The ‘What’s in my bag’ Tag


 Every girl knows how important the handbag is.

I mean, what would you do if you were caught in a gust of wind, ending up looking like scarecrow AND didn’t have your bag with your hairbrush in?

And what would happen if you were unfortunate enough to get pooed on by a seagull and DIDNT have any tissues or scrummy smelling hand sanitizer?


I take my bag with me everyday to work and love my essentials that I keep with me. My current bag is a faux (Posh for knock off) Prada. I bought it in Corfu for about €20 and I absolutely love it! It has one large main pocket and two smaller pockets perfect for keeping all my essentials in order!




As we all know it is Spring! So for those days where the sun is shining and I need that bit of UV protection, I’ll pop on my shades and pretend I’m a celeb…. Just kidding.


Tissues and hand sanitizer

For those days where something just goes wrong or if you have a cold, tissues are super handy and I guarantee, you friends and family will ask for one! I chose this gorgeous bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer in copacabana, it smells like coconuts and screams summer whilst leaving your hands bacteria free!



 Who’s with me girls? 

Periods are annoying but keeping a toilet bag of emergency supplies is sure to leave you worry and stress free! 



I love spritzing on some perfume throughout the day. This one by The Body Shop is light and delicate and ideal for everyday use and that surprise evening date too!



Unless your going for boho chic then hairspray is your best friend for those fly away strands. This hairspray by wella keeps my hair in place all day and brushes out easily for changes in style!



I’ve always used sudocrem ever since I was a baby. This little tube is so handy for my skin, especially when it’s dry or when I quickly need to apply it to a stubborn pimple or irritated skin like eczema.


Spare Makeup

I always keep this anti shine foundation stick by Maybelline in my bag when I need a quick touch up. It’s super handy at the end of the day when my makeup has gone a bit patchy!


Lip balm

My EOS is my life saver for chapped lips. It smells great and is quick to apply!


Purse and phone

Every bag needs a purse and phone. I also keep a small mirror in my purse which is amazing!  My purse is from Ollie&Nic and I have the iphone 4 which i love! (especially for taking pictures)


I would love to know whats in your bag?

What are your essentials and handy handbag tips and hints?


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Love C


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