Rose gold

Say a quick hello to my Ted Baker Rose Gold blush.

Isnt it it beautiful

Had to do a quick post for this miserable monday morning! 

Ever fall in love with the appearence of  your favourite makeup? – This is one of those moments!

Show me your faves! I would love to see!

Love C 



10 thoughts on “Rose gold

  1. melissaclaireleslie March 9, 2015 — 10:07 am

    I have this too! How amazing is it!? I got it in a big box of TB things around Christmas time. Love it! Xx


    1. I did too!! It is amazing!
      My mum always treats me to one each year!
      I love the lipstick too! And the lip crayon….
      I love the whole thing!
      Love C

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      1. melissaclaireleslie March 9, 2015 — 10:56 am

        Same! I did a whole blog post about it. I lived for the gold and silver eye pencils over the festive period! 🙂 It was a great purchase xx


  2. Swatches??? Ahh so jealous! Looks amazing


    1. I will definitely do a swatch for you honey!
      Keep you posted!
      Love C


  3. So beaut, that packaging ahh!

    Kirsty |


    1. Tell me about it!!!!
      I have matching eye lash curlers aswell!
      Love C


  4. That packaging is beautiful


  5. Wow what an amazing and inspiring blog post! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it and I also like your blog a lot! 🙂 Keep up the great work, I’m a fan!

    xoxo Jealsea


    1. Aww thanks honey!! I’m going to check out your blog now! Love C xx


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