Quick Grocery Haul


Good Afternoon beauts,

I went shopping this morning for some weekly necessities and thought it would be great for you guys to see what I buy on a weekly basis.

Im not one for spending huge amounts of money on weekly shops, instead,  just things I need as and when I need them.


Lets get started..


The first thing I picked up was this amazing granola by the oat so good company. I was in need of something to accompany my yoghurt and porridge in the mornings and sometimes, you just need that CRUNCH!

Contain oats, nuts and seeds, it provides a great and easy source of fibre to throw in to my everyday diet – oh and it tastes amazing too!


Natural yoghurt is one of my favourite breakfast or snack foods. As mentioned! I love eating it with granola or fruit and its low in fat and great for the digestive system! I choose a pretty basic brand of natural yoghurt –tastes perfect and does the job!


The holy grail.

I love lemons. I buy them weekly as I use them for so much! 

I start my mornings by having a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon which is great for starting my metabolism and also detoxing my body! Through out the day, I love drinking ice cold water with lemon, it’s super refreshing and tastes great!


Fresh carrot sticks and cucumber are some more of my favourite things to munch on so this pack of mixed Greeks dips is perfect to accompany them! The roasted red pepper and feta dip is gorgeous – it really gets me in the summer mood.


Avocados are so beneficial. They contain healthy fats which are great for keeping skin and hair in pristine condition. Also, they can be used to create an amazing face mask – so long as you don’t mind looking like shrek!


Shampoo is not something I  buy weekly, however this coconut shampoo by Garnier is amazing. It smells great and does wonders for my hair, leaving it super soft and silky.


Of course I have to keep up with the latest!

I always get LOOK magazine but I found this bundle for ยฃ2.50! So guess what I’m doing this afternoon – yup, relaxing in the sun with my magazines – heaven.

What are your weekly buys?

Let me know in the comments below!


Twitter: @beautyandshe7

Love C


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