I’m loving Bloglovin + requests.


Hey dolls, don’t forget, you can find me on Bloglovin!

I am absolutely loving the app and find it so easy to keep up to date with my favourite reads as well as finding other beautiful beauty lovers to follow!

I can save my favourite posts and keep them all together in different folders for when I need to find them! It is perfect

And ofcourse you can link your blog up to it using the Bloglovin button!

Find me at www.bloglovin.com/beautyandshe

I have recieved a few requests lately for specific posts and would love the opportunity to ask you beauties if you want to read about anything in particular. It can be beauty or lifestyle related, or a specific topic that you would like to find out about – just let me know!

Have a beauty-ful day!

Love C



One thought on “I’m loving Bloglovin + requests.

  1. I just followed you on there. I also love Bloglovin as it makes reading blog posts so easy as they are all in one place. x


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