep cleaning my pores and my body is getting rid of those impurities.

What are your fave cleansing products? I would LOVE to know!

Keep posted to see my progress throughout the week!

Make sure you guys check out the Magnitone website here.

Twitter @magnitone


Have a great evening dolls,

Love C


Twitter: @beautyandshe7

Instagram: charlottewoodfield


Let me know what you think below my beauties!

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