Magnitone Lucid Review // Skin Cleansing – Day One


Good evening beauties!

Who else loves the feeling of freshly cleansed and clean skin? 

As you all probably know, I received my Magnitone Lucid this morning from Magnitone!

If you beauts arnt too sure of what a Magnitone is, do not fear….

It’s an electonic facial cleansing brush that is proved to improve complexion and skin quality in just 7 days

It gives you soft and flawless skin – perfect for summer coming up when I don’t want to cover my skin in makeup.

I chose the gorgeous blue colour for mine but there are other colours available such as pink, yellow, green etc.

The whole process of using the Magnitone lasts one minute – easy peasy simple pimple….. Pun intended.

You start off by using the product on the sensitive skin setting. Apply your fave cleanser or scrub to either the brush or directly to the face. It’s a gentle vibration that feels amazing on the skin, a bit like a massage.

Add a splash of water to the face, then, Starting on the forehead, using circular motions, glide the Magnitone across the skin for 20 seconds until you hear a beep.

Then, you move down to the cheeks, again 20 seconds in total. 

Lastly is the nose and chin area and again, you guessed it 20 seconds.

After all of the steps are complete, rinse your face with cold water to close up those pores and pat the skin dry.

Rinse of the Magnitone brush and leave to dry naturally ready for next use!

And it’s as easy as that!

If you guys don’t believe me, check out my How To Video below.

My skin was left feeling so soft even after the first use! I had a glowy look to my complexion and it feels so healthy already!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post!

Stay tuned for more surprises and to follow my 7 day cleanse!

Love C



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