Instagram diary.


Happy easter my spring chickens.

I was having an early morning read this morning and came across a lovely post by Jade Ambers blog called ‘instagram diary’.

It was great seeing her latest posts and snaps from IG and I thought it was a great way for you guys who don’t have Instagram to see into my life a bit more!

So here are my latest snaps for you beauts..

Posted yesterday:

I went for a girly night in at one of my best friends houses. We had pizza, watched films, did each other’s makeup and ofcourse drank lots of tea.

Posted yesterday:

On my lunch break, I went to my local health shop to pick up some protein bars (for my boyfriends easter gift) and thought I would try out the new range of Quest bars. I’ve tried quite a few protein bars before but the quest bars have the most wide range in flavours. This chocolate chunk bar was delicious, it filled me up and tested absolutely amazing!!

Posted Thursday:

My post workout pic. I bought this sports bra from Primark for £5! I fell in love with the hot pink colours and it’s super super soft. I do yoga and Pilates so this top is ideal for those flexible moves!

Posted Thursday:

This is a quick section of video from my Kylie Jenner inspired lip tutorial video. I loved the way it turned out and can’t wait to do some more videos for you guys since this one was such a hit!

Posted Thursday:

Another one from Thursday! Ofcourse I had to show these gorgeous shoes from Primark. For £16, who could resist right?

Posted Wednesday:

I had a lovely day off work Wednesday so I spent the day reading, catching up on comments and emails and ofcourse relaxing with a lovely cup of tea…… And cake!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I’ll be doing them more frequently for you guys so you can keep updated with me!

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Send me your IG names too so I can keep up with you!

Find me at @charlottewoodfield!

Have a great Easter dolls,

Love C


8 thoughts on “Instagram diary.

  1. I’m glad you liked my post. I really enjoyed yours too, it really is a great way to show everyone what you get up to especially if they don’t have Instagram. x


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