The perfect red lip


So whats the secret?….

Let me show you…

Begin by using your favourite red lip liner, believe it or not, mine is from Primark!

Line your lips making sure you create a crisp edge. I like to accentuate my upper lip slightly to create a more pointed and femnine look.

As you can see, the look already looks pretty flawless. My top tip is to leave your liner to sit for about 2 minutes before applying your lipstick… Trust me, it makes applying the next step alot easier.

Apply your lipstick/ lacquer over the top, keeping to liner. Im using a matte lip lacquer from MUA.

This lip lacquer is honestly the best thing ever. The colour is super rich and pigmented and does not budge or smudge… And for £3, you cannot go wrong.

And that is it my beauties, easy as that.

What do you guys think of the red lip look?

What are your fave products?

Speak to you dolls soon,

Love C


9 thoughts on “The perfect red lip

  1. Oh my gosh, that is such a flawless look! Red lips are just generally flawless on everyone.
    That shade of red looks incredible on you. 🙂

    Lovely post!



  2. You’ve perfected that! I don’t suit a red lip at all, but I’d love to try those techniques with a colour more suited to me. I’ve never looked at the liners in Primark, I’ll have to get one next time I go!


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