Primark and Superdrug haul 


Good afternoon my beauties!

I’m not sure about you guys, but it was pay day for me a couple of days ago and you know what that means…..

Retail therapy.

I went shopping this morning with my sister to see what bargains and summery delights we could get.

 When we go shopping, we know exactly what we want and where to go… We were finished in about and hour!

If you dolls want to see my purchases then take a peek below…


I usually go crazy in the candle section of Primark but I thought I would try one of the diffusers. The smell of this is incredible – sweet coconut and vanilla. It’s very delicate and refreshing and has a classic and natural appearance.

Price: £3



I’m a big tan person. I feel so much healthier with a bit of colour on my skin (bizarre I know) so I decided to try Primarks own tanning lotion. This one is suited if you would like a light to medium colour… Perfect for me.

 For the price, you can’t really go wrong! 

Price: £2.50


It’s that strange type of year where the weather is getting a bit warmer but there is still that nip in the air. I wanted some tops that would keep me warm and still be light enough to wear without a jacket.  


This gorgeous top is perfect for those days… Its extremely lightweight and includes a chiffon shirt style underlay. I chose a grey colour as it is very neutral and will go with most things.

It includes the zip detail which is super cute. I absolutely love it.

Price: £8


Ahoy there sailor…. Who doesn’t like stripes?  

I don’t know what it is but I am loving chiffon style underlays lately.


And look at the back?!!!!


This top will be perfect for a casual day shopping or can be dressed up for an evening out.

 Pair it with some jeans, heels and a clutch – Heaven.

Price: £10


Cotton cardies….

Possibly the most comfy thing in the world.  


I love throwing on a cardigan in Spring. They are super handy when it’s a bit chilly and go with practically any outfit. I chose a gorgeous white V neck…

Price: £4.90


I’m all about Aztec print for summer. This maxi skirt is stunning made from a super soft and stretchy fabric, it feels like I’m not wearing anything at all……umm….

As you can see, it has a slit up the leg and fits like a dream.

Pair this statement skirt with a plain white Tee for an effortless and super comfy look.

Price: £6


I always end up buying jeans from Primark. The range they have is incredible and they last forever…


These are super skinny with a stretch fit, perfect for the bootay! I prefer wearing a light wash colour and these are ideal. 

Price: £10


I love MUA makeup. 

After buying this lip lacquer for my friend, I was so impressed I had to buy one two….

This gorgeous nude colour will be perfect for everyday wear…

Eeeeek! The perfect red lip colour!

What I love about this product is that it dries matte! 

Price: £3

Ps.. Stay tuned later for my step by step perfect red lip tutorial…


I’ve been a big fan of eyebrow pencils for a long time but wanted to see what the hype of brow mascara so was about… 

I cannot wait to try it and see the results! 

Price: £2

And that my lovelies is it!


Have you dolls been shopping lately? What are your fave fashion items at the moment?

Let me know!

Stay tuned for my Perfect red lip tutorial later…

Speak to you soon,

love C


6 thoughts on “Primark and Superdrug haul 

  1. You bought some great things! I always go mad in the candle section of Primark, thought I prefer diffusers. My boyfriend says he hates diffusers but I really think he’s just complaining for the sake of it!
    I also have that first grey top, it’s so comfy! I love the short sleeved top. I’d like to try the eyebrow mascara, it looks good, but I think I’d need a darker shade!

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